AT&T Gets Serious About Android, Looks to Hire Senior Software Engineer


AT&T customers have been getting the short end of the Android stick for a while now. Their limited selection of nerfed Android handsets isn’t exactly winning over customers seeking a smartphone on their network that isn’t the iPhone. Maybe they are listening to the cries of the masses, or maybe their just getting smarter, but a job posting on CrunchBoard for an Android Senior Software Engineer is a sign that the carrier that lets you surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time might want to get Android right. Or maybe they just need someone who is even more capable of removing things like the Android Market and the ability to install unsigned apps.


If you have what it takes, maybe you should apply and find out, then get back to us. But seriously, when is AT&T going to catch up to speed with the Android crowd? A few promised devices look like they could be good. We have our fingers crossed they don’t go flubbing them up.

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  1. Sureeeeee

  2. And I’m going to win the lottery tomorrow.

    Note: If I do win the lottery, I fully expect AT&T to get a good android phone.

  3. “…You can help create and support exciting new products and services for our growing portfolio of brands including YELLOWPAGES.COM, the most preferred Internet Yellow Pages in the U.S., Plusmo, AnyWho and Keen. We also develop the technology behind Ingenio Pay Per Call. AT&T Interactive is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T.”

    Help them develop their bloatware…

  4. No problem! :)

  5. Crippleware. {{-_-}}

  6. Yeeeaaaa, but will it still be an ANDROID phone when they are done with it?

  7. Does that mean they will actually start mentioning Android in their damn ads?

  8. are yellow pages still around?

  9. Which android phone does ATT make? No I think we’re talking apps here. App integration, account info lookup maybe, that sort of stuff. ATT doesnt make phones, they might sell you one, but make a phone? No. Does ATT have to catch up with the Android crowd? IMO, no. Soon you’ll see the next iphone and millions of 3GS will hit Ebay. With the network mess they have on hand now, they might not take Android and favor the iphone for just one more year. Do I think its the right thing for them to do? Not at all.. but I’ve got a hunch…

  10. AT&T very late to the party , there network sucks anyway, they will give Android a bad name

  11. All they need to do is leave out the proprietary software, go pure vanilla Android, and they will be an instant hit among serious Android users. On top of that, they won’t need to pay and manage as many software people.

  12. Of course, they are going to have to deliver the specs, pure vanilla android or not.

  13. I’m disappointed that at&t is so behind all the other major carriers in giving their customers more android phones. The sad attempt at adding the flip just shows they are not interested in having any phone complete with the iphone. After 10 years with at&t i’m switching over to verizon or sprint. The ability to talk and surf isn’t a big deal to me so i find nothing to renew my contract at the end of my contract…which happens to be in June. I got a feeling it will be awhile before we really see some awesome android phones like verizon and sprint appear on at&t.

  14. Please no. The only android software that a carrier needs to develop is an accounts app, so I can track my calls, data usage, text messages, and pay my bill.

    Everything else is done better by somebody else.

  15. Sounds horrible because AT&T will probably hack the shit out of Android and and their famous “MEdia Net” garbage. AT&T. LEAVE MY ANDROID VANILLA!

  16. the i897 and x10 are two decent handsets coming to AT&T soon. Then you got htc and dell working on some devices as well.

    I’d say by the end of the year AT&T will have a few high end android devices for consumers to chose from.

  17. Oh no doubt. While we want vanilla froyo (mmmmm vanilla froyo), it is not good for AT&T.

    They want engineers who can add tons of bloatware to the phone and maybe even help make it harder to root.

    Last thing AT&T wants is for their consumers to get free navigation (tho they would get that with Android), free tethering (PDANet/EasyTether are removed from market w/ AT&T sim. They probably will turn off the hotspot unless you pay for it), Google search over Yahoo search (as they own 20% of Yahoo) and all the other great stuff Android provides which AT&T customers have to pay for.

  18. “Good working knowledge of Web standards including XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, SVG.
    Experience with developing browsers and/or browser plug-ins a plus.”

  19. Ace Curry, can they still mess with my Nexus One even if i paid full retail for it? I would hate to lose out on great apps such as navigation and free tethering once Froyo comes out.

  20. Since when did websites like YELLOWPAGES.COM become exciting?

  21. As long as AT&T is essentially owned by Apple we will not be seeing any good Android phones on their network. Even if they get good hardware, they will cripple it with Yahoo services or locking it down. Apple knows it cannot currently go up against the newer Android phones and they do not want the AT&T customers to get the chance to see that.

    After the next iPhone comes out, they may start allowing some halfway decent phones on AT&T, but they will still not be the top of the line phones. AT&T has bent over backwards to please Apple since their contract began, and they won’t stop until the exclusivity is over.

  22. AT&T and Apple deserve each other…Leave Andy to the Real carriers. (Ill allow T-Mobile to be considered a real carrier for the sake of this post)

  23. I’ve been with Cingular/AT&T for 8+ years. Unless the AT&T Android landscape changes, I’ll be moving my family plan away from AT&T the end of the year… Too many good things down the road for the Android platform to miss out on the full experience…

  24. understood MikeG! My family has been with AppleTT for over 10 years, but now that the kids are gone . . over to Sprint for the EVO for the Mrs & I!!

  25. To answer some comments: AT&T’s network doesn’t suck. Verizon wishes they had this problem — so many users that their network is flooded. It’s a double-edged sword. AT&T got the iPhone and then their network increased like 3000% or something. Really. You think verizon would have fared better? And by the way, verizon uses CDMA, while the rest of the world uses GSM (80% do, anyhow).

    Now to this article… AT&T, stop the bloatware and get a great Android phone! I’m in the same situation as MikeG. Don’t want to leave, but if there isn’t an Android soon, I’m not staying.

  26. They simply want to port their lame AT&T interactive (i.e. Yellowpages) iPhone apps to Android. They are trying to be leaders in local search. Tough to beat Google.

  27. Att put an android phone on the market over 3 months ago and has been testing prior to that if you look at the phone company that makes the android its HTC ATT has a long relationship with this company. that being said remember ATT is the company that created Unix also created the CMOS without this all your Pc’s Today would not be working.. i love when people dont even know the history of a company and all they do is talk trash.. Please go READ and educate yourself!! you really need too..

  28. Yes… how ironic, ATT (of Old) developed Unix, and yet (Christmas 2010)… and the only Android (*Nix based OS) phone worth anything is the Samsung Galaxy.

    So ATT Developed Unix – but is so utterly resistant to a unix-based phone. Go figure..

    My contract expired a couple weeks ago. I was hoping to get an Android phone for Christmas as a gift to myself. I’ve been waiting for over a year. Plus, I am on a corporate plan with a 22% discount — but I’m still about to cancel ATT after 10 years of service.

    Love their commercials: “Rethink Possible” … Couldn’t of said it better myself.

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