Social gaming 101: All you need to know to play free social games on Android


The mobile gaming industry is one that continually booms, despite the fact that data has suggested that there have been some decline in terms of the revenue that is being generated across Android devices and their counterparts.

Nonetheless, projections currently have the industry expected to reach a figure that is just shy of $100 billion ($98 billion) by 2024. Other figures have highlighted that more than half of the planet’s 2.3 billion mobile gamers also play more than ten times in a week.

As a result, it is safe to say that mobile gaming is going nowhere. That statement is also perhaps backed up by the emergence of a new type of gaming that has emerged in popularity in recent years: social gaming.

What is social gaming?

Social gaming has taken the mobile gaming world by storm as it has provided gamers with the opportunity to enjoy newer experiences. These titles allow players to be able to communicate and interact with others while enjoying the gameplay that has been created. This is usually done through a variety of different in-game features, including in-game messaging and integrated social media accounts.

This type of gaming has continued to take off, with social gaming having also become predominant in the iGaming industry, particularly across North America. Many Americans who want to experience online real money wagering casino games are unable to due to the rules and regulations that are in place, however the emergence of social casinos has made it possible to enjoy this type of gaming freely. Sometimes known as sweepstake casinos, there are many offer free sweeps coins when joining which has helped to boost their popularity with gamers, while most are compatible with an Android device, either through a downloadable app or on the device’s web browser.

Elsewhere, it is also possible to define social games as being titles that feature activity feeds and leaderboards, as well as in-game communities. These can be crucial in helping make games more competitive but also increase the engagement that can be experienced when being played.

How to play social games on Android

Finding a social game to play on an Android device is easier than ever, with the Google Play Store providing users with a plethora of different titles to pick and choose from. It is important to remember a couple of things, though, when trying to find a social game.

It is important to remember what the social aspect of the game is. As already mentioned, this is when players are able to communicate and interact with others in-game and can use features like their social media accounts to further enhance their gameplay experiences. Not all games on the Google Play Store will reveal whether this is the case, but it can be worth taking a look at the reviews and the developer’s description of the game to make sure it provides a social element.

Aside from the Google Play Store, it may be possible to find social games through the use of the web browser. Unless a specific title is known, this can be a difficult method to try and find new games to try out, however it can also provide players with an experience that is unmatched by one that is provided through a downloadable app.

Easy to understand why social gaming has boomed on Android

The more engaged and interactive players are, the greater the enjoyment that is likely to be experienced. As a result, it becomes rather easy to understand why this type of gaming has managed to boom on an Android device.

Users are able to enjoy unrivalled gaming experiences through the use of their smartphone or Android-compatible tablet as they are able to enjoy a level of convenience and accessibility that other gaming devices are unable to offer. These gadgets have also gotten better in terms of their capabilities, as they can now provide immersive sessions in the same way that traditional games consoles and PCs have long been able to.

With technology continuing to improve and develop with new innovations being made readily available with each new launch, Android devices will only get better at providing a top experience. Combine this with the fact that gamers demand social sessions, it is hard to see this niche decline anytime soon.

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