Game for Fame: Beat our Auralux level to win a $50 Google Play gift card [Contest]


It’s time for another round of Game for Fame!  Another successful week under our belt.  We would like to congratulate reader Marc Silva on winning a ASUS Transformer Pad 300 and accessories as part of last week’s contest.

A quick review on the concept: we play and review an Android game and if you can beat our high score (and prove it), you’re entered to win.

This week we’re excited to offer a $50 Google Play gift card.  I can think of a lot of ways to spend $50 in the Google Play store.  A few movies, a couple of albums, maybe a book or two and of course lots and lots of apps!!!  But I digress.  Let’s get to this week’s game!

Today we’re taking a look at Auralux by War Drum Studios. Watch the Auralux review below, take special note of the “accomplishment/objective” needed this week to enter the contest.  Make sure you follow ALL of the directions to ensure your entry is eligible.

How To Enter:

  • Watch the Auralux Review video posted above and take note of our high score.
  • Download the game from the Google Play Store and start playing!
  • Meet the objective spelled out in the video (let an enemy completely eliminate another enemy) and capture a picture (with your username beside your screen on a piece of paper) or video
  • Post your picture/video proof and your name to the comments section of this post including a link to your promotion of the contest on social media as described below.
  • Head on over to Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube and post at least one of the following:
    • Google+: #GameForFame with Auralux to win a $50 Google Play gift card from +Phandroid
    • Twitter: #GameForFame with Auralux to win a $50 Google Play gift card from @Phandroid
    • Facebook (+ means tag): #GameForFame with Auralux to win a $50 Google Play gift card from +Phandroid
    • YouTube: Show your high score proof as a video response to the above video
Selecting a winner:
  • Everyone who shows proof of beating high score AND posts their promotion of our contest via a link to social media in their comment, as explained above, will automatically be entered to win
  • We’ll select one random winner from those who have beaten our high score
  • Winner MUST show proof that:
    • The high score is actually theirs
    • They completed one of the social posting requirements (Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube) prior to being selected as a winner.


  • The winner must be 18+ years old and be a resident of the United States.
  • Contest entries will be accepted until Tuesday, April 9th at 11:59PM Eastern
  • The winner will be selected at the sole discretion of Neverstill Media staff based on randomly drawing a winner’s name from amongst the valid entries
  • The winner will be contacted through the social media outlet used to promote the contest within 24-hours of the close of the contest.  If no response from the winning contestant is received, the prize will be forfeited, and Neverstill Media staff will identify and contact replacement winners until the requirements are met.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed. If multiple entries are submitted, Neverstill Media will choose one – at their sole discretion – for inclusion in the contest. If the multiple entries are excessive, entrant may be banned.
  • Neverstill Media reserves the right to disqualify anyone from this contest for any reason at their sole discretion.

Ok, enough of the logistics…let’s get to playing!!!  Destroy the enemy suns!!!

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  1. SGS3 not compatible :(

    1. Nor my note 2. Sad day

      1. Yeah, sorry guys. Auralux is kind of restrictive. But don’t worry. We’ll be back next week with another game that will be far less restrictive.

        1. Let me guess – Snapdragon only, this time? Can’t let the Tegra users have ALL the fun, now, can we?

  2. well, this sux: The winner must be 18+ years old and be a resident of the United States.

    1. and needs a tegra device (last time i checked)

  3. what happened to the Halloween Contest for the Nexus 7, Phandroid!?

    ^^ remember that?

    1. We get this question every week. A winner was selected almost as soon as that contest ended.

      1. thanks for clearing that up :)

        *runs and cries because he lost*

  4. First download the game. Then mention it on social media. Then beat the score, then take a picture, then post that picture on a phone pole. Then eat a sandwich, then walk backwards and rewrite the declaration of independence from memory. Got it?

    1. LOL. That’s why the contest is for adults only. I kid, I kid. Yeah, I know the directions are a bit lengthy to enter. I’m always open for suggestions on how to make it better!

  5. US-Only – meh …. but Auralux is a really cool game. I played through all maps in speed mode and did all challenges. Hope they release some more maps …

  6. Not compatabile with HTC One X

  7. Must be a Tegra only game. Lame.

  8. This game for fame concept is really good except one flaw..can we have it international?

    1. I’m still working on that!

      1. that is great…hope to see some international contest in coming days

        1. Please see Rob’s post above for the answer. Thank you.

  9. Can’t enter this one (N4), but thanks for holding these contests every week Michael and good luck to those with compatible devices. Tweeting the contest anyway because Phandroid is awesome.

  10. Not compatible here either :/ LGOG

  11. Incompatible with Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10 :(

  12. man cant play w my S3 :(

  13. That’s awesome. Let’s hold a contest for one country for a game that runs on a limited number of devices.

    1. Lots of people alluding to this in the comments so let me address this.

      Most contests on the web limit entries to a specific geographical region. Different countries have different laws and making sure we adhere to the policies of hundreds of countries simply isn’t feasible.

      On rare occasions I’ve gone against my better judgement and held global contests, shouldering the shipping costs myself. In this case, we’re not doing the shipping. NVIDIA is. And since they’ve already donated a bunch of awesome devices and prizes, I think it would be unfair to continue to ask for more favors.

      Yes, this game is Tegra only, but the contest is sponsored by NVIDIA and it’s a game that fits the Game For Fame style nicely.

      I’m sorry that not everyone can take advantage of the contest. Obviously, we like to include as many people as humanly possible. We’re not discluding people for the fun of it… there are logical reasons we’re operating these contests in this manner. That being said, we’re happy that a large number of our readers are grateful for the opportunity – even if not everyone can take advantage – since we’re trying our best to hook our fans up with free stuff.

      1. I understand all that as I’ve seen it mentioned here in the past contests, but at least give the option to the winner if they want to pay the shipping to major countries you know won’t be a problem extending the contest to. If they don’t opt to cover the extra shipping, then move onto the next winner.

        I am actually from the US but don’t feel very good participating in a contest that excludes a majority of the world’s population when a good portion of the readers aren’t Americans.

        And I could pull my old G2x out of the drawer to enter the contest….. we’ll see.

      2. isn’t it ironic that in order to win a nvidia toy you need a nvidia device?

        how about giving it to someone who doesn’t own a tegra device and give him/her the opportunity to see what he/she was missing all along?

        also, i agree with what guitarist5122 said about giving the winner the chance to cover the shipping costs, if they are outside the US.

  14. Ok so what exactly does Facebook (+ means tag): #GameForFame with Auralux to win a $50 Google Play gift card from +Phandroid mean?

    1. Anyone? What do i do once I’m in Facebook?

      1. Post to your personally Facebook page the phrase “#GameForFame with Auralux to win a $50 Google Play gift card from +Phandroid” Instead of putting +Phandroid, link it to our Phandroid page. Then share that post via a link to a comment on this page with a screenshot of the objective accomplished.

  15. Already had this one beat! :) Love this game.

    1. Nice, I am having a hard time getting that. Several times an enemy has taken out the other, and then I beat them, so I don’t understanding it won’t unlock for me.

      1. Just an FYI – It’s not that they take out the enemy’s final sun, they take ALL enemy suns without you intervening. For example, if you let Red destroy Green, you can at no time take a Green sun…only Red suns.

        1. Could have sworn that has happened. Any suggestions on getting that to happen. The others seem to be more concentrated on me and not the other suns no matter what I do.

          1. Ditto – without going on the offensive, they both come straight for me. Red never actually takes out green or vice versa…

          2. Yeah, this one is hard, maybe a little too hard. Sorry guys! I can only tell you how I figured out how to solve it. I played the “Split” level and immediately upgraded my sun. I then took the remaining four suns around my sun and just started stockpiling the orbs. Finally when I decided which sun to side with I would send some of my stockpiled orbs in the direction of the enemy sun (blocking them from sending re-enforcements to their own suns (but never taking one of their suns). It probably took a good 30 minutes to complete the level.

          3. Really? Dang, I think it took me a whole whopping 10-15 minutes (plus playing 3 levels previously to learn the game). That was WITHOUT speedmode.

          4. This is the best free way to do it – found one level with only 6 suns that is a bit easier for the non-free levels. Trick is to kill their stars without attacking their sun. The AI players just refuse to attack anyone but you in any quantities.

    2. Do you know the sequence that unlocks this one? I’m having trouble with it. Does it mean that one player has to take out the other without them even attacking anyone else once?

      1. I’m honestly not sure, after playing through the whole game and buying all the extra levels, I had most of the challenges completed by accident, this was one of them, I got lucky i guess, but when this game first came out I played it for hours while watching TV.

  16. A day and half later and there’s only one entry here? It can’t just be because it’s a Tegra-only game, because there’s millions of us — like me — with Nexus 7’s. Maybe it’s too hard? :)

    I had fun playing for maybe 2 hours, and beat all the levels, but couldn’t get the required “Stategic Conquest” achievement even though I won many levels after I had allowed another enemy to “completely destroy the other enemies”. Maybe it’s glitched? Or maybe I’m not supposed to take ANY other planets until the enemy has destroyed the other and gained a huge resource advantage? In any case, I don’t have any more time to figure it out.

    1. I have definitely taken other planets (as long as they’re not occupied by an opponent. Sorry I made this one a little hard. I’ll lighten up this week. Thanks for the feedback though, I appreciate it and always try to take it into account with future posts.

  17. A shame. I used to play Auralux, but it’s not compatible with my DNA :(

  18. Phew… That took forever… Also the comments wouldn’t let me upload my pic, so I included it as a twitpic with my tweet…

  19. Fun game. I went ahead and bought the speed mode for $0.99, it was well worth it. I really like this game as well as this contest. Please keep this going Phandroid, it’s really fun to have a motivation to play these games. Great job Michael!

    Edit: Also, a thought, it would be nice to know exactly when the next Game for Fame is coming out, I almost missed this one!


    Imgur link to my photo (Disqus is being funky):

    1. Ask and you shall receive. It was scheduled for every Friday, but we have re-evaluated that and are shooting for Wednesdays now. They will run Wednesday through Sunday. This is our plan, obviously it’s subject to change. Thanks for the compliments!

  20. This is a great game, and an amazingly hard contest. Finally figured out the trick to this one…finally.

    Having issues with the image upload system, is my image.

  21. That took forever. I finally managed it and had to wait almost an hour just so that Red could gobble up Green.

    Google+ Link:

    I’m also having trouble uploading my picture so I’ll provide a Dropbox link:

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