You’ll soon be Able to Play PS1 Games on your iPhone


Not long after the highly-popular Delta emulator made its “official” debut on the App Store, it looks like iOS users will be able to enjoy PlayStation games soon thanks to Provenance emulator, which is reported to arrive for the App Store. The news comes following a social media post by the app’s developers, which teased the emulator’s App Store launch.

With that being said the number of emulators for Apple devices grows once again, and the addition of PlayStation compatibility to the list is much welcome. In comparison, Delta only supports Nintendo system emulation, although it does include several systems such as the SNES and the DS.

iOS is just getting around to allowing emulators via the App Store, thanks to new changes in Apple’s developer guidelines and policies. While iOS users have always had access to emulator apps, these weren’t always available directly on the App Store and required an extra number of steps to install on their device.

There were a couple of emulators available earlier on, although both were quickly removed from the platform on the basis of using stolen code, and the other due to fear of possible legal repercussions.

Source: 9to5Mac

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