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Back in the day whenever you wanted to buy a game or software for your PC, it was only available in physical format. The software would be sold on CDs or DVDs with a sticker containing the CD key, which would be annoying if you lost it. These days, the physical format is still alive and well, but there are also options that let you buy it in digital format. This has resulted in a rise of digital market spaces, like Kinguin, where you can buy your favorite games and software, sometimes at discounted prices.

Discounts galore

The prices of games have gone up over the years. The complexity of development, hardware testing, and the rising costs of living have resulted in the prices of games going up. This means that your favorite triple A titles these days are definitely not as cheaper compared to maybe 5-6 years ago.

But if you’re a gamer and love checking out new games, one of the key features of Kinguin is that you can always find a great deal on its website. Depending on the seller, you will be able to find some of your favorite titles at some pretty generous discounts. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Xbox Series X|S version of Baldur’s Gate 3 Digital Deluxe Edition is being sold at a 45% discount! That’s a lot of money you will be saving.

In case it wasn’t obvious already, Kinguin sells more than just PC games. If you’re looking for console games for your Xbox or PlayStation console, you’re covered. They also don’t just sell the games themselves, but things like microtransactions or in-app purchases that you can sometimes buy at discounted prices.

There’s even a marketplace for skins for games such as Counter-Strike 2. So if you don’t like the prices you’re seeing at other marketplaces, Kinguin could be a good place to browse for your favorite skins.

Not just games

In addition to selling games, Kinguin also lists PC software on its website. For example, if you built yourself a new PC and want a fresh copy of Windows, you can buy a genuine Windows 11 Professional OEM license. You can also grab yourself a copy of Microsoft Office 2021 Professional, as well as subscriptions to services like Tinder Gold!

Similar to the games that are sold, in some instances you can get some pretty massive discounts on software as well. For instance, the OEM Windows 11 Professional license is being sold at a massive 91% discount, while Office 2021 Professional is sold at a 94% discount!

This is pretty awesome since buying keys directly from Microsoft would be a considerably more expensive affair.

Buy with peace of mind

We know that some people prefer buying their software directly from the source. We get it and we understand that you want that peace of mind. After all, if you buy a Windows key directly from Microsoft, you don’t have to worry about it not working or potentially being a scam or fake.

You know what, that’s the kind of reassurance that kinguin.net is giving its customers. Kinguin doesn’t sell you the keys for games or software directly. Instead, they act as a marketplace for merchants to sell their keys. On each product page, you can easily see who is the seller of the game and their ratings.

This means that you can look out for merchants who have particularly high ratings if you want to have that peace of mind when you buy from them. Also, Kinguin is listed on Trustpilot’s website where you can see reviews from customers if you want to know what kind of experiences other people are having.

So whether you’re looking for CD keys for a PC software, games, or Steam keys, you can feel safe buying them from the company.

Faulty key? No problem!

The majority of the time, the keys you buy from Kinguin will work without a hitch. But we know that there are times when a key might not work for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, reporting a faulty key is pretty straightforward. You can also get a refund of your purchase where you can be refunded either through your Kinguin Balance or to your original payment method.

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