Hands-on: Facebook Home on the HTC First [VIDEO]


Well that was a doozy. Mark Zuckerberg and crew just dropped one of the most innovative takes on Android we have seen to date. At first glance, the team has gone above and beyond Zuck’s call to improve the Facebook experience for Android users. They have done so by making Facebook the central aspect of the smartphone with Facebook Home.

The first device to launch with Facebook Home will be the HTC First (though it will be available as a download for other handsets on the same day), and we had a chance to check out the new hardware and software in tandem. The First is a far cry from the HTC One with a set of hardware befitting a $99 handset, but it still carries the same quality build as other devices from the manufacturer. It’s simple design is the perfect compliment for Facebook Home, though, offering a distraction-free window into your social life.

Home itself is an interesting concept with a lot of promise, though it might not be for everyone. At the very least, it will take some getting used to for those familiar with more standard Android implementations. The new Cover Feed, notifications, and Chat Heads offer a simple and intuitive way to stay in touch with and follow friends, family, and others. And it’s all accomplished with a polish and flourish that seems right at home on a smartphone — pardon my pun.

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Facebook Home summarized in 300 words and 16 pictures

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  1. This guy is chatting up all the ladies

    and it sounds like Chirs is hanging out with Tim-o-Tato from DroidLife haha

  2. she yelled at you for filling him. Is that normal at these events? I would think you can film whatever you want. You’re giving them the advertising exposure.

      1. Bitches think they own the place.

        1. This is why men kept power from bitches for so long.
          Give them just a bit and they go hogwild! ツ

  3. Hello…1st pic after swyping down notification! Girl on couch is talented!

  4. That was an incredibly weird reaction from that woman

      1. you should have told her to stfu and then continue with now show me the damn software

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        1. r u serious , cool story bro

    1. yeah str8 ^ azzhole. chris shoulda put her in her place…ur better than me my man…its a damn hands on video, but whats wrong with looking at the dude whose giving the demo….retarded as hell i swear, smh

    2. Yip what a cow.

  5. just wonder how much the battery will drain with this. Its like having a more involved live wallpaper.

    1. yea that seems like a big issue. Seems u would have to be connected at all times

  6. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.

    1. pretty much

    2. I dont have friends anyway ^^

  7. yeah Chris!!!keep it on the device!!!!!! nah im just playing that woman has authoritative issues!!!!

  8. Do not point your camera at facebook employee… then we know their faces and will be able to recognize them when they are on the street performing their clandestine operations

  9. Can someone please tell me, is this thing worth it for those who do no go on facebook like me? is this just for facebook folks who need to be attached every single moment? i want to try it out, but i do not use a facebook account…i do not even remember my password!!!

    1. If you don’t have Facebook, why would you want Facebook Home? O_o

      1. Because on Cnet it made a comment about how it would put social networking up front, so i was guessing that meant a major emphasis on FB, while still, allowing google+, twitter,instagram, linked in, and other social networks to be included in the notifications. ALSO, i never said i wanted it to keep, i said i wanted to try it out..a simple answer would suffice..

        1. I would think its very unlikely that they would feature their competitors in their launcher app. So I don’t know for sure, but I’d say no.

          1. Thank you that is all i was asking… i know they R competitors, but that would also mean more people downloading facebook home app…so i was not sure…thanx

      2. That’s where I think your guys’ reviewing the “best” current 3rd party launchers will come in handy, Chris!

  10. Guess Android is such an open system, FaceBook couldn’t let the opportunity pass them by, and I must say I am impressed with the Chat Heads, they stay where you put them, and seem to be a floating widget of sorts. I wonder what the other launchers will come up with, given this is basically a new launcher with accompanying “widgets”…

  11. chat heads are actually a cool idea, especially for when your texting someone and doing other things. I guess its kinda like a quick reply, but I dont have that. lol

  12. Thanks for the heads uo, but I think its a stupid idea..sad that it will probably be a hit and the lady having a attitude. Don’t film us and keep it short?.. Time of the month.

  13. Not sure why my browser is downloading the pictures instead of just popping out in a window.

  14. I find it wonderful that for almost every article you find about Facebook Home and Facebook Phone is mostly shared by G+ and Twitter, likes by Facebook itself are coming on the 3th place. There are still more and more peoples that doesn’t like the Spambook anymore. So, isn’t it a little bit too late to create some launcher like this Z(S)uckerberg? Or is it your latest ditch effort to survive?

  15. I wonder who will be the first to get a NSFW chat feed pic while sitting next to their boss…

    1. Haha…I ‘liked’ The Man Page and it posts risqué pictures on my time line all day long. I love it!

  16. I wont be using it but I just showed this video to my teenage daughter and a couple of her friends and they love it. I could see this taking off in the younger generation.

  17. ummmm no thank you facebook

  18. did he call the app drawer the app chooser >.> this page is entirely dedicated to choosing apps.

  19. How are you going to sell a phone and not know anything about it >.> I don’t work for Facebook and even I knew the specs before they even unveiled it.

    Snapdragon 400 1.2ghz
    4.3 inch 720p
    5 mp back cam
    1.6 front

    this phone is definitely not worth the price though, on contract its like 100 bucks and off contract it costs more than a Nexus 4.

    1. Every new phone — no matter if it’s low-end, or mid-range — costs more than the Nexus 4.

      1. Which brings me to the question: why are they so overpriced? I mean if your going to buy a subsidized device from a carrier you aren’t really going to notice so much but when looking at the unlocked prices of high end devices starting at 600, double that of the nexus 4, the nexus 4 would be a no brainer considering in terms of real life performance it matches most new devices. Of course for us on Verizon we kind of don’t have a choice.

    2. Isn’t that typical? trying to sell a product and not even know the specs

  20. Not that serious… Over kill

  21. Um, typos and hyperbole, all in one phrase:
    “It’s simple design is the perfect compliment for Facebook Home…”
    Its simple design is the perfect complement for Facebook Home…

    Really cool interface. I suspect it’s more intended for Facebook junkies than for general smartphone users, who might find the FB-centric features a bit stifling after a while. But some good ideas in there.

  22. this is horrible!


  24. I’m not a huge fan of Facebook but I’m glad that a company is finally choosing Android as the priority. It’s about time.

    1. The only reason they chose Android is because neither Apple or MS would allow a third party app to take over the basic UI of their phones. If they’d had the choice then you can bet this would’ve gone straight to iOS. Personally there is nothing here for me, but anything that can help chip away at the general public perception of the iPhone being the default choice of smartphone can only be good for Android.

      1. Of course. I’m sick of it being chosen as like the “god of all smart phones” when in reality it’s very very limited.

  25. man, passive aggressive chick ruined the vibe of the entire video. Take your phone out of your butt lady. There are better places to put it, like your stuffed bra

  26. they should make it for ios where it belongs but then facebook would have put more innovation in the iphone than apple has in the past 7 years as far as me installing it on my device hell no

  27. How long until Google rips this off for G+ and skins Android with it? I like the idea of a fully functioning social media based lock screen a lot, but it kind of sucks that you have to replace your 3rd party launcher with Home because widgets, folders, apps and book marks are kind of like useful and stuff. I think Home will do for Social Media what Ubuntu did for Web Pages and Amazon did for media content tho’, basing your OS on an app drawer is so last decade.

  28. So with the first are u able to uninstall facebook home? or facebook at all?

    1. Probably not uninstall since they’re pre-installed system apps, but you can definitely turn off Facebook Home and use the installed stock Android Jelly Bean launcher. :)

  29. I like that HTC introduced the phone this way

  30. Chris you should have told that woman this isn’t the first rodeo I’ve been to sweetheart! Also go and find out the specs of the phone dumb@ss!!

  31. I bet there was a puddle of sweat when this guy was done talking. He seemed so nervous.

  32. Say hello to no os updates. And I don’t need more Facebook in my face. I’d like to decide when to use Facebook. (I’m already annoyed that people don’t use Google+ instead). So this was the outcome of forcing employees to use android. I guess this means that the normal Facebook app will still be slow and ugly since they will try and force people to use the Facebook home instead.

  33. Thanks for the video, definitely a smartphone and a home that will give much to talk about.

  34. Just more resources and ways for our communist, dictator government to track you down.

  35. Wow! it’s a launcher! How incredibly innovative.

  36. I thought “HTC wants to focus on their flagship device this year…”??

  37. I am not a very big fan of Facebook, but I like a few ideas they have put into this launcher. The floating portrait bubbles for example. If they would work as an integration to your contacts app and would list all kinds of interactions with a person, this would be a nice app.

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