Feedly update might make you miss Google Reader a little less


While many have lamented the negative side of Google’s devision to retire Reader later this year, the folks at Feedly our looking at the positives. That includes an influx of nearly 3 million new users for their news reading application for mobile devices. To make Feedly an even more appealing alternative, the company is today announcing a major update that aims to make finding important stories easier than ever.

Feedly now features a completely retooled search and discovery engine. The focus is speed asit combs a library of over 50 million news feeds. Using intuitive search and discovery, the app culls the habits of users interacting with Feedly to suggest the best and most relevant news available. The smart algorithm is designed to get better with more use.

For those looking for a true Google Reader replacement, Feedly is offering their best approximation with a new title-only view. Also new is a “Must Reads” tab as well as a refined social sharing aspect.

Feedly is obviously taking advantage of the gap left in the market by Google’s announcement. We can’t blame them. In fact, we applaud the effort. If you haven’t checked out Feedly yet, the latest version is as good an excuse as ever to download and have a look.

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  1. Let me know when it doesn’t require an intrusive Chrome plugin.

    1. That would be nice!

    2. Firefox too.

    3. Is it really all that intrusive?

      1. It has access to all data on all web sites I visit. I consider that intrusive.

        1. Heh, yeah that’s would be the definition of intrusive

    4. A simple website is the #1 feature request on We are working on it.

    5. It’s good if you use Chrome as your default… like me.

    6. Funny, but the only RSS reader that I currently use is ONLY a chrome plugin, called RSS Live Links.

      If I was more of a news junky, and HAD to have my feeds on my phone too, I’d probably switch to something that sync’d, like feedly (or setup tinytinyrss on my own vps).

  2. **Delete**

  3. You should really proofread your article before publishing it.

  4. I tried Feedly and couldn’t adapt, didn’t need to really. gReader (Pro) is everything Google Reader wasn’t at the time, and suits my needs perfectly. Feedly wouldn’t allow podcasts to play in the background.

  5. I keep looking at various apps that are being touted as Reader replacements but I really think devs are missing the point, the beauty of Reader is it’s simplicity. It seems everyone wants to add extra eye candy and features that just move the whole experience away from what I want, in this case for me less is more.

  6. To add to other people, i don’t really see why Phandroid is really promoting this so much. I mean the basic feature that I really liked about reader was the search feature. You can search keywords easily and pull up feeds based on that search. The difference is pull up search results from feeds that you subscribed to, not all the damn feeds in the world. Feedly doesn’t even have that. gReader Pro seems to have that but its a premium feature. Additionally the simplicity is missing in Feedly, it’s too flashy.

  7. <— This is Google Reader. Feedly is trying way too hard.

    1. Thanks, this look good. Waiting on them to import my…they tell me how many users are ahead of me….are they doing the import by hand?

      “Thank you for uploading your OPML file. We will soon start importing your subscriptions.

      There are 12088 users in the import queue ahead of you.”

      1. Like Feedly, they werent quite ready for the massive influx of users. I just added my subs by hand while waiting on the import to be completed. Since nothing so far seems to sync the “Liked” or “Starred” folder it didnt really matter how I got up and running.

  8. Feedly still needs an IFTTT channel comparable to Google Readers.

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