The US Government Signs TikTok “Ban” Law into Effect


Following a long and rough relationship between the US government and TikTok – owned by Chinese company ByteDance – the White House has announced that President Biden has signed a law essentially banning TikTok within the United States, if ByteDance does not divest the app within this year.

Initially passed through the senate, the new law now gives ByteDance an initial nine months to sort out a deal that would require to sell it to a different entity. There is a provision though that would allow the President to grant ByteDance another three months based on certain circumstances. The law stems from concerns over national security, as TikTok holds a large amount of data from users in North America.

Unsurprisingly, both TikTok and ByteDance aren’t fans of this new development. TikTok spokesperson Alex Haurek stated that the company intends to challenge the law in the courts, which might result in a deadline extension. He comments:

“As we continue to challenge this unconstitutional ban, we will continue investing and innovating to ensure TikTok remains a space where Americans of all walks of life can safely come to share their experiences, find joy, and be inspired.”

Source: The Verge

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