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Here at Phandroid we like to think we know a thing or two about Android and the smartphones that run it. Our knowledge and experience, however, pales in comparison to the hive mind of the Android Forums community. We know: it can be intimidating. Not sure where to start? We’re highlighting some of the best posts from this week to get you started. Read on for more!

Getting fit with Android


Did you hear about our 30-Day Android Fitness Challenge? The new Android Fitness & Health section of our forums is not only dedicated to helping you tackle your own 30-day objectives, but also to the discussion of all things related to fitness and the Android tech that helps power a healthy lifestyle. You can share your workout goals with others like our own Rob Jackson to keep you on task, discuss the latest fitness tech, and even give us all a look at some before and after photos. Pro tip: do some jumping jacks between posts to burn off those calories and keep the blood flowing.

Amazon Fire TV


So Amazon just released a set-top box for televisions? Our new Amazon Fire TV section is just the place to go to join in on the already hot topic. Perhaps like user SanDiegoSteve you are wondering if the Fire TV supports web browsing, or maybe you have a question about accessing your Google account from Amazon’s $99 media box. Luckily, several Android Forums members have already taken the plunge, purchased the device, and are ready to answer your questions.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S5 be your first Android Phone?


The Samsung Galaxy S5 looks to be one impressive smartphone. How impressive? According to our forums, it’s enticing enough to lure several longtime iPhone users over to their first Android device. A couple are still on the fence though, so why don’t you all head over and do some convincing?

With the launch of the Samsung flagship only days away, discussion has turned to some of the finer points, including claims that the GS5 might just have the best display ever to feature on a smartphone as well as an early look at some camera comparisons and samples. Another age-old question is also tackled: to get the 16GB model or the 32GB?

And so much more…

Of course the above is just a small sampling of what you can expect to find over at Android Forums, so dust off those membership credentials if you got ‘em or sign up for a new account. Our community of active Android fans and tech enthusiasts will surely be able to tackle any of your burning questions, offer some helpful feedback, or, at the very least, provide some entertaining dialogue along the way.

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