Motorola i1 Takes a Trek to Latin America


The Motorola i1 has been making the rounds this week. We first learned it would be available on regional carrier SoutherLINC Wireless, and that it would also be heading to Boost Mobile as America’s first pre-paid iDEN Android phone. Now word is out that it will also find its way to Latin America through NII Holdings under the Nextel Brand.


The Android 1.5 push-to-talk handset will launch in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, though the exact date is unknown. Given that the status of its release in the States, sometime in the next few months seems like a fair estimate.

[Press Release, via UnwiredView]

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  1. 1.5 in 2010? Is this a joke?
    Are they actually trying to make fun of third world nations?

  2. it’s also 1.5 for boost in the US.

  3. I have an iDen flip phone on Nextel for work. It literally takes 30 seconds to download a 100 kb voicemail message forwarded to my phone by my work’s Outlook exchange. I have no idea how this phone will handle data. I guess just having smartphone features when near wifi would be good, but horrible data in the field is worthless.

  4. @Steve, you are a dumb redneck that have not gotten out of your trailer park to know that Nextel in Alabama is also getting 1.5. Anyway, I thing this phone wil surprise a lot of people. Hawdy mofo …hahaha

  5. although the version is 1.5, some people will buy it, to feel the ANDROID experience.

  6. Not bad for prepaid. I have that exact same wallpaper on my droid though…

  7. @iDroid:
    I have a phone running 2.1 and would never have guessed anyone would buy a 1.5 phone in 2010. I have not lived in the south for many years and that was for just a short time as I could not stand it.

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