May 1st, 2014

amazon smartphone renders

Looks like things might be moving along quite smoothly with Amazon’s smartphone project, with the latest leak being as clear of a look as we’ve ever gotten of the device. The first time we saw this thing it was bundled up inside a rather ugly prototype case, but here’s our first look at its bare chassis. Note that the device in the picture is only a render, but the real deal should resemble it quite closely

What can we say about it? Well, it looks like a smartphone — not a ton you can do that hasn’t already been done. The design is interesting, though, with Amazon going with what looks to be a cross between industrial strength and premium sleekness. Unfortunately we can’t tell what sort of material they’ll be using, but some combination of polycarbonate and metal certainly doesn’t sound out of the question.

Amazon’s phone will likely use a modified version of the same Fire OS that’s found on Kindle tablets, which stand to highlight Amazon’s content library of books, music, movies, apps, games and more. It’ll be Android, but not quite like you’re used to.

One unique aspect of this phone is how Amazon will be delivering data — they’ll be partnering with AT&T for “Prime Data,” if rumors are to be believed. Prime Data is rumored to be an exclusive data package for Amazon’s phone that will have a data cap for all but Amazon’s instant video and MP3 streaming. Not a bad deal if that ends up being true. The smartphone is said to be due in the third quarter of this year, and we’ll be just as eager as you are to see it finally brought into light.

[via BGR]

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