How eSIM Technology is Streamlining Business Operations For Remote Workers


Job market experts call the last few years the sunrise of remote work. Professionals are mastering both new specialties and professions that have changed their format to online due to the changing global situation. The rapid growth of new technological innovations as never before finds the most effective use in practical activities. One such novelty is eSIM technology. Virtual mobile number finds applications in many spheres and one of them is the business sphere. Many remote employees have already managed to take advantage of this option. And today we will convince you that this innovation will bring benefits for everyone.

The eSIM Card Technology: Everything You Need to Know

“Embedded SIM” is a mobile technology that was born in the early 2010s. In 2016, the GSMA consortium of mobile operators released the first standards for eSIM service. Less than a year later, world leaders in mobile technology such as iPhone and Google presented the world with the first devices that support virtual SIM cards. 

To understand how this innovative tool works, it’s important to see the difference between a standard nano SIM, which is the most common today, and a micro-chip integrated into the device’s construction in the production process and capable of working with different cellular operators and networks. 

Users no longer have to buy physical cards, it is enough only to make settings and enter the correct specifications provided by the operator. And the new virtual number is already installed on the new client’s phone. Especially it is possible to buy several operator packages at once and switch between them. The physical SIM card will continue to work at the same time as the virtual one. This is a new and improved version of the phone that supports several SIM cards. And by the way, eSIM is not just available for the latest Apple and Android smartphones, but also for other gadgets such as smart-watches, tablets, or smart glasses.

The Most Profitable Ways of Pricing with eSIM Service

The main challenge for freelancers and remote workers is to always stay online to communicate with colleagues, and customers and to be included in all work tasks every minute. The technology of virtual data SIM cards for travel and business gives any professional flexibility and mobility, no matter where they choose to work. The remote team can easily switch between virtual numbers and be online without the need for a VPN or endless search for free Wi-Fi zones. The multi-profile character of a modern device equipped with eSIM technology allows workers to quickly adapt to changing conditions, choosing the best tariff offers from mobile operators while protecting their privacy.

Virtual Number – Data and Transaction Security

Protecting virtual data is another reason why remote workers should pay more attention to the privileges that the virtual SIM card option gives users. Safety is very important both for financial transactions and for preventing fraudsters from interfering and stealing confidential work information. 

Specialists believe that the double-factor authentication option with a linked eSIM number will provide more reliable protection than using for this purpose the phone number that many of your contacts have. Besides, the data encryption method is more secure compared to a standard phone SIM card. And even a banal theft of the phone can become a problem for a criminal, because, unlike a physical card, eSIM cannot be disposed of and will allow the owner to track the location of the device.

Internet Сonnection Without Borders with a Special SIM Card for Travel

It is not a surprise to anyone that remote work has one of the benefits – no obligation of an employee to perform work in one place. Armed with a laptop and other mobile devices, online colleagues can safely travel and enjoy the change of cities and countries. And here again, prepaid data SIM cards will come to the assistance. Once in another roaming zone, where the tariffs of the main mobile operator will be too high or even unavailable, users choose local companies and buy a virtual number, from which they can not only make calls and send messages but also, of course, use the function of fast mobile data 5G. But before going on a journey it is better to study the eSIM supported phones list to buy the right smartphone model.


As we can be sure many times, virtual SIM card technology has some of the best prospects for the mobile sphere. Perhaps we will soon see new devices abandon standard plastic chips in favor of eSIM. The preferences that this tool has are of course on the side of innovation. After all, this method is more eco-friendly and comfortable to use. The work processes of remote workers and freelancers around the world are transforming in step with the development of innovations. This undoubtedly helps both the results and efficiency of work, as well as simplifying previously complex and time-consuming tasks for workers. 


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