Apr 4th, 2013

Well that was a doozy. Mark Zuckerberg and crew just dropped one of the most innovative takes on Android we have seen to date. At first glance, the team has gone above and beyond Zuck’s call to improve the Facebook experience for Android users. They have done so by making Facebook the central aspect of the smartphone with Facebook Home.

The first device to launch with Facebook Home will be the HTC First (though it will be available as a download for other handsets on the same day), and we had a chance to check out the new hardware and software in tandem. The First is a far cry from the HTC One with a set of hardware befitting a $99 handset, but it still carries the same quality build as other devices from the manufacturer. It’s simple design is the perfect compliment for Facebook Home, though, offering a distraction-free window into your social life.

Home itself is an interesting concept with a lot of promise, though it might not be for everyone. At the very least, it will take some getting used to for those familiar with more standard Android implementations. The new Cover Feed, notifications, and Chat Heads offer a simple and intuitive way to stay in touch with and follow friends, family, and others. And it’s all accomplished with a polish and flourish that seems right at home on a smartphone — pardon my pun.

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