Android 2.2 Slowly Being Rolled Out to Nexus One Owners


When Google said Nexus One users should expect an update for Android 2.2 within the coming weeks, we didn’t think they’d get started so soon. MG Siegler from TechCrunch is reporting that his phone was pinged late last night to download an update OTA.


After receiving his late night snack, Siegler wondered if anyone else was receiving the OTA: he was only able to track down a few reports of others able to grap the update. Wondering if this was a mistake, he contacted Google to check in on the status of others receiving Froyo. They confirmed to him that this was the beginning of the official rollout, but it’ll be a slow and staggered process which will eventually be finished over the next few weeks.

Great news for you Nexus One owners who probably weren’t expecting to see Froyo out for at least another couple of weeks. Now we just need HTC to give us a more definitive timeline for Froyo on their other Sense-enabled devices.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

LG Ally Delayed Until May 27th

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  1. Alright it is official I am getting a Nexus One on AT&T as soon as they start to release New devices with the 2.2 updated version!


  3. Still no dump on XDA. Can’t believe its taking this long. If anyone gets it head to XDA ASAP!!

  4. Does anyone know, if I am rooted with cyanogen mod, I have ROM Manager and can flash the vanilla Nexus Image, however the phone wills till be rooted. Can I get the update even if the phone is rooted? Obviously it might not work with cyanogen, but what about a stock image?

  5. Daniel, the OTA updates will defin. not work with CM on the phone, however, an unlocked bootloader, and rooted n1 will not block you from getting the OTA 2.2 froyo push…you will have to flash a stock version onto the phone in order to get the update tho…so go dl a vanilla ROM for n1, and flash it, and then when this mythical update gets pushed, you will get it. However, you can just wait till cyanogen makes it available. To be honest…the multitouch OTA update was pushed to my stock n1 AFTER cyanogen made it available.

  6. Having read the ridiculously long thread about this at xda-developers it seems the general feeling is that only Google employees and bloggers/journos who received their handsets before general release are reporting that they’ve received the update. Well, them and a good share of attention-seeking hoaxers too such as Twitter user qvert who admitted his post was fake.

  7. crap, i got excited and then reading GK’s post destroyed all those hopes :(

  8. PLEASE! Phandroid if you get a update can you NANDROID and upload it to XDA so they can get baking!

  9. I think I broke the keyboard on my nexus one by pressing menu / settings / about phone / system updates too many times. :(

  10. N1 gettin’ 2.2 while Hero still waitin’ for 2.1? Well played HTC, well played…

  11. I bet Sprint/HTC will roll Froyo out to Hero owners first to make up for the long damn time 2.1 has been coming.

    Am I right?

  12. WANT! Can you guys find a way to manually update like you did with the last update? Please!!!!!

  13. @ furret your retarded, they don’t give a crap about the hero anymore. the N1 is pushed OTA by google, not HTC, so of course it’ll start getting it first. HTC has so many other things they are working on, they just don’t have time for the hero, it is an after though like “oh yea, forgot about telling hero people they’d get 2.1… we’ll get there soon”

  14. @Furret Sprint Hero got the 2.1 update May 19, 2010. Get with the program(ing)!

  15. Downloaded to press phones only, rest of us will have to wait

  16. If you know where to look, the download is available. Waiting for some early flashing results before I pull the trigger.

  17. OK MOTO, lets get cracking on pushing 2.2 to DROID and this time avoid the last fiasco with 2.1…..don’t even mention when you plan on pushing it to avoid a bunch of techie nerds getting all hissied up about delays.

  18. We has update at XDA! :D

  19. Could mean when I get my EVO 2.2 will be just a click of a button away. After all they said 2.2 coming to N1 in a matter of weeks, oh yea this is sounding promising. EVO can’t wait to get my hands on ya.

  20. Can’t wait to get this on my sexy Nexy!

  21. Cmon Dave, tell us already.

  22. @Covert: I don’t give a crap about what HTC has to do. I know only, that they have screwed the Hero update so much, that it’s coming when it’s actually outdated. If the update had been released three months ago like in case of other phones, I wouldn’t have said a word…

  23. @Furret

    Man if you are rooted, then don’t even worry. 2.2 will be out and running in various ROMs long before HTC decides to release it. Patience my friend.

    I saw a video on youtube yesterday with it already ported, they just need to tweak it to get everything working. It will be just a matter of time.

  24. I know that… But it’s not about rooting, is it. The point here is not that I’m not able to root my Hero, or to flash the ROM. The point here is, that HTC failed badly. It’s a matter of principles… Tattoo and Magic not receiving any update is as well. And funny, that all the “effort” put into the update is futile, because nobody reasonable will use it, when it comes. JIT compiler and native apps on the SD are just too much to stick with the 2.1 official, isn’t it?

  25. @furret

    you got a point there.

  26. Im using windows vista and it reads that its write protected, so i cant copy it to sd card
    then when i try to download it from my phone that don’t work i guess i have to wait or is there another way or is that why your using a usb cord?

  27. Google android team’s very efficient

  28. This is awesome and way too fast–I did simulate nous update on 6 apps and it just zoomed by….

    BTW-I see Tethering option but it may need a s/w driver to run on netbooks/laptop —any idea if this will be in works? VPN, Location, screen lock via PIN, Pattern, password, camera controls, voice input changes—this is way way over iPhone OS…..Go Android Go

  29. Please, 2.2 Froyo is already old and crusty. I just got the new hotness Android 2.4 (Sherbet) on my Droid and it is amazing. It’s got all the features of 2.3 (Gingerbread) and adds an additional 50 homescreens. At first I thought it was too many screens but then I quickly filled it up with all the iPhone and Windows apps that run with the new Emuleverything Super Emulator version 2.0 and since I’m able to overclock the processor to 8Ghz, there are no slow downs at all. The Car&Droider app that lets you control your car is still a little buggy so I don’t recommend it for highway use just yet but it is damn cool to have my car pick me up so I don’t have to walk to the parking lot. I can’t wait for 2.5

  30. @Entro…LOL. Did you add a sick 3D graphics processor too? You can game with the phone now!! :-)

  31. Okay! It’s been “a few weeks” now, still no sign of 2.2 on my Nexus 1 / T-Mobile phone.

    Any day now, Google. Any day now…

  32. There was some kind of update sent to my Nexus One, but I’m not sure how to retrieve it. Also my battery life sucks, and I now have to go bye a third. Charger. Can someone please [email protected]

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