T-Mobile wants you to use your home internet ONLY at home


T-Mobile’s Home Internet service uses 5G connectivity. This is great in terms of speed and coverage. Some customers have found that this also means that they can take their gateway out with them and use it as a hotspot of sorts. Unfortunately, T-Mobile isn’t thrilled by this and wants to crack down on its Home Internet use.

According to The Mobile Report, they have obtained documents which have revealed that T-Mobile is planning a crackdown on users abusing its Home Internet service. By that we mean that the company plans to force users to validate their gateway locations. This means that if you buy the company’s internet service, you’ll have to verify that you are using it at home and nowhere else.

The gateways that T-Mobile provides users actually come with a built-in GPS, but it has been largely dormant. This change suggests that T-Mobile plans to activate them to ensure that its location is at your home. This could create problems for some users. For instance, they might have signed up for T-Mobile Home Internet at a friend or family’s house because it’s not available in their area.

But now that T-Mobile will require verification of their location, it could cause some issues. If that describes your situation, then you may soon receive notices starting from next month.

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