Sean Riley

Senior Editor

Sean has been covering mobile tech professionally for almost a decade with a focus on app reviews, wearables and mobile photography. He occasionally muses about gadgets and tech outside of the Android universe at Techgasms.


Nightmare unfolding for Samsung with Galaxy Fold review units

Apr 17th - A somewhat notably limited number of outlets and YouTubers were given early access to the Galaxy Fold by Samsung earlier this week and perhaps we now have an inkling as to why. Today there have been reports from multiple reviewers that their Galaxy Fold review units have failed in pretty spectacular fashion.


This is not the 5G you’re looking for

Apr 6th - AT&T and Verizon both had important weeks for their 5G networks, but nothing we’ve seen to date makes it seem like consumers should get on board in 2019.


SyncMate Review: Keep Your Digital Life in Sync

Mar 16th - While for the most part, we as Android users rely on Google services to keep our devices and accounts synced up, for those of us that use macOS everything doesn’t always play nicely together, enter SyncMate.


Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Cube discounted for the Oscars

Feb 18th - Amazon’s various streaming devices are no strangers to discounts, but the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Cube are all currently enjoying their largest price drops of 2019 to make sure you’ve got your streaming setup in order for the Academy Awards this weekend.


Flexihub Review: Stay connected to your hardware anywhere

Jan 28th - Flexihub is a unique piece of software that essentially allows you to create your own personal cloud of devices. Anything that you have connected to a device with Flexihub installed is accessible and shareable from anywhere that you have an internet connection.


Samsung Galaxy S10 launch event set for February 20th

Jan 10th - CES hasn’t been a show for major smartphone releases for a number of years now and while we think the Nubia Red Magic Mars is an interesting device, this year’s CES didn’t prove any different. But Samsung has brought a little flagship device news to the tail end of the CES cycle by sending out …


Samsung’s folding phone gets a release window and warning

Jan 9th - Samsung’s folding phone is certainly shaping up to be one of the most interesting devices of 2019 and while the company isn’t showing the device off at CES 2019, they have been speaking about it to press and industry executives, which has unearthed some new details. In a meeting with Digital Trends, Suzanne de Silva, …