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Playing shooting games is always fun as it involves you killing opposing players or enemies to earn in-game points. Nowadays, there are several games available, including military-themed, horror, and adventure; meanwhile, Battle Royale is the most popular among them. Similarly, Rainbow Six has several items, but it has some unique features that you must understand before starting playing. To win, you must master weapons and learn the basic gameplay before jumping into action. 

As mentioned above, it has some amazing features like it emphasizes on strategic gameplay and incorporates team coordination. To help you understand how the game works, we have compiled a guide with insights and advanced tips. So, whether you are a professional player or a newbie, this guide has the best tips for everyone. Furthermore, you can also use R6 Boosting offered by several sites to hire someone professional to help you achieve goals. 

Learn about the Basic Gameplay

Game Modes

Several game modes in Rainbow Six Siege require different strategies:

  • Bomb: Teams either attack or defend two bomb sites. Attackers must plant a defuser while defenders try to prevent this.
  • Hostage: Attackers aim to rescue a hostage while defenders must protect them.
  • Secure Area: Attackers need to secure a biohazard container by occupying the room while defenders try to stop them.

Knowing these modes is important because they dictate tactics and operator choices.


Operators are playable characters with unique abilities and gadgets. They fall into two categories – Attackers and Defenders. Choosing an operator that suits your playstyle and team composition is essential.

  • Attackers: Equipped for breaching defenses and eliminating threats, e.g., Ash with her breaching rounds or Thermite with his explosive charges.
  • Defenders: Focus on fortifying positions and denying access, e.g., Mute with his signal jammers or Jäger with his active defense systems.

Operator Selection and their Roles

Choosing the right operator can be crucial. Here’s a quick overview of some critical operators:


  • Ash: Fast and versatile; she can destroy barriers using her breaching rounds, which makes her great for quick entries.
  • Thermite: His exothermic charges can breach reinforced walls, thus opening up new pathways for the team.
  • Sled: He can create openings in walls/floors with his sledgehammer, disrupting defenders’ plans.


  • Mute: His signal jammers block remote gadgets/drones, thus disrupting attackers’ intel-gathering capabilities.
  • Jäger: Deployable active defense systems that can intercept grenades and projectiles, thus protecting critical areas.
  • Bandit: Battery units that electrify walls, barbed wire, and deployable shields, thereby damaging anyone who touches them.

Master the Map

Knowing the maps is a game-changer in Rainbow Six Siege. Each map has unique layouts, destructible environments, and strategic points. To learn the maps, spend time in custom matches or use the “Situations” mode.

Key Concepts:

  • Entry Points: Know where attackers will likely enter and plan your defenses accordingly.
  • Bomb Sites/Objective Locations: Understand where the objectives are located and the best ways to approach/defend them.
  • Hatches & Walls: Recognize which walls/hatches can be destroyed/reinforced.

Reinforcements and Gadgets

Defenders can reinforce walls/hatches, making them non-destructible by standard means. Proper use of reinforcements and gadgets can slow down or completely stop attackers.


  • Reinforced Walls: It’s essential to strengthen key walls so attackers cannot easily breach through.
  • Hatches: Remember hatches, as attackers often use them to gain vertical control over an area.



  • Barbed Wire: Slows down attackers; makes noise when traversed, thus alerting defenders of their presence nearby.
  • Deployable Shields: Provides cover; blocks pathways if placed strategically enough so that it forces attackers into disadvantageous positions while trying to go around them instead of through them directly;
  • Cameras: Useful for gathering intel on attacker positions; should be placed at vantage points overlooking high-traffic areas such as stairwells or hallways leading towards objective sites etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera etcetera

Tips for Good Communication

Here’s the best Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Guide to help you understand how to win. 

  • Callouts: Use specific callouts for locations and enemy positions. Knowing the names of rooms and landmarks on each map is essential.
  • Role Coordination: Ensure that everyone knows their role and sticks to it. Coordinated efforts are critical, whether breaching, droning, or holding an angle.
  • Adaptability: To achieve victory, we suggest changing your strategy according to the situation during your gameplay. 

Learn about Advanced Techniques


Drones are essential for gathering intel. Attackers start with two drones, which they can use to scout enemy positions and traps.

  • Pre-round Droning: Use the prep phase to find objectives and enemy setups.
  • Active Droning: Continue using drones during the action phase to gather real-time intel.

Roaming and Anchoring

Defenders often split into roamers and anchors.

  • Roamers: Move around the map to surprise attackers and disrupt their plans. Good roamers include Caviera and Vigil.
  • Anchors: Stay close to the objective to defend it directly. Good anchors include Echo and Maestro.

Pre-fire and Peeking


  • Pre-fire: Shooting before you expect an enemy can catch them off guard.
  • Leaning: Use lean function to peek around corners with minimal exposure.

Vertical Play

Use verticality to your advantage. Attackers can shoot through floors or ceilings to pressure defenders, while defenders can set traps or ambush from above or below.

Situational Awareness and Adaptation

When playing the game, you will be familiar with your surroundings and will be able to monitor continuously changing conditions. 

Sound Cues

Sound is a critical element in Rainbow Six Siege. Footsteps, gunfire, and gadgets all provide valuable information. Use a good pair of headphones to improve your ability to hear and interpret these cues better.


Be ready to change your strategy based on the enemy’s actions. If attackers focus heavily on one point, reinforce it and adapt your defenses accordingly.

Practice and Improvement

Continuous improvement is vital to mastering Rainbow Six Siege. Here are some ways to practice:

Custom Games

Set up custom games with friends or solo to practice specific scenarios, like bomb defense or hostage rescue.

Situations and Training Grounds

Use the Situations mode and Training Grounds (formerly known as Terrorist Hunt) to improve your skills in a controlled environment.

Watch and Learn

Watch professional matches and streams to learn new strategies and techniques. Pay attention to how pros communicate and position themselves to use their gadgets.


Rainbow Six Siege comes with a deep and complex gameplay that requires strategic thinking, precise execution, and effective teamwork. If you know what is the best weapon for your character, familiar with maps, and already did a lot of practice, then you can improve your skills and become the best player in the game. Remember that success in Rainbow Six Siege depends not only on individual skill but also on team play. Stay flexible, communicate well, and strive for knowledge growth. With dedication and hard work, you will soon be able to beat any opponent and win many rounds in this exciting game!

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