AT&T to Finally Get an HTC Android Called the Aria?


A source of Phonedog’s chimed in to give them the rundown on a new device being worked on under the wraps for AT&T. It’s called the Aria and it will supposedly be unveiled June 7th (basically, iPhone day) at an unnamed event. It’s said that it would be running Android 2.1 with the latest version of Sense.


Could this be the same QWERTY Android that AndroidForums.com member ‘maerlimheard about from an HTC rep at Best Buy a few weeks back? He described the device as “an upgraded Tilt with Android”, but initial impressions weren’t that great. We can’t speak on that, of course, but here’s hoping that all of this is true and that AT&T could be getting their first HTC phone with Android.

Phonedog’s expecting some pictures and more specifications soon, so we’ll be all over it should anything surface. For now, this sounds a lot like the HTC-manufactured QWERTY Android we saw pass the FCC not too long ago that we once believed could be the already-announced HTC Wildfire (complete with AT&T-compatible data bands). June 7th is shaping up to be a momentous day for AT&T.

[Note]: Picture is of an actual AT&T Tilt hacked to run Android.

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  1. Leave it to AT&T to suck Uncle Steve’s ass and keep offering crap Android devices. Backflip, Aero and now this abomination? REALLY? Seriously there is no one in their right mind that can say Apple has no influence on what AT&T offers at this point. Especially after seeing what every other carrier in the U.S. + World is offering when it comes to Android handsets. Hell tiny no name carriers are getting the Desire and Moto Milestone. This is just another AT&T FAIL.

  2. looks exactly like my old TyTn II (!) good phone back then, but now… nope..

  3. Ya I really hope ATT/HTC dont botch this phone, hopefully it dont have anything to do with that ugly ass Tilt thats pictured.

  4. The most interesting key in this phone it’s the windows key on it.

  5. Darseider, exactly. They wouldn’t DARE damage the revenue being generated by Apple. It’s a good way to keep AT&T customers in the dark. Give them a shitty Android phone to keep people from switching to Android within the AT&T network.

  6. ugliest phone ever

  7. Darkseider, summed it up pretty nicely, Enough said

  8. Read the note at the bottom of the article:

    “[Note]: Picture is of an actual AT&T Tilt hacked to run Android.”

    This is NOT the new HTC phone. RTA.

  9. yet another reason I’m leaving SHIAT&T

  10. That picture is not of the actual phone, folks. Reading Comprehension FTL.

  11. Hah. Authors of comments 1-6 are now wishing for a delete button.

  12. For the record, the Best Buy rep said “Upgraded Tilt with Android” but I understood him to mean a Tilt2, not the original Tilt. :)

    By the way, I went back to that same Best Buy this past weekend, and talked to a DIFFERENT person. Proving it’s not where you go but who you talk to, this guy’s advice to me was to switch to Sprint. Not so I can get an EVO 4G in a couple weeks, but for the knock-your-socks-off Samsung Moment. When I asked him about the HTC AT&T phone I’d heard about earlier in the month, he said “Oh, let me see what I can find.” He started looking things up on his computer. I thought “hey, this might prove some spoilers”… After a couple minutes, I looked around the monitor to find him GOOGLING “AT&T Android” and looking at pictures of the Aero. /facepalm

  13. you guys are right and the fact that they raised the ETF for iPhones just makes it that more suspicious

  14. Where do I start… its android 1.6 I’m guessing, there’s a damn windows key on the physical keyboard, the menu bar is on the top of the screen, not the bottem, I’ve never seen a android phone slide left.. oviously this is a phone leaking fail or someone didn’t care…(note:I just seen the thing about it being a at&t tilt. But stil wtf?)

  15. @Angel
    Good catch, I call this photo BS. but for good sakes I hope it really is fake because that phone looks like crap.

  16. This phone looks oldddd…

  17. FAIL!!!

  18. Read the note at the bottom of the article:
    “[Note]: Picture is of an actual AT&T Tilt hacked to run Android.”
    This is NOT the new HTC phone. RTA.

    That was added later, when I first saw the article it was NOT there.

  19. Jeez! Read the article! Especially the last line!!!!
    That photo is not one of the phone they’re talking about!!!

  20. LOL! You guys!

  21. Dear Phandroid,

    Considering the vast amounts of ADD-riddled people who are on the net (and very visiting your site), don’t post photos of a phone that is absolutely not what the article is referring to. It’s best to just have no photo at all than to post a photo of an entirely different phone. Yes, I know the “note” is there, but still.

    Also, basically what you’re saying is all this information is from something written by someone on a forum who “heard” about this from an HTC rep at Best Buy?

  22. Maybe they’ll give us something like this…

    Image by me!

  23. BOO! Phandroid doesn’t allow images in comments….

  24. The source is Phonedog (as the article says), with corroborating here-say from my forum post.

    Really, how much evidence does a rumor really need before it’s not really a rumor anymore?

  25. Well, we would need pictures or something. Not just words.

  26. Yeah, announced on the 7th, actually available ?????

    How long since our Aero announcement and still nothing and that phone looks just as crappy as the Backflop.

  27. The aero looks as crappy as the backflop, I understand the above picture is just an old tilt.

  28. enough with the fake pics. it’s hurting android. If the story is about an HTC aria with android 2.1 and sense then show a pic of an aria with 2.1 and sense. Because that is certainly not 2.1/sense and certainly not an HTC phone!

  29. Is this phone even real it looks so fake…. and DUMB, UGLY, and well DUMB….

  30. @Ari-Free
    Actually, that phone IS an HTC phone…the HTC Tytn II, successor to the Hermes and predecessor to the Touch Pro, which was followed by the Touch Pro 2.

  31. Ari that is an HTC phone I had one 3 phones back it is an HTC Tilt… read all posts before you post.

  32. WTF IS THAT!

  33. the HTC Tytn II is an old phone that runs WinMo 6, not android. There really is no point to having that picture for this article.

  34. Is that a makeup kit?

  35. so sick of AT&T, I’m trying to get out of my contract along with all my lines and move over to Sprint.

  36. Fake and Gay! I can’t belive that no one has figured this out yet! That’s not the next HTC android phone! Come on now! That’s a OG HTC tilt running on android 1.6. Its very easy to do :) just you tube it! The “windows” key gives it away! The next HTC Android phone AT&T is getting is the HTC Desire.

  37. after watching a video of the mytouch 3g slide, i’m wondering if the att htc could be a cousin to it…

  38. So AT&T is so bad that they can even influence HTC to make a crappy looking phone? AT&T’s fail gets bigger every day…

  39. AT&T Wireless Will Have The HTC Desire.


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