Samsung and Google tease further AI collaboration for the future


With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, Samsung also introduced its Galaxy AI suite of AI tools. One of those tools came in the form of Circle to Search which is from Google. Now it looks like both Samsung and Google are furthering their AI collaborative efforts with each other.

The official Samsung X account has posted an image of both TM Roh, Samsung’s head of mobile, and Google’s Rick Osterloh, who now leads a team focusing on AI. While the post does not reveal anything specific, it suggests that both companies will continue working together to bring more (and new) AI experiences to mobile.

This shouldn’t be too surprising. Both Samsung and Google have a very close relationship. So for both companies to continue working together on the AI front makes sense. It is possible that with Google I/O 2024 coming up, both Google and Samsung could unveil some new AI features together.

That’s just our speculation though, but we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, Samsung has started to roll out its Galaxy AI suite of AI tools to more phones. Previously, its AI was limited to the Galaxy S23 and S24, but recently the company started to roll it out to its Galaxy S22 series as well.

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