Apr 1st, 2013

If you’re the gullible type, best to stay away from the internet today. It’s April 1st and the Fool’s Day jokes are in full swing. Google, as always, leads the pack with a handful of cleverly crafted pranks that could almost pass as real, given the attention to detail.

Did you hear that YouTube is closing? That’s right, turns out the site was merely a contest to find the best video on the internet. Look for the winner to be announced in 2023.

How about the ability to search for scents, or perhaps experience the scent of your search results? You can now with Google Nose.

The list goes on with Google Treasure Maps, GMail Blue, and tools for renovating your house via Street View. Other non-Google favorites include Twttr, the Play-Doh 3D Printer, and Sony’s line of new products designed for animals.

So be careful out there on the internet today and keep a discerning eye. Perhaps even this post you are reading now is simply an elaborately constructed April Fool’s Day prank of its own…

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