Jan 24th, 2020 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 9:20 am

Nexus 6P owners that put in a claim last year should finally be getting their money in the next couple of months according to the latest status report from the court in the class-action lawsuit. For some that could mean up to $400, depending on the nature and resolution of the issues for the malfunctioning Nexus 6P.

For those that skipped the Nexus 6P, it had a number of fairly showstopping bugs including a boot loop issue and random shutdowns. My own Nexus 6p was one of the faulty units so I got to enjoy the frustration first hand.

If you did put in a claim and the documentation was found to be insufficient, you should expect to be contacted and given the opportunity to correct the problem in order to still receive what you are owed.

Originally the payments were to be made by mid-February, but the latest update places the deadline for the distribution of all settlement payments as March 11th.

This certainly isn’t the way Google or loyal fans would probably like to remember the Nexus program, but $400 might be exactly enough to pick yourself up a shiny new Pixel 4a this spring.

Source: Court Listener

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