Google Chat adds Support for Slack and Microsoft Teams


Google recently announced that it will be integrating inter-app support for Google Chat with other workspace messaging platforms, which will include Slack and Microsoft Teams. With the new update Chat users (via Google Workspaces) will be able to message folks over on Slack and Microsoft Teams directly from Chats. As per Google’s post:

At Google Cloud Next 2023, we announced interoperability between Google Chat, Microsoft Teams and Slack— powered by Mio and previously available to Workspace customers through a Beta program. We’re pleased to announce that as of today, this solution is generally available for Google Workspace customers.
Interoperability will enable organizations that use Google Chat and other messaging platforms within their domain to provide a more seamless experience for their users.

With that being said, the new feature involves a bit of additional setup on the user’s behalf. Users will need to download and set up separate software called “Mio,” which will essentially serve as the main conduit between Google’s chat platform and the third-party apps mentioned earlier. Users will be able to access a lot of the usual chat features such as file attachments, user tagging, and more.

It should be noted that the new inter-app crossover has a bit of limitations – to access the feature, users will need to pay for a Google Workspace subscription, so folks looking to use the feature for free might be out of luck.

Source: Google

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