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Samsung Unveils a New Android-Powered Display with Interactive Features


Samsung’s reach in different industry segments is undoubtedly impressive, with products geared towards entertainment, gaming, communication, and even education. With regards to the latter, Samsung recently announced two new products geared towards teaching and education, in the form of the WAC Samsung Interactive Display and the Samsung Whiteboard App. The unveiling was made today at the British Educational Training and Technology (BETT) Exhibition 2023 in London.

The WAC monitor runs on a modified version of Android, and allows for up to nine different displays for multi-tasking. Having Android also means that the display will be compatible with a wide range of educational apps.

As for hardware, there’s built in Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, a selection of different display sizes including 65, 75, and 86-inch models, a 3-in-1 USB port, support for 65W external device charging, stereo speakers, as well as HDMI output. Of course, there’s also support for touch controls, and even compatibility with pen input.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Whiteboard App will also be compatible with the WAC monitor, and will enable connectivity with Windows OS devices. With this, the WAC will be able to maintain touch input, and even display real-time annotations over whatever content is being currently displayed. There’s also support for document storage and sharing, which should be extremely handy in a classroom setting.

Source: Samsung

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