Apr 5th, 2013

Well that was quick. Can’t say we weren’t expecting as much but perhaps not this soon. After it was posted just earlier today, it seems the HTC One pre-orders on T-Mobile have finally hit their limit. HTC’s official pre-order page is now showing the T-Mobile HTC One as “Out of Stock,” a major bummer for those that were looking to score a One in time for release day. We’re hoping the demand was so high, it was simply impossible to keep them on the shelf. Of course, it’s hard to forget about rumors of possible device shortages which are making us wonder if T-Mobile, being the smallest carrier of the big 4, was simply allotted less or maybe even ordered a smaller number of units.

It  looks like Sprint and AT&T are still going strong, and if you were planning on picking up the HTC One on either of those 2 carriers, you might want to make haste. Also, if you were one of the early birds who pre-registered to pre-order (that cracks me up), don’t forget to check your email for a special discount code to receive either the official HTC Double Dip or flip case for free (picture above), a $30 value.

[HTC Shop America]

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