Google: Verizon asked us not to include this functionality in the product; Why Big Red is Taking Unfair Criticism Over Google Wallet’s Absence


In case you needed any extra confirmation that Google Wallet would not be included in the Galaxy Nexus, look no further than official word from Google, who stated that Verizon asked them not to include the software:

Verizon asked us not to include this functionality in the product.

Much of the Android world were up in arms about this, though you had to expect it to come. With ISIS, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are all looking to get their hands into the mobile payments game, with Sprint left as the only US carrier in bed with Google.

The ISIS agreements were put into place before any of these carriers probably knew future Nexus devices would be receiving NFC chips and that those NFC chips would be used for Google’s own payment service.

If you don’t remember, both T-Mobile and AT&T were without Google Wallet on the Nexus S due to their agreements with ISIS, Sprint’s version being the only one with support. I assume T-Mobile and AT&T will also be skipping out on Google Wallet for their Galaxy Nexus just as they did with their versions of the Nexus S.

While I don’t like it that anyone is doing it, it’s not fair to come down on just one carrier, especially when their hand may be forced in the agreement. We might never know the details of that agreement but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that ISIS can not coexist with other mobile payment solutions (not in a technical sense but purely in a competitive sense).

As Chris suggested yesterday, all American Nexus S models not on Sprint unofficially received Google Wallet through community development and you can probably expect the same to happen with the Galaxy Nexus. We wish things were different, but that’s the way it’s going to play out. Just don’t bring out the pitchforks before you know the full story. [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. this whole bs makes me super happy i choose to import my GSM GNEX

    1. It still may be blocked from the Android Market controlled by your carrier, and Google seems to want to block third-party markets so badly that they don’t submit their apps to them…

      1. Confirmed: My imported GSM Galaxy Nexus will not work with Google Wallet on At&t.  


  3. hmm… now I gotta research the difference between ISIS and Google Wallet… I’d prefer to work with Google on payments via NFC, but if this ISIS works…

    1. ISIS doesn’t work because ISIS doesn’t exist. Google Wallet is here NOW.

    2. Well, Google Wallet is a real working product that lets people pay with their phone. And ISIS is agreements, promises, and pretty graphics like the one above.

  4. This is what custom ROMS are for.

    1. I’d like to feel comfortable with a source for custom roms. Maybe someone should start a company and start selling them and providing some sort of virus free quality guarantee. Maybe google would support them.

      1. Cyanogenmod is already around. And their product is free.

  5. not the biggest deal in the world. to be honest i dont think anyone in my town even supports it yet. when it comes about, ill probabaly be more irked. but i;ll wait until then to start crying

  6. looks like ISIS will dominate the market.  As long as there is a way to make mobile NFC payments, i don’t care if its google wallet or isis.

  7. It’s just another example of Google having to make sacrifices for Verizon rather than its customers.  That goes against the original reasoning of the Nexus line.  It’s my opinion that the Nexus line should have remained as an unlocked only phone with carriers deciding if they want to carry it and offer subsidies as is, if this kind of thing is what direct cooperation with the carrier results in.  Let it be a halo device that shows the way Android is supposed to be, and then force the other manufacturers and carriers to realize “all our customers hate this crap we’re doing, maybe we should figure out a way to offer them what they want.”

    1. money matters, not us.  duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. without Google Wallet, consumer won’t fully optimize the Phone’s NFC chips.

  9. *cocks gun*

  10. That does not change anything. It seems like unfair marketing practice to me where they are not allowing the competition. Could be some trouble for these companies if a lawsuit is to be brought up.

  11. It would only be unfair if there were TWO or more carriers offering the Galaxy Nexus.  For now, VZW is getting what they deserve.

    Where the fuck is this ISIS crap so I can use my NFC to make payments!?

  12. My complaint is that this is supposed to be a Google Nexus product. The Google Nexus products were supposed to be free of carrier influences, meaning no bloatware, no carrier restrictions. First we get this massive delay on the phone’s release without any explanation: remember, this wasn’t just announced last week, or even last month, but back in October, almost 2 months ago. Then we discover that it has some VZW apps on it; albeit not many, but again it’s a Nexus product, and was supposed to have none. And now it’s not going to have Google Wallet because Verizon didn’t want or couldn’t have it there. What about what I want? I wanted to use Google Wallet. I don’t necessarily trust big G completely, but I trust them a hell of a lot more than some company and product I never heard of! (Isis in this case.)

    1. Judging by their site, they look like some start-up company who sold their service to the 3 carriers for dirt cheap.
      Probably much cheaper than Google since they (Google) are well known and can do so.  

      Sprint has the right idea IMO because like you said, I’ve never heard of ISIS either.

      1. so do you want isis and competition, or just google to be the only game in town?


        1. With me being a T-Mobile subscriber, ISIS is the only game in town and there is no competition when it comes to my mobile payments.  

          Why in the world would I want there to be just ONE option?  Personally I would like PayPal to offer these kind of payments.


            The Paypal Android app was updated last month to include NFC payment capability for paying other Paypal customers. I’m sure it’s not a huge leap for them to add it for POS payments.

          2. Well that’s cool and hopeful they will add POS.  But if they do how will that work at the register?

            I mean are we gonna have a Google machine, an ISIS machine and so on??  Or more likely the retailer will choose one service.

        2. Tell Isis to put their app in the Android Market and Google should do the same. Let the users decide what they want to use.

    2. ok, so guess what? BUY A DIFFERENT PHONE. This is like getting mad at mercedes for not putting the “blowjob from hot female model while I drive” feature on their cars. Do I want that feature? HELL YES, but since they don’t have it and I buy the car anyway, is it THEIR fault or MY fault? My god, people, IF ITS A DEAL BREAKER DONT BUY THE )#@($ THING…thats on YOU, not the carrier or Google or ANYONE else…

      1. You do realize that even if he buys a different phone (on VZW) he will still have the same problem right?

        1. Right, but he’s not FORCED to use Verizon. He’s not forced to use ANYTHING. If he wants something that the market place doesn’t offer, there’s a few options. Ask for it, and wait, or compromise on something.Sure, you can go all stupid and say “design your own” – -which, with all the modding and rooting going on will make this freaking issue irrelevant anyway – – and people WILL do that, thats the beauty of the android community. someone wants something bad enough? they just design it. “Oh, but I don’t want to have to root to have the options I want” – – but most of the people on these sites will root anyway, so…the logic is just baffling. 

          1. While there might not be anything illegal with this deal (which is debatable), don’t you see anything at least ethically wrong with selling a device to a customer (expensive btw) and then trying to make demands on how they use it? If not then you’re truly an idiot whose opinion is meaningless. If so then people are justified in complaining which makes your posts just complaints about the noise which you are free to avoid by going away.

          2. But again, they’re not DEMANDING you buy the phone. They’re not DEMANDING you use NFC. They’re not DEMANDING anything. They’re saying Hey! We have this exclusivity deal w/ this other NFC provider, someone we all looked at a while back, and therefore won’t offer a competing product w/ the device. If you want to use Google Wallet, buy a phone that supports it. If you want to use this phone, these are its abilities and limitations. Thats all. Market monopolization happens when they prevent it at all costs, not on limited handsets, and the NFC battle isn’t over. Wouldn’t some be able to argue that ONLY offering google Wallet was the Exact same “unfair market advantage” especially since Google is making the OS?

        2. Yes. Also, no matter what car company you buy from, you will never find one with the hot model blowjob feature. Sounds like an opportunity to start up the company that offers hot model blowjob cars. I wish it were that easy with the Google Wallet feature.

          Oh, also, you can still install Google Wallet. It just doesn’t come on the phone (and may require an apk)

          1. I wish I could just install it onto my Galaxy S II.

      2. No this is more like buying a car from Mercedes and finding out they swapped out the engine or doors from Nissan. If I wanted second rate from the beginning, I’d have bought second rate from the beginning. Or similarly and more accurately, if I wanted a phone that might have been manipulated by the carrier, I’d buy a Razr. I want a pure Google experience phone because I don’t want carrier manipulations, therefore I buy the Nexus phones. Unfortunately, this one is getting customized and dominated by Verizon. And as I’ve said else where on this very post, this is NOT a deal breaker. I’m just getting irritated with Verizon’s influence. Now shove that some place the sun doesn’t shine.

        1. lol, I’ll try, but it might Chafe…

          That said? YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT ANYTHING YET…there is no bait and switch, thats my point…and i DO agree that the Nexus line is being diluted, but the only way to voice your problem with that is to buy overseas, or wait for another provider to do it better and buy that. If the Gnex still sells like hotcakes, its telling them that these actions are acceptable. Thats ENTIRELY my point – – and listen, I don’t think is IT acceptable if these things matter to people, act accordingly and don’t buy the damn phone. If its only a minor problem in light of the features you DO want, buy it and enjoy it and see if any mods let you solve the problem. I do trust that, if its not a security function as verizon claims (*AHEM* BULLSHIT PR RESPONSE), then the android community will solve the problem. 

          1. There’s also the chance that Verizon will reverse their attitude. And it’s true, I haven’t bought anything yet, but honestly I probably will, and then will start writing letters to Verizon to get their damned dirty paws off my phone. ;) I was a Verizon customer before and have been looking for an excuse to move back to them. The Galaxy Nexus is coming along at the right time on the right service, I just want Verizon to stop trying to screw up what I consider a good product to go with what I think is good service. (I know some people hate Verizon’s service, but from my experience, they’re far better than T-Mobile.)

  13. Still not happy about this.
    The carriers better not try to charge some sort of fee inorder to use this ISIS.

  14. This has been happening in business for a long time.  Are you angry that McDonald’s offers Coke over Pepsi?  It’s entirely possible that a McDonald’s franchise should be offering Pepsi because of lower prices, or consumer preference in the area or a host of other issues but cannot because corporate has an arrangement with Coke.  It’s the same thing here.

    I agree with the overall tenor of this article, ultimately it doesn’t matter all that much and if you want Google Wallet, side-load it.  Isn’t that what the Nexus is all about, openness and providing the ability to customize as you see fit?  Aside from the launch date debacle, if this is the worst thing VZW does to the phone, I’m ok with it… 

    1. I couldn’t believe your “Aside from the launch date debacle, if this is the worst thing VZW does to the phone, I’m ok with it..” comment.  You should not be ok with it.  Verizon is destroying the Nexus line by imposing their will.  What will they do with the next Nexus phone?  Would you be fine if they wanted Bing and Bing Maps instead or had Google Music removed in favor of Verizon’s VCAST?  This is suppose to be a “pure Google” phone.  You might be ok with this “small thing”, but once the door is open it makes it harder not to capitulate to their future demands.

      I am very disappointed in Google for allowing Verizon to do this.  Was it really worth the compromises just to get Verizon to authorize a Nexus phone.  Google should have told Verizon – no Galaxy Nexus phone for you unless it is “pure Google”.

      1. Not to mention other carriers will follow suit now that they know google can be bitched.

        1. Does no one read the original article?  This happened with the Nexus S, the precedent has been set already.  Cut the dramatics.

          Verizon is following suit, this has already been done.

          1. No thanks I’m prefer to be dramatic. Quit the controlling act.

          2. controlling act…he’s dumbfounded by how many idiots run around shooting off their drool-encrusted mouths without even understanding that theyre completely wrong

          3. Meh, it’s the internet, people whine about anything, no matter how stupid.

          4. The Nexus S is irrelevant to this discussion because it was released before Google Wallet was released.

      2. uhhhh, verizon signed the agreement with isis in 2010.  google wallet was announced/demo’ed in may 2011, and released in sept 2011…. sounds like isis was there long before verizon or google knew anything about offering a pure google phone on verizon’s network.  therefore GOOGLE KNEW verizon had this stipulation when it got on board.  shut up about it.

        1. I am sure ISIS breaks anti-trust laws by being exclusive to 3 of the 4 largest carriers. Can you say CLASS ACTION SUIT!!!

          Your arguments are as idiotic as if Sony televisions refused to play movies that were not made by Sony Pictures.

          The point is this is a Nexus phone – free from carrier interference.

    2. Just as a historical point of reference: most of the fast food restaurants that sold Pepsi over Coke were owned by Pepsi. When Pepsi sold them off, many switched to selling Coke because it’s what their customers wanted. 

      To extend that to the mobile phone market, we wanted a “Pure Google Experience” as promised with the Nexus line. Ignoring the exclusivity period because it has no impact on a Google experience, that means that we shouldn’t have the minor amount of bloatware on the Galaxy Nexus that we are getting, and we should at least have the option for Google Wallet which we aren’t getting. That’s no longer a “Pure Google Experience” nor is it giving us what we want.

      1. re: Pepsi, point taken – was using it as a broad hypothetical to illustrate a point.  

        Regarding the Pure Google Experience, I agree with you however, what you’re saying isn’t terribly pragmatic.  OEMs and Carriers have been skinning/customizing/ruining handsets since the OG/Nexus One (which were the last two “Pure” phones).  OEMs and carriers need to put their spin on things to “differentiate” things and “make it theirs”, which is fancy marketing speak.  Basically, they don’t want to admit that people are more interested in their phone’s guts or their network than the “value add” they provide, whether it’s TouchWiz, Sense or MyVerizon.  If they do acknowledge that, they start encouraging the perception that what they’re offering is a commodity, readily available from anyone.  

        Until Google puts out their own carrier network (how awesome would that be?), this is going to continue to happen as carriers seek competitive advantages and OEMs try to differentiate.  

        1. I’ll be the first to admit that Verizon wants to stay relevant with the Galaxy Nexus; I’ve had the theory that they deliberately delayed it a month or so to maintain sales of the Droid Razr. (I’ve posted that theory in a number of the articles since the Razr release last month.) A pure Google experience doesn’t serve them as much as a branded Droid Razr does. I can forgive their addition of a couple of their apps. What I want them to NOT do is limit my choices in what I want to use. If I want to use Google Wallet, I should be allowed to use Google Wallet on a Google Nexus device. I shouldn’t be forced to use Isis because Verizon made deals to use it for NFC.

          I’m switching from a T-Mobile Nexus One (ordered on the original release date directly from Google) to Verizon and the Galaxy Nexus. Even though I’m highly irritated with Verizon’s handling of this entire thing, I’m looking forward to returning to them after I left because they weren’t announcing any plans to have any Android devices at the time of the G1 launch. (My contract expired a month after the G1 launched, so I switched and I’ve been looking to get back ever since.) In a very real way, and perhaps even foolishly, I feel betrayed by how Verizon is handling this product and its launch. They are going to be receiving my money, probably around $79-$90 per month for the next two years; they shouldn’t care what payment service I use for NFC transactions nor should they get the option to decide for me on a phone that was designed and intended to be a flagship of an open platform where choice is one of the touted tenets.

        2. I understand what you’re saying buy why doesn’t this same rule apply to Apple as well? Google is selling their soul just to be on Verizon and this is not what the customer of this particular device is looking for.

    3. That’s not what this is. It’s an app that I could install on my own. That’s like McDonald’s not letting me into the parking lot because I had a case of Pepsi in the trunk of my car.

  15. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus should not be considered a Nexus phone.  I am very disappointed with Google with all the compromises they made for a Verizon Nexus phone.  This phone should have been released on November 17th.  Also, the unlocked GSM phone that the rest of the world got should have been released in the U.S. at the same time.  U.S. consumers got screwed by Verizon.  They do not deserve an exclusive for a Nexus phone.
    Nexus phones are suppose to be “pure Google.”  That is the beauty of the Nexus line of phone.  By the carrier asking to keep functionality out, it can no longer be considered a Nexus phone.

  16. So why again did douchebag Verizon get it as an exclusive?

    It looks like google has struck a very bad deal!
    Verizon should try to please google for getting it exclusively (or samsung but then samsung should please google for getting to make 2 nexi devices in a row)

    Thank god for the community!

  17. Sorry, the criticism is completely fair.   It’s really not a pure Google experience if you are blocking Google designed functionality. 

    1. it’s also incredibly trust breaking to think we can trust the mobile phone carriers to securely and appropriately handle our payment data, or that they’d actually keep this ISIS software up to date/available.
      While google wallet is free for users, you can ensure the carriers will find a way to add a tax to users to use ISIS.

    2. I’d take it a little farther.  It’s not unfair to criticize a company for it’s business decisions. And in this case Verizon made the decision to try and form a mobile payment monopoly with the other carriers. It is certainly fair to criticize a company for it’s practices, especially when they are anti-competitive in nature. By refusing to allow Wallet to be pre-installed on their devices, they are essentially eliminating the competition for NFC payements. This wouldn’t be so bad if they did it on their own, but by collaborating with three other significant carriers they are essentially monopolizing this market, just like VISA/Mastercard did the EFT space.  This means that we will see slower rollout as merchants resist higher fees that naturally occur when there is no competition, and of course, those higher fees will be passed on to consumers. I don’t think there is a technical reason both Wallet and ISIS can’t both be installed, allowing choice. 

      It’s one thing for the carriers to agree that ISIS is their preferred standard, it’s another for them to block competitors from their devices, thereby assuring a monopoly. There are anti-trust laws in this country to prevent this sort of business practice, yet our justice department would much rather throw us in jail for uploading a lip sync of Lady Gaga’s latest hit to YouTube than enforce laws against these huge political donor’s, I mean companies. 

  18. I smell a class action lawsuit on the horizon…  How is Verizon allowed to do this?

    1. uhm, its their network? Google could have said no? there’s no laws being broken here, jesus, is this REALLY what peoples sense of entitlement is bringing? Its one thing to prevent a service from getting a foothold in a community. Its ENTIRELY another thing to prevent a rival product (which, google Wallet Vs ISIS is ultimately) from gaining ground. 

      1. its their network….  what kind of comeback is that.  What if Microsoft says that they don’t want to allow Firefox to run on any windows OS.

        Its their OS…  i’m really not sure what your argument is, since it really didn’t go over well in the EU.

        Verizon provides a Cellular network to allow you to make phone calls and access the web.  That is it. period.  as for them to tell anyone what applications they can run is crossing a fine line.

        1. because it forced you to use another MICROSOFT product.  verizon is forcing you to use another company’s product!

          1. Are they, though? First, its all speculation, and second? Are they forcing you? No other options in the market exist? They have the best 4G network, sure. The most LTE presence nationwide. They built their sandbox better than ther others have so far. But its their fault, right? You want to play in their sandbox by your rules? why are you entitled to that? Its an exclusivity that was in place for years, this NFC stuff? “OMG THE PHONE COS WANT ACCESS TO MY CC INFO AND ARE GOING TO STEAL IT” – – look at Carrier IQ – – they do that stuff – – at leat not on Verizon yet that we know of – – but if you don’t want them to have that information, don’t use their NFC payment system. Simple as that. Are you forced to use Verizon? Are you forced to renew your contract terms for a cheaper cell phone that charges you a penalty if you terminate said contract early? C’mon, now…”they’re dicks because I want X Y and Z and it SHOULD have that per the Nexus Charter– VANILLA ANDROID OR DIE” . . I just… I don’t get it. And hey, maybe you do. Maybe I’m an idiot. but hating on something then buying it anyway? thats your fault. not this idiots…

          2. “Maybe I’m an idiot. ”
            Spot on.

          3. lol why can’t I reply to you? AWESOME. 

            Anyway, beat you to that one, man. Self-proclaimed. And pile on all you want,uncreative though it may be. If anyone hates this phone, or the network, or what they did/didn’t do to it SO much, and they still buy it? they can sit right next to me in the idiot bus. 

    2. thats actually the smell of thousands of pussies.

  19. Google Wallet = Dead On Arrival

  20. This article is bull. We should be angry that we don’t have options. A proper analogy would be like Google blocking gmail, google maps, google music and google+ from ios devices. Also, bottom line, is Google Wallet is available NOW on a phone designed for it that Verizon Wireless is releasing NOW. So as a Verizon Wireless customer, I have every right to be upset that Verizon is releasing a phone NOW, that I want, but blocking functionality that I want, because they plan to release their own version of it some undetermined, unannounced time in the FUTURE. Who cares about ISIS, when it currently doesn’t exist? If you’re not ready to provide me with your service, than give me the latest, greatest which is currently available. Google shouldn’t have provided Verizon with this phone if that was the case. Send your complaints about #GoogleWallet being blocked from #GalaxyNexus via Twitter to @VZWSupport, @VerizonWireless and @VZWdavid, and make sure to use hashtags!

    1. Here’s the tweet, nice and short:
      Google shouldn’t have provided Verizon with the #GalaxyNexus if it didn’t support#GoogleWallet @VerizonWireless@VZWSupport @VZWdavid #FAIL

    2. Or, like any fair market system, you can take your business elsewhere. No phone is created for any one user, or any subset of users for that matter. They make a phone that, for whatever reason, they think will market well. They include features they can, and some they want to include, they can’t. I can’t BELIEVE the sense of entitlement in the android community as if you’re all owed something by ANYONE. Because at the end of the day, all this pissing in the wind does is drive up blog posts. 90% of you who want this phone but have some “major” gripe (major to YOU) about it will still BUY this phone, so where’s the incentive on the carrier OR google to change to meet your needs when you constantly go out and meet THEIR needs? It’s empty worthless chitchat. If this is a game changer for you? DON’T BUY THE PHONE. Simple as that. Nobody owes you a damn thing. Sorry.

      1. I see it more as company A is offering a product but companies B, C and D are engaging in anti-competitive practices to deny consumers the choice of which product they want to use.

        1. i think you’re seeing it wrong.  exclusivity agreements are signed all the time *cough* iphone on at&t *cough*

          1. Also, if you’re talking about “choice of apps” – – let me first say that someone posted that the WSJ said you could later INSTALL google wallet, but that wasn’t coming stock? not sure, doesn’t even matter – – its no different than the Apple Store, or the Kindle Fire, or the Windows OS or iOS – –  its all the same. There are tons of exclusivity agreements, and if you don’t like them, you have the choice to not use them, plain and simple. For me, Android, though not completely “open” because of carrier differences, hardware differences, etc, is still the best option for me. If it isn’t for you, then get something else. You take the best option you can take for you. I bought the Razr. I’ll also be getting the Nexus when it drops. After I use both, my wife will get whichever one she prefers…and that’ll be that. Thats me. Your mileage may, and will, vary, but you still have a choice in this. Hate Big Red? (seems like thats the most consistent problem w/ this device) then WAIT for it to come to another device. I hate Tmobile, and thats why I didn’t get previous NExus phones. To each his own, but no network/phone is perfect, nor will they ever be. The reason for the like mindedness here is simple. Who, other than die hard Android devotees, cares enough to comment on this stuff? Nobody. The numbers are high, sure, for an android blog, but I bet at least 50% of the traffic and comments here are from the same people that comment on this on the rest of the web. You honestly think this subset means anything to Google, Big Red, or any of them? Here’sd a hint. It doesn’t. So vote with with your wallet. Make THAT statement, and then they’ll hear you, otherwise its all for not.

          2. Nice comments!

      2. Agree. Have you ever heard…Um…Power of the People (Consumer). If it’s that important to you then hold off or don’t get it at all. If it (Nexus) is an initial flop and enough ruckus is raised about it, it will change. 

    3. hey!  my ps3 won’t play xbox 360 games, but i want it to even though they’re competing.   thats some bull!!! 

      1. You’re an idiot.

      2. Your analogy is totally wrong.  When you buy an Android device, you buy into the Android ecosystem just like when you buy a PS3, you buy into the PS3 ecosystem. A more proper analogy would be if I bought my PS3 from Best Buy and I was restricted to only playing the PS3 games that Best Buy authorized.  Again, it is still wrong.

  21. I don’t know why everyone is bitching,  Root and install.  Simple as that.  I for one will not be using my phone for payments.  Anyone pics the thing up can swipe it where ever.  How long will it take you to find out?  Your CC company is not going to back you because it is not a CC purchase. 

    1. That’s not true. Google wallet has security, so a password must be entered for access to it, so someone can not just pick up your phone and use it for mobile payments.

  22. I’m not saying this in a bad way but how many of u guys are actually gonna use google wallet as a replacement for your regular wallet. I personally would like to walk with my wallet with alot of money so people could think I’m rich.

    1. I’m actually looking forward to mobile payments. I would not use it as my exclusive wallet, but there are times like if I go to the gym for example, or run out without my wallet, because I don’t plan to buy anything, but then something comes up and I have no money, but I ALWAYS have my phone on me.

    2. I love the idea of going jogging/riding and ONLY having to carry the phone.  Then if MARTA would work with it, everyone’s rewards programs and eventually ID.  I could literally live with nothing but my phone, which is with me everywhere.

      1. you should design a nifty case for cell phones that incorporates a sleeve for a credit card…

    3. I’d prefer to have only 1 thing in my pocket, a phone. The day I can pull that off i’ll be a happy man. As is my wallet is the smallest I could find short of buying a money clip. It holds an id, a credit card, and a debit card, thats it. What else do you need besides that? Who carries cash these days? Depending where you live i’d rather have no cash so if I get jacked all they can get is a debit card i’m going to lock the second they get out of my site.

  23. seems like the basis for a nice antitrust lawsuit. google should just buy t-mobile change it around so its good, get rid of the outsourced tech support and rebrand it g-mobile. screw the other carriers.

    1. Sadly, if Google did do that they would also be hit with some kind of “You’re too big and powerful….you must sell off your bits of business to allow for fair competition!”

  24. This is just another thing to get in the way of timely official Google updates.  

    “Oh, wait, hold up, we forgot to put VZW this and ISIS that into the update.  Crap, ISIS isn’t working right.  Pull the update.”

    1. orrrrrrrrrr, vzw and isis are responsible for making their stuff work after google releases updated code???????????

      1. That would be the correct order of responsibility but the delay time is the same.

  25. I’m not going to be using any credit card payment apps on my friggin’ phone, so it doesn’t matter to me.  Seems like a huge security, financial, and identity disaster waiting to happen.

    1. having your credit card stolen is more of a risk vs having your phone (with your credit card) stolen. The card on its own can be swiped and signed for anonymously. The phone would require a password to be entered (as long as you set one) before the transaction is approved. I understand your caution, but people said the same about credit cards when checks were the norm…and the same about checks when cash was the norm. Don’t be so afraid of change, 

      1. 1-800-USBANKS, hello my credit card was stolen, please cancel. i want my money back too.

        problem solved

        1. with the phone your money was never touched…avoiding the “can I have my money back” conversation. I’m not saying credit cards are bad, I’m saying there is nothing bad about using your phone either. 

  26. This post is bs. You must be in bed with Verizon. If this was some other organizations desicion, they are not as visible as Verizon. If Verizon agreed to use their position to block competing services, then it was their choice to screw over the consumer. I don’t see much difference between this and Microsoft telling everyone tomorrow that from. Ow on, you can only use I.e. on windows. I hope the govt gets involved.

  27. This is why Google should just buy T-mobile and get their own spectrum, with the end game being Google mobile. They should flex their money on these carriers and become their own carrier. If you think of what could be possible if google were your next service provider it would be amazing. Can you imagine for a moment a carrier that gave us a choice of this magnitude, they already have manufacturer back all over the world. In 2012 vote Google Mobile (you heard it here first)

    Slogan : One search, One product, One World

    P. S. I will be needing um…. my royalty, thankyou!

    1. While I like your sentiment, I doubt this will happen, at least not for several years.  If Google acquired a carrier, the other carriers would most likely stop carrying Android devices, and would definitely stop allowing Google as the default browser on any of their phones. Google is, first and foremost, an Advertising company. They aren’t going to want to give up 80% of the mobile search market at this point in time. 

      1. Your right, at first the carriers would retaliate, but just like Apple they would eventually have no choice but to carry the product or cease to be relevant the people have the power, never forget that but like history has shown if you separate the people you can break there will and that’s exactly what these carriers do. Think about it Sprint customers talk about Verizon, Verizon customers talk about AT&T, AT&T talk about T-mobile. We fight there battles for them.

        Vote for Google Mobile!

        Sorry, for the rant.

  28. Thank you Quentyn for trying to speak sense to these knuckledraggers.
    Its truly laughable that people can consider the T-mo Nexus S “Pure Google” when IT didn’t have google wallet.

    Its truly laughable that people can consider the AT&T Nexus S “Pure Google” when IT didn’t have google wallet.

    Its only blatantly clear that for some reason, people hate Verizon.  They’re stuck on both of these useful apps they’ve installed.  Both of which I’ve used and find very helpful.  As I’m the resident Android nerd, I end up being android-IT for my family and friends, and every single one of them uses both of these apps when they’re on verizon, and my landlord uses the relevant sprint apps on his evo 4g (He didn’t even know that he could download apps for his phone, so the fact that it was preinstalled really was useful to him).  Note that none of my friends with iphones require help with their devices.  Ever.

    So before people start harping on and on and on about what makes a phone “pure google” maybe they should do some f*cking researching into what the majority of consumers actually want, and the relevant history of their supposedly “pure google” devices.  I’m willing to bet its not as “pristine” as they might remember.

    1. As an original T-Mobile Nexus One owner, am I a knuckledragger too? I don’t have Google Wallet at all. But then again, I also don’t have T-Mobile’s applications pre-installed on my phone. I am limited in terms of Google’s applications by Google, not T-Mobile. T-Mobile isn’t telling me that I can’t have the PayPal app installed on my phone. And even though this isn’t a deal breaker (I can’t wait to get away from T-Mobile), I’m very irritated that Verizon is not allowing me the option of having Google Wallet. This is about choice, my choice, not Verizon’s.

      1. Your T-mo N1 wont ever get google wallet either – officially.

        So let me get your story straight.  You’re just fine and dandy if Google limits your ability to download apps, but the carriers are PFE (Pure F’ing Evil) for doing the same thing so that they comply with their existing contract obligations?


        Hypocrisy, they name is Raymond Rodgers.

        1. There’s a difference in this case: Google Wallet was designed and intended for NFC, unless you, tjpeco, have some magic wand to give the Nexus One NFC there’d be no point to having it on the Nexus One. In addition, there’s a difference between Verizon or T-Mobile, the people that are providing my connection, and Google, the people that are providing my software. If you can’t see that, you’re just blind, which is worse than being called hypocritic: at least a hypocrite can see a difference.

      2. Maybe you only *think* it’s your choice…but maybe it’s not?

  29. Will the VZW GNexs at least get their updates from Google or will Verizon decide that too?!

    1. Considering that the GalNex VZW image has been released, I believe BY google, then you can go ahead and figure that they’re the ones responsible for updating it.  I’m sure VZW will quality check the software that is used on their network – just like any responsible network administrator would.

  30. Isn’t this rather anti-competitive? I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes to court.

    1. I wish it does and set a precedent!

    2. God I really hope so.  Basically every major carrier is signed up for one service and is blocking any services on their network.  There needs to be some protections against this type of monopoly.  They hammered MS for less.

  31. Unless someone can explain why the carrier needs to be involved in mobile payment, we should be criticizing Verizon loudly for interfering and denying us a working product. Especially when the only alternative they’re offering is vaporware. And we should be criticizing AT&T and T-Mobile just as loudly.

    My Nexus, my choice.

    And yes, some writers around here do come off as lame Verizon apologists.

    1. aha, do you own the phone? No? so THEIR nexus at this point, no? Your money, your choice, but they don’t HAVE TO BUILD IT to your spec, because then you can buy something else that IS to your spec. Tada! problem solved. Its like everybody bought a phone already and after two months of using, they wiped the OS and isntalled all sorts of bloatware and disabled features. I swear people think someone owes them something. for what? for waiting almost two months? For wanting it REALLY REALLY bad? Get in line, people. 

      1. I never claimed anyone owes me anything. I just said that Verizon deserves criticism for neutering the Nexus.

        When I said “my Nexus, my choice,” I was laying down my expectations as a consumer. It’s obvious at this point that Verizon is asserting control to the greatest extent possible, taking away its customers’ choices. Given the company’s history, I am unsurprised. So this is a phone that I wouldn’t consider buying. It will never be my Nexus.

        And hey, I didn’t define the Nexus experience. That was done by Google almost two years ago, but those lofty ideals have since slipped away at the hands of the world’s most controlling, abusive carrier.

        I’m just helping to remind people how it was supposed to work. If you want to bend over for Big Red, feel free.

        1. The real problem here is disdain for Big Red. Well, Google chose them as the initial exclusive for the device in the US. Were they strong armed into that deal? were they forced to do that? Were they vested enough in their “true android experience” to change that? Clearly, they weren’t. And you can say that Verizon forced their hand, but they clearly wanted to be on Verizon, so they made the necessary changes to facilitate that. Its called business, folks. Happens all the time – – I like the McDonalds Coke comparison someone else brought up here. For me? I like Verizon for their service, their LTE quality, their network strength, and the fact that most of my family/friends are on it so I get a lower rate. I’m also grandfathered into unlimited 4G data for 30/mo, so I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon. is that their fault? no. My choice entirely. $30/mo unlimited data and you want to run two apps on my next new phone? Sure, please, and thank you. Its a compromise that I’m willing to make. 

          1. Just want to add that because I’m Willing to compromise on this, doesn’t mean I expect everyone to, which is why they can BUY OTHER PHONES FROM OTHER CARRIERS – – You can use Google Wallet right now, in the US. its out there. it exists. Its an option. If you don’t take the option, its not Verizons fault. Verizon has the BEST LTE experience/market presence of any of the big wireless telco’s, and that’s not a monopoly, its better planning than the rest of them.Is it Verizons fault that they’re the defacto LTE/4G presence in the US? 

          2. With an attitude like yours nothing will ever change. We would still be using flip phones and paying $30/mo for text messaging if it wasn’t for people demanding fair service. You don’t think the carriers lowered their prices for the benefit of their customers do you? 

          3. So, for whatever reason I can’t reply to Torish directly but I can post here? interesting…

            Thats actually completely counterintuitive to my comment. My point was actually in agreement with what you’re trying to say here about market evolution. THE ONLY WAY THEY (any business that sells a product, btw) learns anything is MARKET forces. Pissing and moaning about features on a blog and buying the device anyway DOES NOTHING to promote your efforts. My point was to buy the device that most meets your needs. If your needs, and everyone elses needs, line up well enough,they’ll see the trend that way, and sadly, only that way. 

          4. I think the reason we’re not able to reply is because of a limit on the number of replies since i’m not able to at least one of your posts as well. Anyway, I think the reason people are complaining so much, which DOES accomplished at least a BS press release from Verizon, is because we know there are enough stupid people out there that will buy it anyway. The capitalistic letting the market decide doesn’t work if companies collude to engineer the market to their desires or the people are idiots. Which leaves us the option of complaining.

          5. I actually agree with that statement, but complaining only goes so far, especially for a boutique user subset like the Nexus. Voicing those concerns might be your most direct option, but refusing to use services like ISIS or any device or service for that matter, will speak more volumes. Civil disobedience has many avenues, and being vocal is sometimes the least effective one in these scenarios. That doesn’t mean its useless, not by any means, but there has to be actions based on it, too, or it will just further empower the wrongdoings you are trying to change.

  32. Does Google Wallet work anywhere else?  Google’s page says it’s only on Sprint and only on NS 4G. 

    Sounds like it’s more like an exclusive agreement with Sprint than anyone else saying no.

    Again, is there anywhere in the world where Google wallet works besides US and Sprint?

    1. today, as of now, if you have google wallet on your phone, and your phone has a NFC chip, you can use it to pay at ANY location in the united states that accepts mastercard’s paypass….. after you setup your google wallet account of course, but after that, its smooth sailing. you have to enter a PIN everytime you pay for something in your phone.

      1. Really? Without having to “hack” it on there?  Seems to me, only Sprint and the NS 4G are official.  My NS doesn’t have wallet, and it’s not appearing in the market.

        Having to root your phone to install Wallet – a viable option for sure – isn’t exactly the same thing as out-of-the-box support :-)

        1. you can still sideload the google wallet apk,

          just because the android market hasn’t flipped the switch allowing the Galaxy Nexus to download google wallet app, Does Not mean you can’t download it some other way and install it.

  33. Personally… I like to pay with cash, not plastic, not phones.

  34. Verizon isn’t preloading Google Wallet on the phone, but won’t prevent
    users from downloading it from Google’s app store as long as it gets
    cleared, a person familiar with the matter said.


  35. How is it Big Red taking “Unfair Criticism”?  This is completely FAIR criticism.  If it were Google’s fault, then it would be Unfair.  I will download the Google Wallet app for my Nexus.  If it doesn’t work, I will root it, ROM it, and do what I want with my very expensive handset TYVM.

    1. Because Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile all signed on with ISIS last year.  So the agreement with ISIS probably prohibits the use of other competing services (Google Wallet).  Verizon has no choice but to say sorry to Google. And OBVIOUSLY Google was okay with it.  They probably love the fact that the Nexus is on GIGANTIC Verizon and not puny (by comparison) Sprint.  So when Google learns they can’t have “Google” on the back of the Verizon Nexus, and they have to include two Verizon apps…they probably just don’t give a poop. Because its the almighty dollar, my friends.  Not the consumer.

  36. I swear people complaining about this, make Apple fanboys seem reasonable by comparison.

  37. How about nobody buy the shit and call it a day.  What we have to do as consumers is NOT BUY IT and voice our reasons as to why.  When the product flops, they’ll get the message.

    1. How about, “I don’t care.”

      Can I still buy the Galaxy Nexus, mom?

    2. Sadly, I don’t have faith in people to be smart buyers anymore. People are so easy to manipulate that you can sell a featureless brick with just a little bit of the right kind of marketing to the right type of people. Just look at apple fans.

  38. The reason people are upset is because we continue to learn things that make this phone sound less like a Nexus phone and more like every other compromised, half-measure of a phone on the market.

  39. I wonder why can’t Google just release wallet into the market to be compatible with all NFC phones. That would pretty much take care of the issue of worring about it being pre-loaded. If a carrier blocks it from the market (which is very sketchy they have that ability) then you just turn on airplane mode, reactivate wifi, and download away.

  40. This seems like yet another way Verizon is violating it’s Block C licensing agreement.  The FCC regulation clearly states that mobile broadband provides
    may not “block applications that compete with their voice or video telephony
    services.”  Here, some people may say I’m not a lawyer but it seems like their violating… I am a lawyer and based on the research I’ve done I’d say with some legal certainty this DOES violate the regulation.  Maybe they’re hoping that mobile payments don’t count as voice or video telephony but I think that’s a stretch because what the regulation clearly means is that can’t block anything that competes with their services.  But of course that’s just my opinion.

  41. We are the consumers and therefore should have a choice of what NFC based payment system we utilize on our phones.  This defeats the purpose of the Nexus and what it stands for.  The GSM version is looking better all the time.  Verizon, with saying next to nothing about Nexus availability or pricing, throwing a couple of their own apps on the phone, the numerous delays and now this have almost wrecked the whole experience for me to-date.  I now am faced with a decision if I really want to give my money to Verizon or not.

  42. These needs an anti-trust inquiry…  This is a company deciding for the consumer what they can and can’t use in the interest of their planned product.  This is the text book definition of planned monopoly.  Isis I’m sure plays a part in it with whatever agreement they put on the table but never the less this crap has got to stop.  My position has nothing to do with the want or need for Google wallet, but it’s the principle of being able to CHOSE as a consumer.

  43. Is it really that important? I never seen any store in Boston support google wallet. If no store support it, it’s a useless function.

  44. “Why big red is taking unfair criticism”

    Read: Why you should just bend over and take it.
    Really Quentyn? We all know WHY they did it. That doesn’t make it okay. As a consumer, I’d much rather have a choice in my mobile payment options and I certainly don’t want to be subject to the type of collusion that’s already plaguing the wireless industry. 

  45. Hence why I want this device for it’s dev friendliness. Dev’s will hook us up.

  46. While many people are using the Pepsi/Coke analogy, I think the best example would be the old internet browser war on MS Windows systems.  As you probably know, MS was eventually forced to give their users a choice for default browser(s).

    I see the EXACT same situation developing with NFC-based pay systems.

    1. I agree: put the option in our hands! Also, for what it’s worth, the Microsoft analogy isn’t exactly accurate either: you always could install a different browser on Windows, and even though Microsoft was ordered by the court system to separate Internet Explorer from Windows, they never really did. Every version of Windows since 98 has had IE integrated with no way to uninstall it. (Hide it, yes, uninstall it, no.) The courts failed to exact any real punishment on Microsoft.

  47. This pisses me off. It would be like if Comcast invented a rival to xbox live called comcast live and that’s all you could use if you had their internet service. Meanwhile, you can’t get your xbox online bc they havn’t released it yet

    1. Moral of that story is buy a ps3 next time or a nintendo wii either is a complete upgrade from a crapbox 360

  48. First Samsung rapes the Nexus brand by preventing the inclusion of a micro sd slot (just so their other galaxy phones can compete). Then Verizon joins the gangbang with this. Pretty soon all the other carriers will be lined up for their turn at the unrecognizable body of our beloved Nexus brand. This is all your fault Google! Choose a company with skill to make the next Nexus device and refuse all carrier attempts at changing the experience of the device. Protect the Nexus name.

    1. Samsung didn’t rape the Nexus brand name Samsung has always gone with what google wants on the Nexus. No microSd slot is fine with me with my unlimited data and cloud storage i only need 8gb’s and it comes with 16gbs or 32gbs thats hardly a fail. Also btw how does not having the ability to use a SD card rape the nexus brand? the nexus brand is nothing more than showing the standard that google wants manufacturers to follow as a guideline, pure stock android on next gen hardware.

      Samsung hands down makes the best devices thats why they are 2nd in a row to make the Nexus. Samsung is not the problem Verizon is one though. who do you suggest has skill to make the next nexus btw? if you say HTC i will laugh at you because they don’t have one device who speaker isn’t crap. If you say motorola i say locked bootloaders. Fact of the matter is samsung is developer friendly and sells.

  49. It’s so easy to hate on Verizon though, they overcharge for everything and give 2 sh*ts about their customers. This Isis things sucks though, it’s going to tremendously reduce the spread of Google Wallet, which could have otherwise been an amazing product. Sad that they already locked down most of the major carriers, especially since the only one left over has a sad little network.

  50. I have not tried Google Wallet or ISIS so I don’t know which system is better for me.  
    Verizon blocking / removing Google software from a phone that is supposed to be a “pure google phone” is totally dick. Part of me wishes that Google would raise hell a bit more and insist on no carrier alterations on their pure google release phones. I also believe that the customizations Verizon makes to the rom will slow the next update down. So when Google does the next major release, Verizon will need time to write, integrate and test all their custom one offs which will result in slower updates for this phone.Luckily Android has a passionate and outstanding rom community. Cyanogenmod has saved more than one of my phones and now I wont even consider buying a phone that will not allow me to root and wipe all the carrier / handset manufacturer  bastardizations off and return to what the original software was designed to do and does very well.

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