[Update: It’s For a Specific SKU] Droid Incredible Added to Verizon’s Phaseout List?


As if HTC Droid Incredible users didn’t already have enough problems (it took a very long time for them to get root, and some potential buyers aren’t even able to purchase the device due to shortages), another ugly cat just jumped out of the big red bag: The Droid Incredible may be sentenced to obsoletion soon.


This supposed internal document was spotted by Jonbbrad – an AndroidForums.com member – who happened to catch a glimpse of this bad news at Verizon. This isn’t necessarily the worst news in the world if it turns out to be true: the Droid Eris is still alive and kicking even though Verizon’s supposedly killed it off long ago. At the very least, this just means that Verizon’s going to focus more attention and resources on devices that they can actually sell – such as the Motorola Droid – and devices that they’re planning to launch soon like the Motorola Droid X and Droid 2.

It’s a shame considering the Incredible really is a stellar device; but what good is it for Verizon to keep pushing it as a mainstay if it can’t even stay on store shelves? If more comes out of this story, we will report back with haste.

[Update]: It was never my intention to sensationalize this story, as I’ve been accused of doing so in the comments section. I hadn’t heard about the existence of an updated Droid Incredible SKU before publishing this article, so I apologize for not doing further research. In any case, people make mistakes and that’s why pencils come with erasers (or, in this case, that’s why content management systems come with edit buttons).


There is indeed a new SKU out there that’s now including the 2GB memory card with the device, as well as new packaging for the device. Now that we’ve gotten that cleared up, you can put those pitchforks down.

[via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It’s getting phased out cause the old sku relates to the old box design…now there is a new box. Stop sensationalizing non-news…

  2. That sku shown is for the device without the memory card. The device is now being shipped with the memory card in the phone and has a different sku.

  3. Would have purchased one, but the delivery date keeps getting pushed back. Bought a Nexus One instead!

  4. Updated. Mi apologias.

  5. *Facepalm*

  6. Updated just after I facepalmed. Thank you Quentyn!

  7. # fail guys. Do more research before rushing to get the story out next time. DI will be around until HTC decides to launch a new Sense device on VZW.

  8. @Tim, the story wasn’t “rushed”. It was written without knowledge of the new SKU. I did do a bit of digging before publishing and didn’t find out about the SKU until I’d been emailed about it which – coincidentally – happed just minutes after publishing. I apologize for not being able to keep tabs on every corner of the web.

  9. @Quentyn,


  10. This is typical of the online “reporting” that’s being done: these sites are in such a rush to be 1st with “supposed” news the due diligence/proper investigation is an afterthought. It’s much easier to give a half-assed apology for getting it wrong than it is to take the time to get it right.

  11. You guys are douches. It’s not that big of a deal, so get over it, shut up, and look up sensationalism, because there isn’t an ounce of it in this entry, even if it wasn’t entirely accurate. Inaccuracy =/= sensationalism.

    Besides, it’s a god damned blog. It’s not a news agency.

  12. who cares…incredible is now old news as the new Moto X blows this away…glad the Incredible was backordered as I cancelled the order and will get the new X….

  13. Its ridiculous information based on a single post made by someone with ZERO credibility on a forum! This is my first and last comment here!!

  14. Everyone relax…that’s why there was a question mark at the end of the story title….the original story never said it was definite…calm down.

  15. You had me worried there for a second. But if it had been true I could very well have understood it. I already feared this happening when I saw the Droid 2 and Droid X. They can’t get enough of the Incs so why get behind them. I figure the advertising will fall off now since they can’t actually make a return on it. It will become the new Eris. I don’t mind that…its still a great phone. I must say though…that Droid X has been the first device out to make me a little jealous. The wife has already declared that I will not getting one lol.

  16. Whew, scared me for a moment since obsolete products tend to be orphaned pretty quickly by the makers…

    And we finally received our Incredibles on Wednesday and we got the new packaging with 2Gb of memory! What luck!

    Of course, the boxes have already been cut up for the mail-in rebates and the 2Gb cards are have been pulled out since we replaced them with the 4Gb cards from the old phones.

  17. Sure, no one is perfect, but I could see the story was wrong from the.first line. It just.doesnt make sense. Also, is this a blog? I thought it was supposed to news. The authors should decide and let us know. I am looking for news, so if it is just a blog I’ll go elsewhere.

  18. @JS Phandroid.com is formally recognized as a blog about Android. In short (to answer your question): Yes, this is a blog.

  19. @Quentyn I am glad it is a blog. More personal and fun than some boring old news site! Plus it’s all about Android! What’s not to love! Thanks you guys @ Phandroid.com

  20. Since Droid 2 is coming… Incredible doesn’t matter. TWICE as fast as the Nexus One in benchmarks on Android 2.1. Plus better keyboard than original droid. http://briefmobile.com/droid-2-hands-on-video Woohoo!!

  21. #FAIL, this phone is ugly though it needs to be phased out.

  22. the new sku is also related to the fact that the screen has been replaced with Sony Super LCD instead of AMOLED.

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