Heyzap launches social leaderboards


The folks at HeyZap have announced a new feature for its suite of tools for mobile game developers. Developers will now be able to easily implement social leaderboards to help players track their two-thumbed fortitude in a variety of different games. This social driven leaderboard will focus on the player’s friends more than anything else.

Not only will you get to see each others’ high scores and accomplishments in supported titles, but the new SDK will allow developers to implement a feature where a player’s friends are automatically notified of a new high score that they can try and beat.

The timing of these leaderboards couldn’t be more perfect as Openfeint announced its graceful exit out of the social gaming market. Heyzap is looking to carry the torch going into 2013, and it urges developers to give its easy-to-use SDK a try.

Over 50 games have been outfitted with this new functionality, including Trivia Burst, Speedy Biker Xtreme and more. The company’s attractive track record has allowed them to strike up partnerships with big names like Zynga, Bigfish, Com2Us and more.

If coding your own leaderboards and social gaming features isn’t your cup of tea then that is not a bad list of clientele to be included with. Users can check out the full Heyzap app in the Google Play Store here to discover Heyzap-enabled games and interact with friends. As for developers, you can get started with the latest version of the SDK by following this link.

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