T-Mobile HTC One pre-orders sell out, AT&T and Sprint still going strong


Well that was quick. Can’t say we weren’t expecting as much but perhaps not this soon. After it was posted just earlier today, it seems the HTC One pre-orders on T-Mobile have finally hit their limit. HTC’s official pre-order page is now showing the T-Mobile HTC One as “Out of Stock,” a major bummer for those that were looking to score a One in time for release day. We’re hoping the demand was so high, it was simply impossible to keep them on the shelf. Of course, it’s hard to forget about rumors of possible device shortages which are making us wonder if T-Mobile, being the smallest carrier of the big 4, was simply allotted less or maybe even ordered a smaller number of units.

It  looks like Sprint and AT&T are still going strong, and if you were planning on picking up the HTC One on either of those 2 carriers, you might want to make haste. Also, if you were one of the early birds who pre-registered to pre-order (that cracks me up), don’t forget to check your email for a special discount code to receive either the official HTC Double Dip or flip case for free (picture above), a $30 value.

[HTC Shop America]

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  1. First point, I am afraid of the Nuclear bombs from North Korea. Second point, I don’t know if HTC is really selling out or going strong in the One’s sales, or it is a fake made by HTC.

    1. First point: we’re all about to die.

      Second point: stop wasting time and get the HTC One before it’s too late O_o

      1. Do you think they will hit Houston?

        1. Texas? Nah, it’s too big and spread out. They’d have to send a hundred nukes to reach all the cities.

          Now New York and LA….. we’re f*cked. O_o

    2. now why would they fake if they want the most people to pre-order their device…

    3. North Korea is like bad luck Brian. Launched a missile…hits himself.

  2. I’m still in shock it the Sprint version doesn’t have the word EVO to it. I wonder if its the end of that series?

    1. No way, HTC will probably release one with expandable storage, kickstand and 5-inch display specifically for Sprint. It’s a great line, one that Sprint will continue to invest in.

      1. I doubt it… I think HTC wants to move on from having too many different flagships… Although I love the Evo line (they are usually better than the original HTC flagship that it’s based on)… To have both an One-based Evo and the HTC One as both offerings from HTC and Sprint, it would be pointless.

        1. Let’s bet. Summer is still a ways off (when EVO’s usually come to shore), I’m sure they’ll have something then :)

          1. I shall remember this day, and I shall bring up this day when the Evo doesn’t come by the end of summer. :P

            I wanna believe in a new Evo, I really do. But, it’s looking grim for the 4th gen Evo…

          2. Normally I would agree, but I don’t see Sprint investing in an HTC One AND an EVO. Most carriers stick to ‘one’ variant of the same high end phone. Kind of like how Verizon passed on the HTC One because they already had the DNA.

            There’s never been more than one high end HTC phone on Sprint in a given year since the original EVO. Also it benefits the smaller Sprint and T-Mobile more not to bank on device exclusives anymore but ride manufacturer branding since that is more recognized by the general consumer. Like the Galaxy S. That way they are competing on fairer terms like network and pricing. It’s unlikely in the current state of the industry that someone would switch to Sprint for an EVO when most people’s friends are hyping up their new Galaxy’s and HTC One’s.

        2. i think Chris might be referring to the possibility of the HTC Butterfly/DNA 2 also possibly being a 5inch Evo on Sprint.

          1. I understand that, but what I was saying is that I doubt HTC will release 2 flagship phones on the same carrier, given their promise of not having more than 1 flagship phone.

          2. maybe but they already announced that there will be a butterfly 2. They could have 2 flagships that tend to 2 different markets (gs3/note style). I mean i personally wouldnt bet anything on it, but i’m not counting against it either.

      2. Really wish the One had a kickstand. Seems beyond silly that they wouldn’t have that to take advantage of the front facing stereo speakers. If any HTC device warrants a kickstand, it’s the One.

        1. Well, they do make an official kickstand case for it. It’s pretty awesome :)

    2. It shouldn’t be surprised. HTC said they wanted to release the same phone across carriers. This is probably why it’s not coming to Verizon.

  3. I’m actually happy for HTC. It makes me sad hearing about any Android manufacturer that is on the verge of going under.

    1. They totally deserve it! They have been “Quitely Brilliant” for a very long time now.

  4. If the One makes for strong competition against the much better on paper GS4, maybe Samsung will finally clean out their design house.

    1. Samsung is too busy counting money and taking over the world to worry about smartphone design.

    2. How is the GS4 much better on paper? Yes, it has a removeable battery and expandable memory…and that is definitely big. But they both use the same processor (in the States at least) and the S4 is another plastic phone that doesn’t come close to the aesthetics of the One. Obviously the looks are subjective, but I’m not sure what makes the GS4 “much better”.

  5. guys, if you really think that manufacturers (htc included) DONT create false demand by limiting the number of initial devices produced (which create headlines and buzz) ur fooling yourself.

    1. We already knew they had a limited production, they had production issues with the camera or something that’s why it was delayed in some country’s.

    2. @twitter-56556451:disqus we all want the candy thats almost out lol

      1. Not me. Ive had htc phones before.. to much hype for an average product with lack or support.

  6. So what’s the difference between the Tmobile version and the AT&T version? Are these phones really different?

    1. AT&T has a 64GB exclusive version. If you want the 64GB on Tmo, you have to buy the Dev Version off contract.

      1. I don’t think the Dev version will work with future Tmo LTE frequencies, but will work with HSPA+. Something to keep in mind, for the few cities Tmo has LTE in anyways.

        1. Ah… I see. Didn’t think about that. I’d have to look into the dev version to see what radios it has installed.

        2. Only works with TMo HSPA+ in areas that are using the refarmed spectrum band.

        3. Dev version will work with T-Mobile’s future/current LTE, since Dev edition has both 700 MHz and AWS.

          1. Got it! I didn’t realize the 1700/2100 LTE was the same as AWS. Damn, now I have to consider getting this phone lol

  7. I tried to order my T-Mobile HTC but I left it in the cart because they wouldn’t let me pick the family plan option. ;/

  8. Kudos to HTC. Hardwork and excellence start to pay off :D All the best to The One!

  9. waiting on T-Mobile to offer it, it’ll most likely be a bit cheaper.

  10. I think it was on that site by mistake. No one was able to pre-order it through that site, and when I called about it, the gentleman said there was an odd list of requirements to pre-order for T-Mobile. I don’t blame HTC, I blame the company they used to do the pre-ordering… they didn’t seem too informed.

  11. Pretty bummed sighned up for email notice , Never came ………..

  12. This HTC offer was different than the T-Mobile one right? This one just seems to include a phone condom. The T-Mobile pre-order was supposed to be for a car dock and buy back gift card. My phone would never wear a jimmy, so I was waiting for a separate offer from T-Mobile…if there is one.

  13. There was not a real T-Mobile pre-order.

  14. Congrats HTC

  15. You can still pre order on best buys site I just checked and preordered………: )

  16. how many exactly did tmo had in the first place? they didn’t have a solid release date and now they sell out on HTC’s own site which probably have less traffic than any of the big 4 carriers. could tmo be the carrier to suffer from the shortage they announced earlier?

  17. @ Hank S: What the heck does it mean for a phone to wear a condom or “Jimmy”???

    1. A lot of people’s phones are covered for their protection, but I prefer the natural feel and beauty of not having a cover. Besides, it usually tucked away in my pants, so it is pretty safe from danger.

  18. Well, buddy, you should know that’s just a polite way that HTC said that is “Out of Stock”.

    Actually, T-mobile never post HTC One on their webpage. HTC just can’t find the link….

  19. I’ve got a Galaxy S3 (which mind you has been freezing 30+ times a day since 4.1.2 update on Optus Australia) and quite frankly I’m sick and tired of Samsung.

    Posters might say “root your phone” blah blah… but I’ve been there before with my Atrix (which needed it in order to get Jellybean and feel smooth) but the S3 even rooted one’s keep crashing with the External SD nonsense… Quite frankly to me Samsung is just like a giant sausage factory just mass producing junk.

    I’m getting a HTC ONE already preordered it and seeing my managers HTC ONE X that he’s not had an issue with makes me realise which handset maker is better. I base this on hardware but also the build quality of a HTC is unbeatable for an Android handset.

    Plus the HTC One is 1080p in a 4.7″ screen not a 5″ screen, which means higher PPI more clarity. Not sure why no reviewers actually make note of this fantastic selling point.

    1. dude do you really need to talk your self into buying the HTC ONE? just buy it is a very good device. but stop trying to justified it by putting down the best phone today, stop making excuses after all it is your money.

  20. I went to a local Sprint store to try and pre-order the HTC One and they said there may be a delay with the April 19th deliveries. We shall see…

  21. I think htc makes a quality product. However, this is the saddest product launch I’ve ever seen. Aside from the embarrassing delay of the launch, They sent out emails for this “free case” A DAY AFTER PRE-ORDERS STARTED! So what do I get in return for my loyalty by pre-ordering the day-of from ATT?? Hey! I get to miss out on the promotion meant to incentivize pre-ordering! How nice. And this is AFTER I gave HTC my email to “keep me up to date on ONE release news and special offers”.

    Ok, now on to the next gripe- This one aimed at ATT… Not only do you have to type in the URL to find the product, as there is no easy-to-find link on their website, but it took me THREE TRIES to put my pre-order through as an upgrade. The genius web developers over at ATT make a page so bloated, messy, and buggy that it either emptied my cart, did not show this phone as one able to be purchased, or returned an error at the very end of the ordering process.

    When I finally completed my order on the FOURTH TRY, it said the HTC media link hd (again, another promotional item given for free to incentivize pre-ordering) was out of stock. This was at 11am CST on the first day ATT was taking pre-orders. What a joke. And of course, when I called ATT customer service, they were quick (1 hour) to tell me that the media link was a “while supplies last” offer and that the coupon code that HTC gave me was invalid.

    Never again. Never a-f*cking-gain. Screw HTC for not hiring competent marketing managers. And screw ATT for being ATT.

    1. Also, HTC put more effort into promoting their sh1tty “facebook” phone, that when I went into a CORPORATE ATT STORE the day of pre-ordering, they had no clue as to what the HTC One even was, much less that pre-orders started that day. However, they were quick to tell me the exact date I could pre-order the HTC “First”, and condescendingly corrected me- “HTC One?? Honey, I think you mean the HTC First… The One X’s have been out for almost a year.” I just walked out and said “You have fun with that. I’m going to do it through your website.”

  22. I really thought T-Mobile hasn’t started pre-ordering hTC ONE yet.

  23. happy for HTC. Hope they can continue improve hardware/software design and improve the camera. htc one is my next phone for sure.

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