[Update: Firefox, Too] Download Chrome To Phone For Android 2.2 and Google Chrome


[Update]: Someone’s made a Firefox version of the plugin you’ll need on the browser side of things. You’ll need to grab that from here. You’ll use the same APK as before, though.

If you were one of the lucky users to receive Android 2.2 to your Nexus One over the air (or if you were lucky enough to get the leaked version working perfectly fine on your device), then you’ll want to download Chrome to Phone.

This pair of plugins (one is for the Google Chrome browser, and the other is an app for Android) enables you to do what Google demonstrated during last week’s Froyo keynote: pushing web pages directly from your browser to your Android phone instantly. As their Google Code project describes (and as it was described at Google I/O), it uses the newest AppEngine server along with Android 2.2’s new Cloud to Device Messaging service to make this possible.

  1. (make sure Settings->Applications->Unknown Sources is checked). Note that this application requires Android 2.2 (“Froyo”) or later.
  2. Start the Google Chrome to Phone Extension application on the phone.
  3. Choose the account to register with (this must match the account you sign in to with Google Chrome to Phone Extension on the desktop).
  4. Click on “Register Device” to register your phone with the Google Chrome to Phone Extension service.

Try it out for yourself and let us know how you like the feature.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. There better be a fucking FF addon.

  2. I doubt that Google themselves would publish a FF addon. However, I’m sure there will be something available soon for FF to utilize this awesome feature.

  3. Tried it. Works great.

  4. No kidding. Google better not start treating this like Microsoft would.

  5. Works perfectly!!!!

  6. Works like charm. Not sure if it is supposed to work over 3g, but the page never opened when I was off the network. But when I was on the same network as my laptop, the page opened within seconds.

  7. That’s very sweet

  8. I’m getting an error when I try to download the firefox version. Not really a problem as i don’t have 2.2 yet.

  9. I tried it but it’s not working for me. I am using Chrome. To be fair, it might be our corporate proxy/firewall that is interfering.

  10. I hunted all over right after I did the update; and finally found it over the weekend. Works lovely too! Now I just want the one that downloads the apps from the web to your phone; the people at nexus help say the web has to catch up to the OS before that can happen- whatever that means. I tried to copy the site they were at, (from the you tube video), but it must not be live.

  11. if the links could be push from the phone to the pc that would be cool too. especially sites that arent suited for mobile devices

  12. when will the market be ready for browsers, with that push function?
    and what about the music streaming thing, when will it come?

  13. I second what Inspiron41 said. Being able to push from phone to pc would be fantastic.

  14. Hot diggity!

    Clicked the button, and 3 seconds later, I was looking at the page on my phone.

    Gonna try a map now…
    I mapped my home address to work…

    WOW! Opened up Maps in the directions page!

    Okay, I’m sold. This is fantastic!

  15. @laurie:

    If you’re talking about HTML5 web apps, you can do that with this plugin.

    If you’re talking about Android apps, you can do it by going to Cyrket and using this plugin.

    If you’re talking about the cool new page in chrome with the apps list, that’s not available yet. :(

  16. works great with urls but nothing for maps yet. anyone else getting the same problem?

  17. I get “Status: device not registered” once i try to register the phone. Any idea?

  18. Not working for me. When I click “register device”, it thinks few seconds and says “Status:Device not registered”.

  19. Update: after firefox restart, it works!

  20. It looks like a small glitch, working fine now, no changes done

  21. Had some issues getting my phone registered but stayed persistent, eventually after 12-12 tries the phone registered. Works a dream.

  22. aha ha ha, ha ha ha…….

    Oh, this is such a geek’s wet dream :-)

    Loving it…..

  23. I also only seem to be able to send weblinks.

    How do you get it to launch maps?


  24. @Tom: thanks, but that’s not the way he did it at the conference; I wanted it to download directly to the phone. This is cool too- clicking on the bar code. That’ll work till they get the other thing going.

  25. pretty damn legit

  26. ok, i installed it, now how do i use it?

  27. Works awesome!!!! Thanks for this!!

  28. Hi,
    Glad you like the FF extension.
    Two of use made an extension, but we’ve since merged the code.
    The most uptodate extension is “Send To Phone” and is available here
    chrometophone has experienced some server issues, totally unrelated to the FF extension, but everything seems to be working just fine now.

  29. The links here are dead, so here’s an updated one:

    You can also just search add-ons for “chrome to phone” and it comes up. Called Send to Phone.

  30. Cooll software dude its awsome.

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