Google Play Store will soon show you how apps look on your devices


Google’s Play Store plays home to many different apps, and they’re not just for smartphones either. It hosts apps for other devices like tablets, TVs, smartwatches, and more. In some cases, some developers create versions of the same app that are supported by multiple devices.

In a recent tweet by @AssembleDebug, it appears that Google is working on a little update to the Play Store. Assuming this update makes the final cut and is released to the public, users can look forward to new filtering chips for different types of devices listed in the Play Store.

What this means is that if you’re wondering if an app supports an Android tablet or Wear OS wearable and what it looks like running on those devices, then these chips will help give you an idea. If it sounds familiar, it is because Apple’s own App Store already has a similar feature where if an app is available for macOS, iPad, or the Apple Watch, users can see screenshots of that app in action on those devices.

Of course, it will be the developer’s job to include screenshots for their apps since obviously Google won’t do it for them, but it could make it easier and better for users and might even encourage some to download new apps if they like what they see.

Source: Android Police

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