Verizon Blocks Google Wallet From Galaxy Nexus – More Carriers To Follow


Androids around the internet are up in arms over the apparent confirmation ComputerWorld received today in regards to Verizon “blocking” Google Wallet on our beloved Galaxy Nexus. At first I was fuming out the mouth upon hearing this but after thinking about it — it actually doesn’t come as much of a surprise seeing how Verizon will be using an NFC-based payment system of their own from ISIS in the near future. And they’re not the only ones. AT&T and T-Mobile are a few other carriers all aboard with ISIS train and the reason why the GSM version of the Nexus S never saw Google Wallet when Google launched the app a few weeks back. So don’t go expecting a Google Wallet enabled Galaxy Nexus in the US anytime soon — not a carrier branded one at least. Just keep crossing your fingers the Galaxy Nexus will hit Sprint eventually (c’mon Dan Hesse!), the only carrier where Google Wallet can run free.

If you were really looking forward to using your Galaxy Nexus to make your very first NFC transaction at the few vending machines and retailers in your area, you always have the option of installing the cracked version of Google Wallet making the rounds in various forums around the net. Let’s just hope Verizon doesn’t go out of their way to block Google Wallet from showing up in Android Market if Galaxy Nexus users decide to go that route. Either way, I can’t help but find it a bit upsetting that once again, Google comes up with another great idea — only to have it shot down by carriers. Shame.

[Via ComputerWorld]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Google will not let them get away with this. 

    1. I’m pretty sure they will.

      Besides, root, ROM, wallet.  Done.  You’ll probably get the updates faster then Verizon will give it to you anyway.

      1. Root, ROM, Wallet.  awesome campaign lol :D

    2. I really think it is up to us as consumers to prevent them from doing this – CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.  Google relies on the telcos for income.  They might not be in the best position to stop them.  Let’s help Google and ourselves by making them change.  Hopefully, the bad press from this will hurt Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile and force them from blocking apps for no good reason (most of their reasons aren’t good).

  2. No way…. now Verizon gave me a reason to root and rom my phone. I was gonna keep this one as is as I didn’t care about the two Verizon apps on it. Now that they are once again trying to force me into using services or product I do not want to use, I will have to fix it myself.


      1. He didn’t whine at all.  He actually said what he is going to do about it. 

    1. Now we know the real reason why the Verizon has not released the GNexus. Carriers are generally evil in term of giving people choices. Some are a bit less so. I guess I now have more reasons to get my GNexus from another less-evil carrier.

  3. Samsung: what the fuck dude!?

    Google: yea what the fuck? Everything was going just fine what happened?

    Verizon: sorry bro. Gotta get paid

    1. And another unfunny one.


      1. Another hater


        1. another douche with little commenting prowess.

          1. If you can best me. Be my guess ;)

      1. Nope 4. See. I can play your game too

    2. Out of the three carrrier types of nexus S, only the sprint version supports Google wallet. Can you explain to me how this is Verizon’s problem?

      1. While I don’t necessarily disagree with your comment, I found it quite hilarious that you copy-pasta’d it all over the place.

  4. I won’t be getting this phone now. 

  5.!/VerizonWireless . Here, voice your complaint.

  6. seriously? GET FUCKED. im good. keeping the vibrant awhile longer now. 

  7. Here’s the thing, I’m constantly reading about where the new Google Wallet services are now available, if none of the carriers are allowing it, how are you supposed to use it?

    1. It’s not all of the carriers, just verizon at&t and tmobile…nvm you were right.

    2. ISIS has Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile partnered up with Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. That’s 3 of the big 4 wireless provider with a combined subscriber count of 240 Million people and all 4 of the big credit card names. That much money and power is set against Google :( That much money and power is set up to make you not use it…

      When Wallet was announced ISIS only had Discover on board, so it looked like Google could win, but now Google seems to be trying to make it known and maybe lure a carrier away from ISIS because it will be easier to just go with Wallet. I wonder what angle the carriers have on ISIS…maybe they get a nice financial boost or something that Google isn’t providing…that’s speculation of course…

  8. that is just retarded!

  9. This is probably somehow apples fault

    1. Best comment I’ve ever read on phandroid. 

      1. thank you I try

    2. because that relates to this article.  tarded sheep.

  10. @VerizonWireless Why in the world are you doing disservice to your customers? I want Google Wallet on my phone! #GalaxyNexus #GoogleWallet
    That’s what I tweeted. Do the same. Make sure to use hash tags!

    1. why are you whining in multiple posts in the same article.  be concise with your whining.

    2. Then go sideload it. Out of the three carrrier types of nexus S, only the sprint version supports Google wallet. Can you explain to me how this is Verizon’s problem?

      1. Verizon is part of ISIS along with everyone but sprint. They are all blocking GWallet so they don’t have to be competitive. Its Verizon’s problem because they should leave it open like anything else and let the consumer decide which to use. If ISIS turns out to be better, the we’d use it.

        If you read my first post, I will side load it, but I shouldn’t have to. They should be sued for being monopolistic just as Microsoft got sued for its handling of IE and other software in Windows.

  11. Im leaving. Goodbye VZW, hello sprint with ur Google wallet + unlimited data

    But seriously how is it not illegal for them to do.

    1. Not a bad idea, the water is nice over here… and only getting nicer with LTE on the way.

      Was thinking.. there has always been that rumor of Google buying Sprint floating around… wouldn’t that be great!  Can you imagine a wireless telecom with Goog’s money and Sprints business motto/ethics.  Would be fantastical. 

      1. With Sprint’s LTE they’ll finally get actual 3G speeds.

    2. I’ve been thinking…. its not illegal because you have other viable options for a wireless carrier with google wallet AKA Sprint. so verizon can limit whatever they want because there is another national carrier that offers a competing service… When Microsoft got sued for anti-competition it was because there wasn’t another mainstream viable option for a pc it was windows or join the 2% using mac or linux at the time. So by forcing everyone to just use IE they block competition in the industry.
      Just a thought i could be very very wrong as im not a lawyer or law student.

    3. oof. Sprint is a joke dude

  12. That unlocked GSM version is looking more and more tempting, but it’s expensive and I want my LTE. What shall I do?

    1. Sell. Everything. You. Own.

      1. This is so true. I can’t afford to switch to Verizon currently. I have the option of getting an unlocked Nexus for T-mobile.  However, that price tag of $738 is a bit too much.  At the time negri had it for pre-order for $680 which was pushing it. Now they upped the price with the actual availability.  Well does anybody want an HTC Sensation 4G?  Huh? huh? Any takers? =P

        1.  wait, unlocked ones are already available? or are you talking about importing them from europe?

          1. Yeah, they are just importing the ones from Europe at the moment. Hence the rape on the price.

          2. Wait till the canada release our currency isn’t that apart in comparison and its just right above us

        2. Once the Verizon exclusivity ends, Google will probably sell the phone unlocked at Best Buy or something just like the Nexus S. Hopefully then it will drop to about $500.

          1. when will come to Sprint with the Network Vision LTE support…. what does your crystal ball say about that?

  13. at this point nexus s 4g on sprint looks like a better option since it will have pure ics and sprint supports gw 

    1. i just picked up a cheap fascinate to get my ics fix. nexus would be nice, and without all the drawbacks on my expectations of this release I would be purchasing quickly after release. but my upgrade is waiting on something quad core now. c’mon jt1134 and all devs still hanging on to the original sammy gs :-)

  14. ONE MORE THING: Wasn’t there anti-trust issues with Microsoft trying to divide the web market with Netscape from Windows to all other OS’s? How can a product compete on an even playing field if the carriers are disallowing competitors from playing in the NFC market? Something doesn’t seem right here.

    1. Unfortunately, the antitrust problem would be much more likely in the case of Google requiring Google Wallet on every Android phone with NFC, regardless of carrier.  That is similar to Microsoft and IE.  Another good example would be iTunes and how Apple forces their hardware customers to use that piece of software and marketplace.  If the carriers actively work together to prevent a competitor from entering the market, then there can be an issue.

    2. Google could put it up on the market as a download for all NFC devices to use instead of pre-loading it on the device. If Verizon blocked that and only made ISIS available, then there would be a big problem. As it currently stands, Verizon is probably touching into a gray area by blocking competition, but I doubt it would stand in court. I also think Google would give up on Wallet to preserve its relationship with Verizon. Verizon moves a lot of Android devices and has already shown that it is willing to replace Google with Bing as the default search. I could imagine Verizon preloading a competing Market also…

  15. Down with the Big Red Tyrant! We don’t need your insolence and corporate interests. No seriously, first CarrierIQ, google voice blocking, what next!

  16. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Verizon never got the first 2 Nexus phones….

    1. Maybe but any case, this is one of a few reasons they don’t deserve another chance.

    2. …or the first iPhone.

  17. Sometimes verizon makes some really dumb decisions

  18. I was told by a sales representative that works at Sprint to look for a February-March release date on Sprints network as their LTE goes live. Fingers crossed..

    1. Actually Sprint made an announcement that they won’t launch LTE devices til the second half of 2012…i know it sucks :/.

  19. And the un-Nexus-ness of the Verizon version just keeps rolling out.

    Dear Google,

    In the future, please do keep this in mind for the next Nexus release. And please allow those of us on GSM carriers to buy directly from you again. It really is the best way.


  20. fuck verizon

  21. This is why there shouldn’t be oligopolies like this allowed in the telecommunications industry. Verizon and AT&T would be able to dominate over all other parties (us consumers, businesses, phone makers, etc) and more or less extract economic rent out of the rest of society.

  22. Usually, I’m all about hating the carriers, but in this case I’m holding Google responsible.

    Google, this is your Nexus phone. When T-Mobile got a Nexus phone, they understood that you were calling the shots. Same thing with Sprint. Why is it any different with Verizon? If they can’t play by your rules, don’t let them have the phone. 

    1. I use Verizon and am waiting for the Nexus to be my next phone.  But I must agree with Chris.  Giving in to the “machine” of aggressive american business is truly a shame for an innovative device.  I thought that “Nexus” from Google actually meant something.  Now it’s nothing but a vestigial word with no honor or pride behind it.

        1. Wallet works on the galaxy nexus without rooting.  If you have google wallet added to My Apps in the market place (through having it on nexus s 4g before or some other method), the app automatically downloads when logging into galaxy nexus.  Then, just launch Google Shopper on the galaxy nexus first which initializes the device. Then, google wallet works fine on the Galaxy nexus.

  23. If you’re a Verizon customer, you don’t have any room to complain. You knew what kind of company Verizon was when you signed up, and you support them every month with your bloated payments. Switch to a real phone company.

    1. Haha we didn’t know what kind of company they were, and we do have room to complain because as a customer its our right, and I’d rather have bloated payments with coverage everywhere with the newest technology the fastest (not phone wise), then pay less for no coverage and a crappy outdated “upgraded” network.

      1. See you are the type of customers businesses like, fools with money because your kind of people will pay any amount they throw at you even if its several hundreds more just because of a false notion that you’ll get better service than the other guys so its easy to screw you over than the other carriers. BTW LTE is fast… at sucking down your battery life. have fun carrying a charger in your pocket because your phone will only last a few hours.

        1. Actually, no, I have a promotion plan on all data for the smartphones we have and we get an extra 25% off, so we get 1400 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data all for 140 a month for 3 phones, not too bad IMHO, and I refuse to buy the new high end smartphones at 300 dollars and will only get it at a lower price on wirefly, amazon etc. My family has been with Verizon for over 10 years, so don’t assume you know me when you actually have no idea.
          Edit: And its LTE compared to what? HSDPA which has higher latency than dialup(Just guessing, dialup might have better haha)? Or wimax that can’t go through walls or produce speeds close to either?

          1. How many of your kids to you have to promise to Verizon to get that deal! Holy shnikes that’s good.

          2. Only like 2…. Haha no, its just when you call in and say your tired of paying so much for x feature, and they see you’ve been there for 10 years, they don’t really question you they just look for a promotion to apply xD

        2. False notion? Look at coverage map of each carrier and you can see that the differences are not tiny, especially not for 3G or 4G. You may not travel outside of a limited zone, but some people do actually need a wider footprint. My family can not have T-Mo or Sprint if we even want to be able to place or receive calls or texts where we commonly travel in Southern California. Data is even worse since I use streaming services like Pandora on my long drives. Verizon and AT&T are my family’s only choice if we want to have functional smartphones a majority of the time. Of those two, we choose Verizon because it has better coverage of my parents home, my school and then university, and our relatives houses. We could survive just fine on AT&T probably, but with worse phone call reception. I know my family isn’t the only one making that sort of determination because I know others who came to the same conclusion and chose Verizon or AT&T…my roommate is actually on Sprint because it covers his parent’s house best and he visits often and the footprint works for him.

          You may say we are fools for paying more money, but frankly my family and I would be fools to pay any money for T-mobile or Sprint.

          Your case may be different, and if so, then I’m glad some people can actually have a good experience with a lower cost carrier.

          Also, why are you dragging LTE into this? You realize that you can toggle it off and then it doesn’t affect your battery life at all, right? it adds a little bit of weight and thickness while allowing for a nice burst of speed that removes buffer times and slashes download times.

        3. dude. I have TMO. VZW before that. It’s a HUGE Freaking difference. aint kiddin’ yourself or us.

    2. I was with Verizon long before smartphones became so popular, so i will complain. Not to mention, the article reads tmo and Sprint will do the same, so its not jus the VZW customers.

      1. The article doesn’t read that t-mo and at&t will do the same at all. It says t-mo and at&t are both onboard with ISIS totally different.

        1. I have the original Nexus S on TMO, sadly, no Wallet here either. Or on the ATT Nexus S. Only Sprint has it out of the 3 versions out there right now. What do you think will happen?

    3. I guess you missed the part about tmo and att doing the same thing.

      Sprint isn’t a real network. Its horrible.

  24. Wow, Verizon blocking something… didn’t see that coming. Oh wait, yea I did, Verizon locks down everything. Thats the reason all my enthusiasm for the Nexus burned right out the day they announced it would be on Verizon… I’d love to have their great coverage, but they really have no respect for their customers whatsoever.

    1. Out of the three carrrier types of nexus S, only the sprint version supports Google wallet. Can you explain to me how this is Verizon’s problem?

      1. The only thing more mainstream then liking Verizon is hating them.

  25. Hello, Cyanogenmod!

  26. This is why Goog needs to buy Sprint.. would be great to have a cell provider with Google’s $ and Open Source motto along with Sprints way of doing business. Epic combo. 

    PS. Eff you Verizon..

    1. No. Google needs to buy T-Mobile, who is already trying to sell themselves. FACK SPRINT.

  27. Couldn’t Google just circulate the Wallet app through independent Android markets?

    1. I think they should do that too. Make it so all NFC phones running android 2.3+ in the United States (and whatever other nations it can be valid in) can use Google Wallet via a Market Download. I’m sure there is some sort of security issue with that :/ but from a consumer standpoint the market offering makes way more sense

  28. ISIS… isn’t that where Archer works?

    1. Yes, it is. I knew I recognized the name from somewhere! Good show.

  29. GSM version = pure google phone

    Verizon version = No where close to pure

    So sad to see.

    1. you must have missed the part where AT&T and T-Mobile are doing the same :)

    2. Out of the three carrrier types of nexus S, only the sprint version supports Google wallet. Can you explain to me how this is Verizon’s problem?

      1. why do you defend verizon?

  30. I hope this turns into a huge anti-trust case and costs Verizon a ton of money. Seriously, I thought this kind of anti competitive behavior was illegal.

  31. I wouldnt be nearly as pissed off if Verizon announced and released this phone correctly. Its been a long time of waiting just to hear let down after let down. They are really pissing me off. If Verizon isnt going to promote and support this phone, why should be able to completely edit what this phone stands for?

  32. And here I thought that the entire point of Googles Nexus line of devices was that they were to be PURE Google Experience Devices without outside interference by the carriers? Way to let them walk all over you Google…….

    I wonder if the carriers plan on charging a monthly fee inorder for us to use this service of theirs that enables the NFC Chipset in the devices we own… o_O
    What will they remove next inorder to force their on services and apps on us?

    That’s one thing I definetly give Apple credit for. They don’t let the carriers walk all over them. They make the carriers  step aside as they walk past and do as they please…

    1. Don’t worry every version aside from the Verizon version will be fine, sorry to those that have verizon. 

      1. Out of the three carrrier types of nexus S, only the sprint version supports Google wallet. Can you explain to me how this is Verizon’s problem?

      2. :( yeah. This is one of the many moments I have to remind myself why I stay with them…there is a big post earlier in the comments that kinda outlines it lol

      3. I doubt every version besides Verizon will be fine. the reason isn’t confirmed but Verizon probably blocked Google wallet because they have their own mobile payment system with Isis. and Verizon isn’t the only company that partnered up with Isis. actually it’s every company except sprint. sucks huh?

  33. Fucking Carriers 

  34. This is not Verizon’s fault. Sprint and Google have an agreement. There are three Nexus S models in the US. Only the Sprint Version has Google Wallet. Think people…think!

    1. Wow why do you always have to take verizon’s side? are you working for them? do they pay you to post in online blogs? the eff?

      1. Why ask me such a stupid question? It’s about facts, not sides. There are 3 NFC enabled Nexus S models in the US. Only one has Google Wallet. What is so hard to understand about that? I guess facts just get in the way of whining bitches, doing what they do best.

        1. Notice he avoided responding to the “working for verizon” comment?

          Although he does have a point.

  35. I want to say fuck Verizon but my unlimited LTE is calling my name…root it and boot it!

  36. 1. It seems like over half of you morons didn’t even read the article. Tmo and att will also be blocking the app. So….its not exclusively verizons fault, there is another reason behind it.

    2. Alvin, switching to a “real” carrier would be great and all, but I’m probably not the only person in the world with zilch service, on any other carrier, perfect service with VZW, and 4G where I work, not at home, and in a grandfathered unlimited data Alltel contract, so, suck it.

  37. Oh, and I forgot, on a old employee plan with additional 23% off.

  38. we go to android so that we dont have apple telling us what we can and cant have on our cell phones…..but instead we get carriers doing the same thing

  39. Oh Well well well
    Look what we have here
    Another wonderful news to remind us how f’ed up is our mobile world

  40. I say Android users unite and file a class-action suit against Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile for blocking apps for anti-competitive reasons.  It is one thing to block an app that contains a virus, is obscene, or may cause added congestion to the network (these are b.s. reasons too, but a carrier could at least justify), but to block an app because you might come up with some piece of vaporware in the future is just wrong.  It would seem to be anti-competitive to me.  Being blocked by three of the four major American wireless providers sounds anti-competitive to me – collusion if you will.  I think the Justice Department or the FCC should make that a condition of the sale of T-Mobile to AT&T to prevent it from blocking apps like Google Wallet or somehow disabling them if they are installed..

    If a bad app (contains a virus, is obscene or is illegal) is in the Android Marketplace or the Amazon App Store, it is up to Google or Amazon to remove it from their app stores not the carrier to block it. The carriers should be allowed to provide parents a method to block apps from minors, but that power belongs to the parents not the carriers. Being anti-competitive is just un-American.

  41. While I agree that it must suck for people waiting on this phone to just get confirmation that nfc will not work, are you really that surprised? We’ve know for months that most of the major carriers were going with ISIS. Why would Verizon want to support a competing service when they are getting ready to release their own service. I felt the same way when the SGS2 came out and at&t disabled the nfc. But when you take a step back and use some logic it makes sense.
    Doesn’t make it any less frustratig though, I know.

  42. Jbrowne, well I’ve had sprint, and they cancelled my contract for free because I was costing them too much money roaming 95% of the time. In my area, ATT, and Tmo have no service, at all. Can’t even make a call. While on VZW I have 2 bars of 3g upstairs at my house. On the otherhand, at work, I have 4G and access to a charger at all times. I’m paying less than a regular sprint customer, on VZW, with unlimited data and LTE. I’m not complaining.

  43. I beg google wallet comes to the UK soon, I had the nexus S for a whole year and not once was able to use NFC. I hope the same isn’t true for the galaxy nexus….  sigh……

  44. I would love to blame Verizon for this, but then read AT&T and T-Mobile doing it too. Booo.

    This seems like it would be illegal for them to block though. Isn’t that considered an unfair practice? That would be like Microsoft blocking you from using Firefox/Chrome on Windows and forcing you to use Internet Explorer.

  45. Here is another great anticompetitive idea for the carriers – make a deal with a processor manufacturer and force all handset makers using your network to use only that processor. Maybe ISPS can do the same thing with desktops. The network provider really does know best dont they? They are surely have the customers best interest in mind. We can trust them.

  46. Verizon must not think their service can compete with google’s in a fair environment.

  47. The govt needs to step in and force Verizon to allow fair competition.

  48. Quit repeating yourself. It’s annoying.

    This post was in regards to the fact that a Nexus phone is supposed to be a pure google experience. If Verizon is messing with it, how is it pure? That is how this is Verizon’s problem.

  49. How is this not anti-competitive?  Carriers should be mandated to offer a phone with no modifications if they feel the need to offer one with modifications.

  50. Google just needs to buy T-Mobile

  51. So this isn’t a stock phone then.  What happened to Nexus phones being untouched?

  52. Welp Wallet is dead on arrival

  53. Google will buy Apple

  54. Verizon always seems to be able to mess up a good thing.  Welcome to Nexus ROM 4.1  :)

  55. Guess this make sit a little bit easier to live with my slow data speeds on Sprint. By the time the Nexus hits Sprint though, assuming it has LTE, the new one will be starting to generate hype.

  56. this sounds like a cry for help.
    we are here for you buddy.
    we can make the bad man go away

    1. For the record… I am not here for him.

  57. Sucks to be on Verizon now does it? Glad I’m on AT&T.

  58. Ah this guy wakkofaggot.It is pretty sad that you always post some BS so yeah we know who the low life is oh wait let me change that to no life.

  59. I just hope that I can get Google Wallet loaded on my rooted TMO SGS2. So far it has looked like they’ve run into problems with it. But hopefully more progress will be made soon. I’m not interested in letting Verizon/TMO/ATT’s ISIS project have any more of my banking information that I already give them.

  60. This is not happening! This will slowly kill android, stupid carriers…

  61. Even though my Sprint speed may not be LTE, it is MUCH faster than the VZW Nexus release. I could start downloading movie rentals from Google right now and have enough to last a month by the time the Galaxy Nexus is released from VZW. And I would not be charged for overages because unlike VZW, I have unlimited data.

  62. root is not needed to work wallet on galaxy nexus if u have already had it installed as My Apps in marketplace from a nexus 4g; log onto galaxy nexusnd it auto installa   then, launch google Shopper to initialize the account.  then wallet works  

  63. Wallet works on the galaxy nexus without rooting.  If you have google wallet added to My Apps in the market place (through having it on nexus s 4g before or some other method), the app automatically downloads when logging into galaxy nexus.  Then, just launch Google Shopper on the galaxy nexus first which initializes the device. Then, google wallet works fine on the Galaxy nexus.

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