Apr 4th, 2013

Facebook held a huge Android event today, announcing Facebook Home and the HTC First. Allow us to provide you the quick summary with everything you need to know.

Lots of people use the Facebook App.

Until now, phones have focused on “apps.”

Facebook wants to focus on people first, with Apps becoming secondary.

But they’re not announcing a phone, or an app, but an entire experience. Facebook is able to accomplish this through Android’s openness.

Facebook Home is an unlock screen. Swipe between beautiful real-time status updates and pictures every time you look at your phone.

Long press to zoom out on pictures. Double tap to like a status. Or choose from three unlock options by pressing on your face: messaging (left), apps (top), or recent apps (right).

The app drawer is dumbed down – no widgets or folders – but you can choose to replace this app view with a stock Android experience, essentially using Facebook Home only as a lock screen.

Facebook Chat Heads overlay all screens, stacking with multiple messages. Pressing will bring up your conversation.

You can change the location of Chat Heads or turn them off completely.

Facebook home will be available April 12th. Facebook users will be prompted to download the app or can find it in the Google Play Store.

Facebook also announced the Facebook Home Program for Manufacturers and Carriers to incorporate Facebook Home out of the box.

Facebook partnered with HTC and AT&T to announce the HTC First: the first phone to have Facebook Home by default.

Pre-orders start today for $99 and the phone will be available on April 12th.

Hit up our HTC First Forum for more information and if anyone asks you what all this Facebook Phone Home stuff is all about… just link them here!

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