Devialet debuts its brand new Gemini II true wireless earbuds


Devialet made a name for themselves when they debuted their Phantom series of Bluetooth speakers. Typically speaking, Bluetooth speakers get a bit of flack from audiophiles due to its use of wireless technology, which some believe degrades the overall sound, but the Phantoms were surprisingly good.

The company has since branched out into other audio products like true wireless earbuds, and they have recently announced their latest model – the Devialet Gemini II. These earbuds are the successor to the previous generation and as expected, comes with a host of improvements that users can look forward to.

For starters, the company has introduced its new Devialet Adaptive Noise Cancellation and Active Wind Reduction technology. This allows the earbuds to dynamically adjust to the shape of your ear, meaning that the noise cancellation tech will be able to adapt to your ear and offer the best noise canceling experience versus a one-size-fits-all solution.

The Active Wind Reduction technology also helps with wind in outdoors situations, where each earbud comes with an embedded microphone covered in anti-wind material. Through the use of algorithms, it allows the earbuds to adjust and adapt the sound based on your surroundings.

As for its sound quality, the earbuds feature the use of 10mm titanium coated drivers and supports Qualcomm’s aptX codec. The earbuds also come in a brand new case that’s a drastic departure from the previous generation’s design. There is also support for Bluetooth 5.2 and IPX4 water-resistance.

The company claims that the earbuds will last up to 5 hours on a single charge, and 22 hours when used with the charging case. It is priced starting at £349/$450 for the Matte Black or Iconic White models, and £549/$649 for the Opéra de Paris edition, all of which are currently available for order via Devialet’s website.

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