Apr 4th, 2014

Hover Browser screen shots

In case you missed it, we featured Link Bubble as one of our favorite applications for the month of March. We loved the popup browser functionality that allowed us to load up a webpage in the background — then view it — while staying inside the app we were already viewing. The only downside to Link Bubble would be it’s “premium” $5 price tag. A little steep for some, it kept us from impulse buying the app on a whim.

If you were looking for something close to what you’d find on the value menu, Hover Browser might be right your alley. It works in much the same was as Link Bubble (pop up web browser that loads in the background) but Hover Browser is only $1.

Keep in mind that while you get that basic popup functionality, Hover Browser doesn’t mimic “Chatheads” behavior like Link Bubble does. Instead, pressing on the upper right corner will close the app, there’s a pin button to minimize the browser to the side of your display, and other options. Performance-wise, Hover Browser’s scrolling is also pretty choppy and nowhere near as fluid as Link Bubble. The app is still very early, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed the developer can address performance issues in a future update.

Overall, we thought Hover Browser made a great, cheaper alternative to Link Bubble, and generally got the job done. For those needing a quick and easy way to view multiple web pages, without being taken out of your app, Hover Browser could be for you. You can find Hover Browser for $1 via the Play Store link below.

Download on Google Play: Hover Browser

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