Best Android Phones of 2020 (Q1 Update)


While smartphone releases and events are among the obviously less critical things that have been disrupted by the ongoing health crisis, we’ve still seen a number of new devices released this year and as such, it’s time to start ranking the best smartphones of 2020!

There were updates to every category, so whatever your smartphone priorities are,  we have an updated list that addresses it. Here’s a listing of all the pages and you can jump down below that for a brief description of what we are trying to capture with each one:

Best Android Smartphones

As always we start with the big one, this is simply the best Android phones, we try to weigh every factor and come up with the top 10 devices that are currently available. As you would expect there’s been a fair amount of shakeup on this page since our last update, so take a look to see who has come out on top to start 2020.

Best Budget Flagship Android Smartphones

Our newest “best of” page, what we are trying to capture with “best budget flagships” are devices with at least a Snapdragon 855 (or equivalent) processor and other strong specs while being available for less than $600. We have a few new entries on this list this month thanks to falling prices for 2019 flagships that still offer amazing specs at an incredible value.

Best Cheap Android Smartphones

Next up is the best cheap Android phones, whether you call them cheap, inexpensive or affordable these are phones that cost less than $400 and still offer a solid overall experience. Now we set a cap at $400, but currently the most expensive is $380 and many fall below the $300 and even $200 mark.

Android Smartphones with the Best Battery Life

This one is fairly self-explanatory, the best battery life guide takes a look at the smartphones across any price point with the largest battery. We have options from below $200 all the way up to beyond $1,000. We had quite a few additions for this update with a record number of 5,000 mAh options.

Android Smartphones with the Best Camera

Always one of the most hotly contested guides, the smartphones with the best camera is one of the hardest to determine as hardware is only part of the story. Much like the best overall smartphones guide there simply isn’t a loser in this collection, they have some different strengths which we highlight in the guide, but each one has a fantastic camera that can yield amazing results.

Best Rugged Android Smartphones

Last up is our rugged smartphone guide, and this was one of our most active lists this time around. If you are someone that typically has to throw a massive case on your smartphone to keep it alive this is the list for you. A number of these phones also have incredibly unique features like FLIR cameras that could prove valuable on a job site. Notably, the specs and the form factor for these devices have improved greatly in the last year while retaining their high degree of durability.


Sean Riley
Sean has been covering mobile tech professionally for almost a decade with a focus on app reviews, wearables and mobile photography. He occasionally muses about gadgets and tech outside of the Android universe at Techgasms.

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