Quentyn Kennemer

News Editor


Google Assistant is now available on Android TV

Sep 28th - The Google Assistant was always slated to come to Android TV. The goods were teased long ago and we thought that a full rollout was imminent then, but it wasn’t until today that it’s being rolled out in full force.


Honor 7X arrives October 11th

Sep 27th - Honor is dishing out teasers for a new October 11th announcement. The heady lot of you will immediately pick up on what’s coming by looking at the image they posted to Weibo: it’s the Honor 7X.


Best T-Mobile Phones September 2017

Sep 15th - There are more reasons than ever to be on T-Mobile, so you’ll want to make sure that time is pleasant by having a good phone to use on their network. These are the best T-Mobile phones you can buy today.


Best AT&T Phones September 2017

Sep 13th - AT&T has a wealth of phones to choose from to fit every need and budget. Here’s our ranking of the best AT&T phones.


4 New iPhone X features we wish Android had

Sep 12th - The iPhone X actually has a few cool things going for it,¬†and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t mind having some of them on my next Android phone. Here are 4 things from the iPhone X I wish Android had.