Apr 3rd, 2014

Yesterday Amazon announced the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Game Controller, Android-based products priced at $99 and $39 respectively. They jump into a crowded market where they compete directly with Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Google TV, OUYA, and others. How will they fare?

We already told you everything you need to know about Amazon Fire TV, but showing and telling are two different things:

Some comments I’d like to share:

  • Holy finger grease! If you’re an OCD-type person, Fire TV might drive you bonkers. It’ a smudge magnet and they’re not easy to wipe away.
  • The set top box looks like a big coffee table coaster and it’s rather heavy/dense for its size.
  • Amazon is a logistics company and clearly aimed for price savings: Fire TV is just a black rectangle with an Amazon logo and the minimum necessary ports. Probably appreciated rather than whoring their brand out obnoxiously.
  • The remote looks clunky but doesn’t feel bad… definitely better than the OUYA remote
  • Back, Home, and Menu buttons… yay Android!
  • The GameCircle button/icon is odd… does anyone else get it, cause I don’t?
  • Double AA batteries for the Game Controller and Triple AAA batteries for the TV remote are fulfilled by Amazon Basics… didn’t know they made (or branded) batteries.
  • The Fire TV Remote feels outrageously cheap and I’m hoping it is redundant… I’d get a better remote control by purchasing an oscillating fan.
  • The power charger is… a power charger.

Some pictures I took afterwards:

And I was thinking of a Goomba. A Goomba. Not an Oompa Loompa. The Fire Game Controller reminds me of a Goomba. Not sure why but it does… so that’s my new name for Amazon Gaming. Goomba.

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