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Welcome to the Android Overload! This is where we bring you a roundup of the hottest content of the week, as well as the smaller stories that didn’t make it to out homepage. Chris was crazy busy this week at the Facebook event.

He couldn’t make one of his awesome videos for you, but we know you need your weekly roundup! Below, we will give you a list of the hottest stories, as well as those that didn’t make it to our home page. Here we go!

The Hottest Articles This Week

In Other News!

  • Twitter’s latest Android update bringing having problems [Tech Crunch]
  • Verizon CEO says he’s open to dropping contracts [CNET]
  • Android continues to lose ground to Apple in U.S. [CNN Money]
  • Samsung estimates $7.75 billion in Q1 profits [The Verge]
  • Test-drive US Cellular’s network without commitments [US Cellular]
  • HTC challenges consumer expectations with new HTC One live experience tour [HTC]
  • Sergey Brin’s Tesla S is a pink Batmobile [Ryan Mac]
  • Audi and T-Mobile to offer $15/Month in-car wireless data service [Mashable]
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    1. not related for android but thanks! That video is funny.


        I think you’ll like this one too.

      2. It’s not like anybody is reading this article so I figured WTF…lol. ;)

    2. Haha i watch those vids all the time, Sal and Richard are awesome.

  1. Almost forgot to sign up for copy!
    Here’s my link if anyone still needs to sign up like me:

  2. I call bs on Apple gaining ground leaps and bounds over android in just the last few months. Very very unlikely. Especially since I’m seeing more and more android handsets popping up when I go out.

    1. I though of that too, but then I read the source article more carefully. It’s talking about only NEW SMARTPHONE users, meaning people, who’s never had a smartphone before, or even a cell phone. It makes sense, because we all know about the perception that iOS is easier for a newbie to figure out what a smartphone can do – Angry Birds, oh yeah [/sarcasm].

      1. And… US market specific too.

        IMO Android’s domination has gone far enough. We all need competition.

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