Dec 6th, 2011

Androids around the internet are up in arms over the apparent confirmation ComputerWorld received today in regards to Verizon “blocking” Google Wallet on our beloved Galaxy Nexus. At first I was fuming out the mouth upon hearing this but after thinking about it — it actually doesn’t come as much of a surprise seeing how Verizon will be using an NFC-based payment system of their own from ISIS in the near future. And they’re not the only ones. AT&T and T-Mobile are a few other carriers all aboard with ISIS train and the reason why the GSM version of the Nexus S never saw Google Wallet when Google launched the app a few weeks back. So don’t go expecting a Google Wallet enabled Galaxy Nexus in the US anytime soon — not a carrier branded one at least. Just keep crossing your fingers the Galaxy Nexus will hit Sprint eventually (c’mon Dan Hesse!), the only carrier where Google Wallet can run free.

If you were really looking forward to using your Galaxy Nexus to make your very first NFC transaction at the few vending machines and retailers in your area, you always have the option of installing the cracked version of Google Wallet making the rounds in various forums around the net. Let’s just hope Verizon doesn’t go out of their way to block Google Wallet from showing up in Android Market if Galaxy Nexus users decide to go that route. Either way, I can’t help but find it a bit upsetting that once again, Google comes up with another great idea — only to have it shot down by carriers. Shame.

[Via ComputerWorld]

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