Supercell’s Upcoming Multiplayer Game Launches Worldwide in May


Supercell – the Finnish software studio responsible for popular games such as Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars – finally announced its new and upcoming mobile game dubbed “Squad Busters.” The new title is the first one from Supercell in quite some time, and was originally launched last year.

With that being said, Squad Busters features multiplayer combat and guest appearances by several different characters from previous Supercell games with up to 10 players in the same match. The game was initially available during February 2023 in Canada, with a limited release on Android for selected participants. A second beta was launched from 22 May to 29 May in Canada, Mexico and Spain for Android users.

With that in mind, the game now has been soft launched for both Android and iOS in several regions including Canada, Spain, Singapore, Mexico, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, with a worldwide release on May 29. Part of an official statement from Supercell reads:

We are the team behind the new party action game Squad Busters. We are super excited to share our decision to go global as soon as May 29th!

We started with a simple idea: what if you could mix and match different characters from different genres and universes and see how they work together? We wanted to create a game that was fun, creative, and diverse, and that gave you the freedom to customize your squad to suit your play style and preferences.

…We hope you’ll enjoy the hilarious moments you share with your friends and family while playing the millions of different combinations of gameplay experiences!

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