This Week In Google TV: Voice Search updates, GTV V3 and tasty snacks


Welcome to your weekly Google TV feature! “This Week In Google TV” is where we bring you your dose of Google TV news and content. The platform is finally starting to grow more rapidly and we know many of you are struggling to get your Google TV content. Instead of searching all over the internet, you can get it all here, every Saturday.

Voice Search Comes To Google TV Remote Apps

GTV V3 came with some awesome updates, but we were all mostly excited about one specific feature – Voice Search. This feature is dependent on a microphone, though, which not all Google TV devices have. Sony is selling a separate remote that supports Voice Search, but other users without a Voice-enabled device simply had to wait… until this week.

Voice Search On The Official Google TV Remote App

Google has been promising an update to the Voice Search app and it has finally arrived! It is simple: one can download the app to an Android smartphone, pair it with the TV and simply press the mic button. After that, simply speak to the phone and the magic will begin. Here is a little demo we recorded.

For more go to: Google TV Remote app updated with Voice Search support! [HANDS-ON VIDEO]

Voice Search Comes To Able Remote

We were not quite sure if Able Remote would get Voice Search compatibility after a vague statement from the company, but they have decided to surprise us this week! Out of the blue, Able Remote sent an update to it’s app and now we can all enjoy Voice Search with Able Remote, along with all its awesome features.

Before you try it, though, you must jump into the setting real quick. To fully enable Voice Search you must go to menu > settings > Voice Search. Simply check the box and you are ready to go. It works great! Just like the official one. So now you don’t have to sacrifice your awesome Able Remote features for the sake of using Voice Search!

For more go to: Able Remote Updated with Voice Search support! [VIDEO]

Hisense Pulse gets GTV V3

Hisense Pulse users have been waiting for their GTV V3 update for quite some time now. Unlike many of the other older Google Tv devices, the Pulse offers a microphone. This makes the Pulse the perfect device for those who want to take advantage of Voice Search.

The update has started rolling out this week, so you should go and turn on your device! You might have an update waiting for you.

For more go to: Hisense Pulse gets its GTV V3 update

Getting Hungry? Here Are Some Great Food Apps!

We all love to eat, right? If you don’t, you have to anyways, so why not make the best of it? We have been reviewing some of our favorite food/recipe apps for Google TV. Let’s jump in and check them out!

Allrecipes TV

This app is great. It features a great TV-optimized UI, amazing recipes and very fun videos. It also adds a sense of community by adding some social aspects to the experience, like reviews and sharing capabilities. The videos are also amazing and give you quick and to-the-point instructions on how to prepare your dishes. Of course, the app is not perfect and has its small glitches and bugs. Check it out!

For more go to: Review: Allrecipes for Google TV app

Recipe Search

Recipe Search doesn’t have the best UI for the Google TV experience. In fact, it looks like an enlarged tablet app. So, why are we covering it here? For starters, it is available for Google TV, but the more importantly – it’s features.

Recipe Search offers a great features, including a shopping list, a meal calendar and even videos (though they are a bit hidden in the What’s New section).

For more go to: App Review: Recipe Search by [VIDEO]

Wrap Up

Just when we think Google TV news will slow down, it gets even better! We got some awesome GTV V3 and Voice Search updates this week. We are also waiting for Google I/O, where we should be seeing some Google TV announcements. If there was ever a time to stay tuned to our Google TV coverage, it is now!

You can stay updated by reading our “This Week In Google TV” feature and checking out, our sister site. See you next week!

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