Dell Streak Being Tested in the Wild for AT&T


I have to admit that I’m not the most knowledgeable on testing protocol and precedures for wireless carriers and manufacturers: the most I’ve seen is HTC’s series on the rugged testing process for the Google Nexus One. Thanks to one Seattle Times writerBrier Dudley – we’re able to catch a glimpse of how AT&T is testing the Dell Streak’s performance for handling e-911 services on the carrier.


The setup was quite intriguing: the engineer attached what looks like a yard-wide wooden plank to a high-end camera tripod. Four very slick Dell Streaks were evenly spread across the width of the plank. Everything was hooked up to a pair of laptops for monitoring network activity, errors, and log reports. It looks like AT&T is getting the final rungs in place to launch a (hopefully) error-clean device. Would this turn your head if you were walking down 2nd Avenue and saw the same setup?

[via Android Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. they should sell this unlocked also. at a good price, and then they should be cooking.

  2. Actually its a very low-end tripod. Got that one for about $25 at walmart myself ;)

    Still neat to see how they do the testing.

  3. Thats an interesting testing method.

  4. Anyone seen anything else as far as AT&T release dates??? I’m tired of my iPhone and don’t wanna drop the money on a nexus one if I don’t have to

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