myTouch 3G Slide Getting Android 2.2 Shortly after Launch?



AndroidSPIN is reporting that they have confirmed a rumor that the myTouch 3G Slide will be receiving an update to Android 2.2 as early as next week. The update will first be sent out to T-Mobile employee phones for testing, with it making its way to the average Joe’s slide at a yet unknown date. This jives with a statement made last week by HTC naming the Slide as one of the phones that should be getting the update before the end of the year.

Considering that Google is just getting the Froyo code out to OEMs and that an update proper hasn’t even occurred for the Nexus One, I’m a bit skeptical that the update will make it to the end-user anytime soon. If anything, this at least confirms the update to Android 2.2 can be expected if you plan on purchasing the Slide next week.

[via AndroidSPIN]

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  1. Even if this rumor ends up not being true, it does give a glimmer of hope that Sense is no longer going to be the “update killer” it has been in the past. One can hope.

  2. i dont think this is running sense is it? isnt it some espresso junk or something?

  3. I think is a lil of both @^^^^^

  4. @boxy
    espresso is a lite version of HTC’s sense ui

  5. Yeah, it’s a version of Sense.

  6. froyo is so important that maybe they’ll bend over backwards to get it. People want to use the SD memory they already have.

  7. This is hard to believe but I looked over TMo’s website and from what I can tell you cant walk into a TMobile store and pick up an android phone with anything higher than 1.6. Android 1.6!?!?!?!? I am by no means saying this to be funny but observing TMobile participate in the smartphone business is like seeing a mentally disabled person pick out candy at wal mart; it makes me so angry because it makes me genuinely sad and depressed and I feel so sorry for them. And its worse with TMobile because its their CHOICE! Garmin phone? why? It doesnt have good specs and we have google navigation. Even the Slide has embarrassing specs, its hardware really isnt even ok for its release date and a company’s flagship phone must at least be relevant until its successor is available (iphone, Droid).How hard is it to do well with smartphones when Verizon and ATT do it publicly? Its no secret you take a phone with good specs that has apple or android and you advertise the hell out of it. It makes me so damn angry that tmobile is damn stupid and this isnt just an angry consumer disagreeing with a company’s startegy, there is no argument for TMobile, only against it.

  8. @Rick

    Not all consumers care about having the latest and greatest hardware/software. Take my wife for example. She loves her G1 that I bought her shortly after it was available. She is excited to replace it with the MyTouch Slide. Why? Because it fits what she wants the phone to be. A slider for texting, a decent camera for quick photos, internet access, simple apps, etc. And its very easy for her to use.

    The new MyTouch Slide is perfect for her and many people that only need a simple smart phone.

  9. A confirmed rumor?

  10. I don’t know what “average joes” would be getting the update when Tmo’s site still lists this phone as “coming soon”…

  11. @Rick, search phandroid or Google T-Mobile’s Project Emerald or new Sidekick. I also believe they have been reported to be getting the Samsung Galaxy S.

  12. Yes tmo has been a sad situation when it comes to higher end phones so I left them. It’s nice to see they are getting the Samsung galaxy s. But I couldn’t take all the phone rumors just to find out they’re going elsewhere any more lol. As for this phone getting 2.2 then certainly they have to have a good plan to update their other phones quickly.

  13. i have the nexus one on tmobile..sure they don’t sell it in stores, but it’s available for tmobile (at least it was). but i agree, their phone selection sucks. really bad. but they were the first one to back android, so i have a special place in my heart for them.

  14. Using this phone as we speak and have tried to make it freeze or force close an app with no luck…(wahoo!!) Let me just say that TMO may not put out the highest spec phones all the time but things are good right now. HSPA+ popping up more and more, a new Android device that people will actually use what it has, flash support (streamed an embedded movie), and Dragon Dictation that works perfect! So will I buy a bigger screened and higher spec’d device?…yea…but I must say it is a great device as is and there are some updates I will get before device launch that will improve it. I am hopeful for Froyo next week but was told by an HTC rep that an answer is still a couple months out. So don’t expect it soon but you never know.

  15. Having the N1 (if only for new customers) and a bunch of low-end Android phones is still a heck of a lot better than having the iPhone, a single mediocre Android phone, and not much else (i.e. AT&T)… Personally I’m switching from AT&T to Sprint next week. As for Sense and updates… Hmm, phones like the Moment took just as long to get a 2.1 update as HTC phones running sense. Heck a lot of phones WITHOUT Sense are still on 1.5/1.6 (‘sup T-Mo?). I think the carriers themselves are really the biggest obstacle to the upgrade process, not the manufacturers and definitely not the software updates they may tack on.

  16. T-MOBILE!! Pls wake the FUCK UP!!! The mytouch slide just doesn’t cut it. It got some cool features in all. But you started this android shit.. and you telling me u don’t have, not one phone higher then 1.6? june 2nd isn’t here yet and I’m not wasting my full upgrade on the slide.I’m sick of my of g1 phone. And its sad that in almost two years since having the g1. You guys haven’t came out with a android phone better then a g1? FUCKING SAD!!!!!!!!!! Thank god for root (g1 with 2.1 and soon to be 2.2) or I really would be freaking out. One 1ghz android phone before the end of july or I’m jumping ship. A five year always on time paying customer.

  17. It’s beginning to look like t-mobile is the main source of android’s fragmentation in the US.

  18. I agree with cwalker, T_mobile started Android and now all the other carriers are getting the better phones with faster processors and better features, and T-mobile still getting the shitty phones….I dont get it.

  19. I so badly want to jump ship on T-Mobile, but my wife doesn’t want to. I have had a G1 since day 1 and nothing on T-Mobile has made me want to move to another phone. To make things worse, my wife wants a Slide so I will be stuck with T-Mobile for another 2 years. I think they really messed up with Android and posted their hopes on the N1 and it backfired on them.

  20. If TMo does not release 2.2 for the MyTouch 3G shortly after it releases, I will be leaving the company as soon as my contract is up, never to return.

    I was so glad that TMo took the chance on the Android OS. But since I bought the phone at launch, I’ve gotten one OS update ever. This is pure crap as far as support goes.

  21. Why did they fail on the myTouch Slide? Because of the processor? I work with 4 people that have the N1 and 3 are buying the Slide so hmmm…. Bottom line is the phone is fast. I have played with the N1 and the Incredible and it hangs right with them. I do wish it had a 3.7″ screen but oh well. Is it the fact that it doesn’t have a Snapdragon and a 3.7″ screen that makes people willing to jump ship and pay $30+ or more per month?

  22. If I were on T-Mobile, I would definitely consider this phone. Good form factor, great keyboard, a version of Sense – this is a great midrange phone. I’m with some of the others – processing speed is not the only factor. I’ve got the Incredible on the way, and I’m actually a smidge jealous! Call me crazy, but I think this is a cool phone.

  23. Have the G1 which died was talked into the California. Nice but it’s OS is stuck at 1.5! Some programs wont even show on the Marketplace because my older OS cant use them. So I went backwards in capability. Every phone I read about is far more advanced and I am mired in a 2yr contract. I might spend the money and end my 10 association with TMob early.

  24. I totally agree that the mytouch 3g slide is not gonna cut it. For one the name is absolutely ridiculous, and it looks like a child’s phone. Enough of the shiny plastic already!! And then when you factor in the small screen and processor, i mean what gives. T-mobile seems to have no clue what they are doing, nor do they listen to their customers. I used to defend t-mobile and their customer base, as many of my friends described them as very unsophisticated. Maybe they were right and thats why t-mobile does not feel the need to step their game up. Its because they don’t have to. If they felt our criticisms in their pocket book, things would change. I’m giving them until July or August and if they have provided us with no high end Ansdroid phones, i’m leaving. If I can make it that long.

  25. You know the problem is that You all are talking about what is reguarding the Slide ( ie… Android 2.1 or under ) But what your not thinking about is that even with the low specs of the slide 2.2 will make the slide work as well as the nexus one. and ofcourse the nexus one will be 5x faster then it is now . But the slide with 2.2 will be as good as anyphone out today with 2.1 or under. I own the nexus one and will be moving to the Slide with the understanding that 2.2 is only a bit away.

  26. is the android 2.2 gonna be inside the fone or you have to download it……….becuz i want that phone when it comes out……..someone plz answer

  27. Well I tried the phone out at a T-Mobile store near me in Orlando. To tell you the truth it was way better than I expected it to be. The Android OS 2.2 thing is kind of messed up since Android doesn’t have a little system like Apple does where all platforms are similar (Going from an iPhone to iPhone 3G or 3GS and you’ll still feel at home). The phone’s Genius feature is just awesome but the tihng I like the most is well the Espresso UI interface…. it’s basically a modified Sense UI but it just runs really smoothly on the phone….. Seriously…

    Also the Nexus One is great but I prefer the myTouch 3G over it because of the Espresso UI and physical keyboard (In reviews and all you can’t really count root hacks and whatever)

  28. I visited a T-Mobile store yesterday and got to see a Slide. One of the top employees had earned the right to get an early release. The keyboard is good, not great, but better than the Droid if you want a corporeal experience. I did not poke around too much since this was her personal phone, but I think it’s worth a second look later this week when it comes to the stores. It definitely has 2.1 now and she could not give me anything definite about 2.2, but thought it likely that the update would follow pretty soon. It’s surprisingly light for a slider with a big screen.

  29. and yes, the employees confirmed that they all have to report early on June 19th, even the mall stores. They don’t know what it is and have heard all the speculations that have been batted around in the blogs.

  30. just got the slide today and it is running HTC sence and firmware 2.1-update1, Kernel version 2.6.29-b2c3d7, build number 1.27.531CL176807 release-keys, software number 1.27.531.1

  31. only thing is that with the economy n other companies needing u to put a down payment on top of everything else tmobile becomes the service to go to so we all know y they would choose to not be very up to date….everyone is stingy but of course we all know ways arounds shit :)

  32. There is a lot of hate going on here. Many people seem to think that the Slide is supposed to be a competitor for the iPhone, when instead it’s an entry level smartphone. If your big gripe is that’s it’s not an iPhone, then go get an iPhone when you contract is up. If you’re looking for a basic smartphone that’s pretty quick and responsive, then check out the Slide. Apple just release iPhone 4 and the Slide is not far from it in terms of functionality. Besides, the iPhone is one of the worst “phones” whereas the Slide has excellent sound quality.

  33. I picked up a slide, it’s an awesome phone. Does everything I need, and is plenty fast, I can’t get it to slow down. I’m not sure why you guys feel you need a 1Ghz phone anyways, all that does is kill the battery super fast. I prefer a slightly slower phone that I can use all day away from a charger, and not have my battery dead before I’m off work…

  34. I recently purchased the slide and at first was dissappointed at its specs but after using the phone for a week any complaints I had simply faded its a great phone it works well haven’t had any force closes or lags. It beats my wifes hd2 hands down.

  35. I just left AT&T for the Samsung T959 and myTouch Slide. The phones are fast and beautiful. The biggest problem is that my iPhone had truly useful applications on it, and Android Market is lacking. Some examples: A financial calculator like the BA 2, Pleco Chinese Dictionary. http://www.pleco.com, Allen CFA Quiz Bank.

    Signal from T-mobile has been super low too. No bars in my home and maybe one in my office. Oddly, I can place calls at home and office, just cannot use any data services.

    I would be lying if I didn’t say I had a little buyers remorse. There’s no doubt that these phones are little rocketships, but I have not found any interesting ways to take advantage of their power. I’ve saved myself $400 – $600 iphone (great experience), at the same monthly cost for a rather shitty application quality/variety and reception experience. I might take advantage of the 14 return…

  36. Have had my slide for about 2 weeks after coming up from the g1 and what a difference. The phone is amazing it’s fast and easy to use. camera could use some work but the battery life and display quality are amazing. I’m definitely on the look out for froyo though. The t-mo associate that talked me into the phone said it would be getting it but when she was unsure of?

  37. The nexus one is only available to developers now so I doubt there will b a public release for its 2.2.

  38. Just got a firmware update today and my phone seems to be working smoother. I love the myTouch3G Slide. I had been a Sidekick user for many years since the first Sidekick came out and let me tell you, switching to an Android phone was the best thing I could do. It’s a whole new experience. When I got my MT3G Slide it had 2.1 already on it. I would be happy to get the 2.2 Froyo but I really don’t need it. This phone is amazing. I barely ever use my computer anymore. So, for those who are always criticizing T-Mobile, get your heads straight. I’ve had two iPhone 4 users try my phone (MT3G Slide) and they both told me that they would’ve preferred to drop AT&T to get a MT3G Slide with T-Mobile. This phone is just awesome!

  39. This mytouch slide is awesome. I had a G1 and switching to the mytouch slide is a good difference in speed and battery level. Also the display is excellent. Some people dislike the specs on this phone but I know for a fact that this phone handles just as good and even better then an iphone and especially an HD2. I really recommend this phone to those who are looking for an easy to use phone with some really good features.

  40. Just applied my firmware patch and slide won’t let me stay on a call for more than 2 or 3 minutes then looses signal /frustrated

  41. wow u all are really over reacting just wait @ rick your so impaitent just wait and see , for me i already saw the prototype for 2.4 and yes trust and belive that the 2.2 for mts is coming out soon

  42. I have the mts and I’m kinda mad that everything is going screwy. My text messages won’t sent, it keeps saying unable to send and then the person I’m sending to says that I’ve sent them the same message like 4 or 5 times. My 3G/internet is constantly losing service. When i have a txt conversation open and I received a txt, it will randomly scrool all the way to the top of the conversation with out me even touching the screen….or everytime I make a call it has major lag/echo….idk. I love the phone, I just wish things wouldn’t force close all the time or the internet worked on command. I’m glad I pay $25 for internet that randomly works.

  43. half of u guys are soooo stupid!!! “all tmobile phones are running 1.6” -bull shit!! the slide has 2.1!!! last i checked that wasnt 1.6!!! get your facts right!! dumb asses

  44. I don’t understand why you are all complaining about which phone is the best especially the phone’s internet. It is a phone, not a fucking computer. If you want fast speed, then be patient and go home on your computer. If you want internet on the go , then get a fucking laptop. Not all phones out there are the best, there is going to be a better phone to top the last. Also, if you don’t like the Mytouch slide or whatever phone then don’t get it or sell it.

  45. hey i’ve been with tmo for two year, pretty much since the g1 came out i stayed with the phone for the whole two years. i love the phone at first but it got slow and laggy and wouldnt update. So i did get the MT3GS and i liked. . . until it started acting weird. like resetting and saying my messages weren’t sent, but i found out it only happens when i have my mobile network on. over all the phone was good but wasn’t for me. i ended up getting G2 its fast running the new HSPA+ no big problems so far

  46. I’ll give you a good reason to complain about this phone it has absolutely everything you could want except iphone app support. It even allows connection on wifi when your internet plan gets to expensive and you drop it to just have a decent priced plan and that would be awesome if it had an update allowing the install of mobsters big apple and all the other cool iphone stuff. Why is it that only hackers willing to risk ruining a $500 phone with jailbreak software are able to enjoy the freedom of using iphone apps. Can’t the other phones just start delivering what ppl want why is iphone the only one supporting these apps, come on break away from your stupid little walls pay iphone royalties if you have to just add this support, I’m not alone there is millions of ppl out there who want this thats why there is so many hacked phone os’s

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