Captivate Glide (AT&T, Rogers) Rooted


Looking for root for your AT&T and Rogers Samsung Captivate Glide? The folks at XDA – as they always seem to be able to do – have come through in the clutch once again in providing root access to the device. All it takes is a quick flashing through ODIN and you’re on your way. Find instructions and links at the source link. [XDA, Thanks rflnc1]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Ok, the glide gets a writeup for getting rooted but the lg nitro has been rooted since day one and doesn’t get a mention from you guys other than you saying that it’s been released for sale.
    Do I sense someone doesn’t care for lg products much?

    1. did you send in a tip?  

    2. Because LG sucks? Have you been hiding under a rock? If it wasn’t for a root LG phones would be completely worthless.

  2. Lmao racist =)

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