Phandroid Recap: Amazon Fire TV, HTC One M8 review, and more [March 30-April 5]



What a crazy week it has been. We had a surprising new product launch, a flagship phone review, and tons of “Best” lists for phones, tablets, games, apps, and more. You may have noticed an influx of content going up on the site, and that is something we’re going to continue doing. In order to make sure you don’t miss any of it we have the Phandroid Recap. Below you will find all the big stories and featured articles from the last week. You don’t want to miss a single thing!

Amazon Fire TV


Amazon is finally make their play for the living room with Fire TV. This new set-top box is made to give people quick and easy access to Amazon’s huge library of movies, TV shows, and music. Along with Amazon’s media offerings there are popular apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora. The biggest difference between Fire TV and other set-top boxes is Amazon’s focus on gaming. They put a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM inside for great performance. For an additional $40 you can get a gaming controller to play Android-based games.

Buy It NowComparison chart | Unboxing | Everything You Need to Know | Forums

HTC One (M8) Review


HTC’s latest and greatest flagship was put to the test by our own Rob Jackson. Last year we gave high marks to the original HTC One, but did the M8 live up to the hype? Here is an excerpt from our full review with plenty of sample photos and videos:

In a smartphone world where everyone else is pumping out rectangles, HTC cuts through the clutter with the HTC One M8. They take the road less traveled at almost every turn – front-facing speakers, metal unibody frame, cameras that provide an experience instead of a pixel count – and it pays off.

Continue reading on the HTC One M8 forums, see the specs, or find news and reviews.

“Best” Lists


Who doesn’t like a good list? Since this week marked the end of March and the beginning of April we had several lists go up. First we recapped last month with out favorite apps and games. Then we looked forward to this month and let you know our picks for the best phones and tablet currently available. We also put together a list with some of the phones that get the best battery life. Be sure to check out all of these lists below.

Best Apps | Best Games | Best Phones | Best Tablets | Best Battery Life | From the Forums

April Fool’s Day 2014


Everyone on the internet thinks they are hilarious, and this is never more apparent than on April Fool’s Day. For most people this “holiday” revolves around pranking your friends, but in the tech community we get dozens of fake product launches and parody videos. This year all the usual players came out with their attempts at April Fool’s Day jokes. Some were successful, others were miserable failures. We created a handy April Fool’s Day round-up with many of the popular jokes from tech companies. Check it out!

Top News Stories

There was a ton of regular Android news this week too. Some Google apps are getting redesigned, Apple and Samsung are at it again, HTC defends “dat bezel,” Facebook gets free WiFi calling, and Samsung is buying selfies again. Check out all the trending stories from this week below.

What was your favorite story from this week?

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  2. I think i have a sucky new phone, find out AFTER i buy it..LG F6. I added a 4 GB sd card, i love apps , videos and pics. I cant do anything with phone..no space..wtf should i do ? Ive already put all the apps that will go on the sd card on there..its not full but the internal memory (1gb) pleeeassse!…is full. Any suggestions to work with this phone. Also, what is a decent phone for me to look forward to getting next…situation is this, as i said, i take lots of pics, watch videos, love apps and would love something the size of a samsung note cause i love to read. But..i am in financial desperation and cant spend crazy money. Befoe i stop this book, lol, i wanna mention that i have G+ app and when i empty the pics on my phone ( from sd card) into computer, my g+(Or picasa) pics do not delete off phone. Pleeeasssse help.

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