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As we inch closer and closer toward Google I/O it seems the Mountain View company is having a hard time keeping a good lid on things. We’ve been treated to a leak of the new Google Play Store redesign before, but yet another leak has made its way to the forefront. This particular instance gives us a look at the Play Store’s main landing page, with a welcome message to let users know that there’s a whole new way to browse and discover their favorite content and apps. The design matches that of the card-like design featured in the previous leak, which is a variation on the UI design featured in the likes of Google Now, Google Keep, and Google+.

Alongside that, the rumors regarding Google Babble are strengthening a bit. The latest leak suggests it won’t be named “Babble,” but “Babel” — close enough, I guess. This bit of information was leaked in a Gmail notification that notified a user deleting messages that some of the messages would be backed up to Babel since they were part of a Babel chat.

The language that the messages would be available in “other Babel chat applications” lends credence to the belief that Google will be unifying all of its messaging servers under one banner for a more uniform chat experience across its various platforms. Other than that, we’re still left wondering what, exactly, to expect from Babel once it finally launches. No screenshots have been leaked yet, and it’s been hard to get a beeline on any concrete information. Regardless, we’re excited for its impending arrival and we’ll be patiently awaiting the day that we’ll be able to get our eyes (and hands) on it all.

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