Jun 20th, 2010

As if HTC Droid Incredible users didn’t already have enough problems (it took a very long time for them to get root, and some potential buyers aren’t even able to purchase the device due to shortages), another ugly cat just jumped out of the big red bag: The Droid Incredible may be sentenced to obsoletion soon.


This supposed internal document was spotted by Jonbbrad – an AndroidForums.com member – who happened to catch a glimpse of this bad news at Verizon. This isn’t necessarily the worst news in the world if it turns out to be true: the Droid Eris is still alive and kicking even though Verizon’s supposedly killed it off long ago. At the very least, this just means that Verizon’s going to focus more attention and resources on devices that they can actually sell – such as the Motorola Droid – and devices that they’re planning to launch soon like the Motorola Droid X and Droid 2.

It’s a shame considering the Incredible really is a stellar device; but what good is it for Verizon to keep pushing it as a mainstay if it can’t even stay on store shelves? If more comes out of this story, we will report back with haste.

[Update]: It was never my intention to sensationalize this story, as I’ve been accused of doing so in the comments section. I hadn’t heard about the existence of an updated Droid Incredible SKU before publishing this article, so I apologize for not doing further research. In any case, people make mistakes and that’s why pencils come with erasers (or, in this case, that’s why content management systems come with edit buttons).


There is indeed a new SKU out there that’s now including the 2GB memory card with the device, as well as new packaging for the device. Now that we’ve gotten that cleared up, you can put those pitchforks down.

[via Droid-Life]

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