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Even more rumors are coming out corroborating early reports that Google is looking to do away with the Nexus line. Originally, they were thought to be doing that with Google Play Experience devices, but the Android Silver train seems to be gaining more steam.

So what is Android Silver? It’s a new device initiative Google will be launching to help bring premium handsets with pure, unadulterated versions of Android to carrier and retail store fronts. There are a few different components to this that make it a bit different up against the existing Nexus and Google Play Edition lines:

  • Android Silver handsets can either be existing versions of OEM smartphones or smartphones made specifically for Android Silver.
  • Android Silver handsets’ software will have little to no OEM or carrier customization.
  • OEMs who offer Android Silver handsets will commit to timely updates.
  • Google will put up the marketing dollars for carriers and retailers to promote the handsets alongside their usual offerings.

Basically, it sounds like it’s going to be the Nexus program we’ve always wanted — affordable, available, and with Google actually trying to sell these things at high volume instead of just catering to developers and enthusiasts.

Other staples of the existing Nexus program — such as great hardware at very affordable rates — might or might not carry over. That story has yet to be told, and we likely won’t have a clear answer on it all until everything’s official. All of it is looking to go down next year if rumors are accurate, with Google said to be putting up more than $1 billion to get OEMs and carriers on board.

[via The Information]

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