May 24th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:21 pm

Another day, another version of Android. With new versions comes another round of waiting and speculation in regards to when most Android users will be seeing the latest that Google has to offer. The first rumor comes by way of an XDA member who contacted HTC with frustrations about not having enough space to install more applications onto their phone.


After drilling the customer service rep, he “had a chat” with his supervisor and told him to tell the customer there was nothing he could do. The next bit was a bit amusing, though:

But you never heard this from me…. A new update is coming the 23rd of June and you will be able to put some apps on to the micro sd card.

I find it hard to believe that HTC doesn’t have any technology to monitor chat logs of conversations between customers and reps – nor is it usual for a customer service rep at any company to venture off of the script – but this rep apparently had some information he just couldn’t resist spilling.

If he’s to be believed, then HTC Desire users will be able to have their Froyo (and eat it, too) near the close of June. As always, take it with more than a grain of salt and do not hold your breath for one second.

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