May 24th, 2010 publishUpdated   Jun 24th, 2010, 11:24 am

[Update]: There’s been some clarification on what happened with the file (which is being considered “unofficial” and shouldn’t have even been downloadable in the first place) that was a supposed Android 2.2 update. QuietlyCoding – whose findings you can read here – spoke with Google to determine that even though the update name for Froyo might be the same as what’s been received OTA, it’s still possible that whatever it contained was not intended for installation. If you do decide to flash the file (or stick with the file you’ve already flash), then you do it at your own risk, as usual.

Everyone was excited for the prospect of being able to attempt to apply the Android 2.2 update to their Nexus One over the weekend, but it looks like a gun may have been jumped just a bit too soon. Shortly after the download link for Froyo went live, Google pulled it down without any trace of it ever existing on their servers.


Since then, users have uploaded the files to several of their own servers for everyone to download (nothing truly gets deleted from the internet). Some users are having a world of trouble after installing the update, now, and it may be because that version of Froyo is unfinished and was unintended for consumer devices.

The biggest issues appear to be battery life, the lack of certain “advertised” features (although Google did state that not all of the features shown at Google I/O would be enabled in Froyo off the bat), and voice controls not working. Whether or not you are experiencing these issues, it’s apparent that things aren’t as they should be for a lot of people. The fact that Google yanked the download link might not be related to the issues (or may not necessarily mean that it was indeed an unfinished Froyo), but there’s definitely room to check in with them and see what’s going on. We’ll let you know if we’ve heard anything back from them worth communicating.

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