AT&T Presents Banana Phone as Next Android Handset, JK


In response to a frustrated customer on their Facebook page, AT&T presented a top-secret photo of their latest and greatest Android device. This one may come as a shocker to many of you, but you’ll have to see it to believe it:


OK, OK. No that isn’t really the next Android phone (wait, it isn’t?), but it was the hilarious response of an AT&T employee who seems just a little irritated with the constant begging of Android fans crying for better Android support from the carrier. Honestly, comparing AT&T’s current Android offerings to a banana with some numbers drawn on it might not be too much of a stretch for a few irritated Android users on the carrier. But can it do web surfing and voice at the same time?

Read the full exchange below:


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  1. bahaha brilliant

  2. you can actually display that phone next to the iphone in a ATT store and no one will know the difference.

  3. I love the way AT&T is so far behind every other carrier in quality phones of any kind, including RIM they constantly lag behind and it is getting very tiresome. Yet another thing they seem to enjoy doing is limiting which apps you can have. oh and by the way this doesn’t just include phones you buy from them. I got an N1 before ATT had any android phones for themselves. I downloaded a few apps that i liked and now that they have their own android phones they have begun cutting apps out of their Android Market. For instance I downloaded PDANet. Now there is an update but suddenly it no longer exists in the market. the more I see these other carriers improving AT&T really irks me. The best they can do is the backflip? Seriously??

  4. I have that phone. The 3G coverage is suspect. :)

  5. Sorry about the flash and add filled website, but this article reminded me of a sickly hilarious flash video! LOL

  6. An apple phone would be MUCH funnier.

  7. @Matt.
    3G coverage might be suspect but the calcium coverage is awesome.

  8. THANK you Phandroid! ;) AT&T’s past responses on the subject have just been absurd… But at ‘least they weren’t downright condescending like this one. Usually they just claim they can’t reveal their upcoming plans because it would give their competition an edge, or they just urge you to sign up at their Android announcement page for further info, etc. This was kinda shocking, their reps are seldom playful or jovial on FB so this was clearly done out of frustration… Now they know how we feel!

  9. HA1 Love it! Those poor reps are getting pounded over there, glad to see they can still hold a little humor.

  10. For reference, I’m the Cameron in that picture, and I just thought it was worth a chuckle. However, thanks to the comments up there, an apple phone would have been much much better.

    But an android phone that’s not complete crap would be wonderful.

  11. I’m in the same boat as other AT&T customers that has been waiting for a nice Android smartphone on AT&T. Well. I’m giving up on AT&T and will most likely pick up a Samsung T959 on T-mobile when it comes out. Now my question is, will that phone be crippled by Yahoo crap as well as Samsung Galaxy S is going to be? That is the question of the day…

  12. Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring… BANANA PHONE!!!!

  13. Sorry AT&T, but this is not funny for someone who pays you (a lot).

    Lets think a little. I’m a AT&T customer. I’m waiting for HTC Android phone on this network for… Well… Sprint got own Hero, Verizon got Hero. AT&T? Canadians got hero with AT&T bands. Why there is no Hero from AT&T then? Stupid iPhone deal? You think that iCrap is the only thing people want?

    Now Verizon has Incredible, Sprint announced Evo and from AT&T we have slow motorola and a banana.

    On top of that I’ve recently compared what service is offered in different networks. AT&T was the most expensive.

    Sorry. I’m leaving that silly barely working network. NOW. There are great phones I can get NOW. What I have from AT&T for my money?

  14. I keep on hearing that there is no real android phone on ATT, but the nexus one is available with ATT 3G bands. Is it just that no one wants to pay 500 bucks, or no one knows about it? Nexus one is a REAL android phone on ATT

  15. Uh oh…steve jobs wouldn’t like at&t flirting with another fruit….I smell lawsuit lmao!!!

  16. If at&t want to sell fruits as a phone then why dont they open a fruit shop instead of a mobile carrier :p

  17. if you pull back the peel will we find a qwerty keyboard??? thats whatll make or break me

  18. Well, this distracted me for 5 minutes, but now the painful months of waiting for a subsidized Android phone worth buying from AT&T continues. Announce the Galaxy S already.

  19. Call me a home run. Outta here. I’m going over to the incredible, at&t. No crippled android market and I’m getting back a corporate discount on personal voice *and* data plan that’s worth more than a sneeze since you, at&t, crippled those too. Everything that made me leave vzw before “has come home to roost” at at&t.

    And, I don’t want a fruit phone.

  20. Whoa! ALERT!

    The banana phone that AT&T posted on their Facebook page is a decoy – the real one banana’s already on the loose and AT&T is just playing catch-up. Again.

    Seriously… Available for flip or candy bar form factors!–banana-cell-phone-holder-misc.

    It’s even already available on Amazon…

  21. By way of explanation for two (three) posts in a row… The whole AT&T fruit salad (“Android Experience”) has just left a bitter taste in my mouth.

  22. Hey I got a joke for you AT&T, it’s called your service. Luckily people have a choice, like Tmobile, Sprint or Verizon. They don’t have to have your crap ass service.

  23. So let me guess- like many AT&T phones, will this one will also turn brown and resemble a turd when you don’t use it?

    I’m waiting to see when the Galaxy S hits.

  24. This is a good example why AT&T’s mobile phone department originally failed. They had to purchase Cingular to get back into the game. How long before they fail, again?

  25. That banana actually has fewer dropped calls than the iPhone.

  26. AT&T doesn’t need Android, they have the iPhone!!!!!!!!!! /sarcasm

  27. Hi its really very nice postings i enjoyed a lot to visit.

  28. @Jonnei, might want to get your facts straight first mate… Cingular bought out AT&T Wireless, and was owned by SBC Global who bought out AT&T the land line company and seeing as AT&T has a LOT better name recognition they switched all of their companies names to AT&T, so Cingular went back to being AT&T.

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