Amazon’s upcoming smartphone leaked in crisp and clear detail


amazon smartphone renders

Looks like things might be moving along quite smoothly with Amazon’s smartphone project, with the latest leak being as clear of a look as we’ve ever gotten of the device. The first time we saw this thing it was bundled up inside a rather ugly prototype case, but here’s our first look at its bare chassis. Note that the device in the picture is only a render, but the real deal should resemble it quite closely

What can we say about it? Well, it looks like a smartphone — not a ton you can do that hasn’t already been done. The design is interesting, though, with Amazon going with what looks to be a cross between industrial strength and premium sleekness. Unfortunately we can’t tell what sort of material they’ll be using, but some combination of polycarbonate and metal certainly doesn’t sound out of the question.

Amazon’s phone will likely use a modified version of the same Fire OS that’s found on Kindle tablets, which stand to highlight Amazon’s content library of books, music, movies, apps, games and more. It’ll be Android, but not quite like you’re used to.

One unique aspect of this phone is how Amazon will be delivering data — they’ll be partnering with AT&T for “Prime Data,” if rumors are to be believed. Prime Data is rumored to be an exclusive data package for Amazon’s phone that will have a data cap for all but Amazon’s instant video and MP3 streaming. Not a bad deal if that ends up being true. The smartphone is said to be due in the third quarter of this year, and we’ll be just as eager as you are to see it finally brought into light.

[via BGR]

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  1. Most likely, it’ll have Google Play blocked. Any Android device with Google Play blocked is a hard pass for me.

    1. Amazon app store is just the same though and has access to apps that are typically blocked through gplay. Amazon app store is a viable alternative to GPlay.

      1. Viable, but definitely not better.

        I don’t know of any apps that Amazon has that is blocked by Google, other than those Amazon-device exclusive apps that Amazon spent a fortune developing.

      2. Its not even a viable alternative.

    2. That’s how i am but without the stock google interface. Basically that leaves me with the Nexus or Moto X. No complaints they are both awesome :)

  2. All it needs is the Play Store side loaded, something to mask Amazon services when accessing others, equals unlimited data galore.

    Seriously speaking I’ll take the ‘with offers’ for a 199.99 price point.

  3. New CEO John Bezel really leaving his mark


  5. The front of the device has a bit of an iPhone vibe going on.

    1. How many times… That style was done at least a decade ago by several other companies.

  6. iPhone called and said they want their bezels back …. and then some.

  7. Should have left it in the “prototype case”. Looked way better.

    1. I usually get cool looking cases on bland looking phones.

      1. Sorry, the words ‘cool looking’ and ‘case’ don’t belong in the same sentence

  8. The thing is this phone really isn’t going to be targeted to people who frequently visit a site like this. It will be targeted to Kindle Fire users interested in having the same familiar interface on a phone.

    1. Amazon is the Android based iPhone/Apple business model. I can’t stand them.

  9. Nobody wants this. I’d rather have cheaper Amazon Prime.

  10. Looks like the first LG Nexus.

  11. Looks enough like an iPhone so Apple can sue them too?

  12. iKindlePhone?

  13. Don’t hate the design, but bezels a bit much, no? The back actually reminded me of the Nexus 4 at first glance, without the glass and sparkles.

    Waiting on the Moto X2 for me.

  14. Looks like a Nexus 4 and an iPhone 4 got it on!!

  15. I think it’s actually quite a good-looking device.

    If it has a < 5" screen, is priced competitively and is rootable… I'll be very interested.

  16. Looks like a computer rendering to me.

  17. I can’t stand Amazon’s “Android” offering. They are the same as Apple and just as proprietary. Resist the cheap phone and prime data it doesn’t pay in the long run for any of us.

    1. Umm. There’s been no device announcement, no plan announcement, so everything is speculation at this point. Maybe you should what for a device release before you starting slapping your worthless epic fail opinions around.

  18. This is going to FAIL day one just like the FB PHONE.

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