Samsung launches a new “super fast” 50W charger


While Chinese handset OEMs have been pushing the boundaries when it comes to charging speeds, Samsung has oddly sat out. The company’s latest Galaxy S24 smartphones support up to 45W of charging (25W for the base model). That being said, it hasn’t stopped the company from launching a new 50W “super fast” charger.

This was spotted by Roland Quandt in a post on X where he revealed the launch of the Samsung EP-T5020 50W charger. It is priced at 69.90 Euro and it appears to be only available in Europe for now. This is kind of unfortunate, but hopefully Samsung will bring it to other markets later on.

In the meantime, here are some things to consider about the new Samsung charger. For starters, it offers a max charging speed of 50W. But there is a catch. This speed can only be achieved using the top port and only when one device is being charged. This means that if you plan to make use of both the USB-C ports, it will be limited to 25W per port.

Ultimately, this should be more than enough to fast-charge your Galaxy S24 Ultra. If you’re using some of Samsung’s older models, 25W is still pretty decent. However, if you are using a different smartphone brand that can charge faster than 50W, or if you have a laptop that demands more power, then maybe this isn’t the charger for you.

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