Google working on native social gaming hub for Android?


Rumor has it Google is working on a native social gaming hub for the Android platform, one that would showcase features similar to Apple’s Game Center. The app would utilize an achievement system, leader boards, and a friend finder to pit gamers head to head. It is likely the hub will use Google+ as a means to socialize the gaming experience.

A source speaking to Business Insider says that Google has made some strides internally over the last year as to how to capitalize on Android as a gaming platform, something he said “wasn’t part of their institutional DNA.” There is no word on when Google might launch the platform, but given the time of year it’s worth speculating that Google I/O could be the perfect stage.

[via PocketGamer]

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  1. Good,

    Cause I’m sick of openfeint popping up while I play FruitNinja ;)

  2. I HATE open feint. This would be a welcome alternative.

  3. well lets see the fanboys try to convince me this isn’t google copying apple?
    *predicts 10 notification tray responses*

    1. You mean like Apple copied Microsoft’s XBox Live setup? Or how about that it’s a natural idea and the concept that it should only be on one ecosystem and copying it would be bad is ridiculous.

  4. androdify as AVATARS BE COOL

  5. Google music UK first please.

  6. Please god no. Social Hubs are the first things I freeze.

  7. We wont try and convince you. Cause we really could care less about you and your trolling arsse…lol..wish there was a phandroid app on my iPhone. And I wish there was a appadvice app on my razor max. Razor max best phone on Verizon th now. Battery last twice as long as the iPhone. And 4glte rocks on the big nice screen I cant hardly use my iPhone. Cant see it after playing with the max. IPhone 5 might catch up. We will see..

  8. Also android already has a game center. Open fient . Doesn’t work all that great. So they are thinking of upgrading. To something better. But honestly I don’t like gamecenter either. Who cares who is copying. As long as it gets beter. Its called competition. And the winner is the costumer Jack waggon… lol..

  9. I love this, being a huge fan of PSN, XBOX Live, Steam and the likes.
    Android getting a standard gaming profile of it’s own can be great.
    The single most important feature lacking for Android gaming is saves
    syncing (not just backed up) between devices. I know it’s possible now,
    but not without root and not automatic and elegant. Also; not without
    problems for some games.
    This *must* be included.

    Ohhh. And achievements. Lots of them. I’m a whore for them.

  10. Wonder if Google has teamed up with/acquired FTW? You know that unified gaming platform announced a while ago for Android/iOS that we haven’t heard a peep from since.

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