Dec 6th, 2011

Google+ user Andrew Munn claims to be a former intern of Google’s and a soon to be intern of Microsoft’s. He reportedly worked on Android for a short time and will be doing his work at Microsoft on Windows Phone 7 in a short time – just a small disclaimer before we move on.

Yesterday, we reported on a Google+ post by Dianne Hackborn who sought to set the record straight on hardware acceleration, stating that while full hardware acceleration didn’t get introduced until Android 3.0 and was further pushed in Android 4.0, they have always been using some form of hardware acceleration for drawing certain UI elements. She also admits that hardware acceleration isn’t as rosy as we’d like.

The aforementioned engineer Munn wants to tell you exactly why hardware acceleration in Android doesn’t, and may never, make for a very smooth experience up against iOS and Windows Phone 7, citing inefficient design frameworks in Android that keep it from using the CPU/GPU power necessary to ensure a 100% smooth experience. Take it with a grain of salt. It’s a good read if nothing else. [Google+, thanks phantomash]