Sean Riley

Senior Editor

Sean has been covering mobile tech professionally for almost a decade with a focus on app reviews, wearables and mobile photography. He occasionally muses about gadgets and tech outside of the Android universe at Techgasms.


Flexihub Review: Stay connected to your hardware anywhere

Jan 28th - Flexihub is a unique piece of software that essentially allows you to create your own personal cloud of devices. Anything that you have connected to a device with Flexihub installed is accessible and shareable from anywhere that you have an internet connection.


Samsung Galaxy S10 launch event set for February 20th

Jan 10th - CES hasn’t been a show for major smartphone releases for a number of years now and while we think the Nubia Red Magic Mars is an interesting device, this year’s CES didn’t prove any different. But Samsung has brought a little flagship device news to the tail end of the CES cycle by sending out …


Samsung’s folding phone gets a release window and warning

Jan 9th - Samsung’s folding phone is certainly shaping up to be one of the most interesting devices of 2019 and while the company isn’t showing the device off at CES 2019, they have been speaking about it to press and industry executives, which has unearthed some new details. In a meeting with Digital Trends, Suzanne de Silva, …


13 Google Pixel 3 Tips & Tricks

Jan 1st - Since the Pixel 3 runs stock Android, many think that it doesn’t have a lot of hidden features. That’s certainly not the case. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for Google’s Pixel 3.


Nokia is back, but will it last?

Dec 15th - HMD Global purchased the rights to the Nokia brand over 2 years ago and has brought the name back into relevance, but what do they need to do to stay there?


Google Just Can’t Get the Message

Dec 8th - It’s been a rough week or so to be invested in a Google messaging service, hell it’s been a rough decade to be invested in a Google messaging service. Let’s take a look at the past, present, and future of messaging with Google.


Are you ready to do your banking with T-Mobile?

Nov 29th - T-Mobile has announced a new banking service which promises to give you up to 4% interest if you choose to keep your money in your T-Mobile account. The new service sounds a bit odd for a service provider, but the interest that’s being offered beats what most banks are offering.